New Player Experience Tutorial - Seeker Investigation

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The EVE tutorial or New Player Experience or more specifically Seeker Investigation is a series of tasks which introduces you to the very basics of playing EVE especially from combat perspective. Unless you've already played EVE it's highly recommended that you follow the tutorial, as the game has many particular mechanics which you may not be used to, even if you've played other computer games. This version of New Player Experience is deployed in Aug 2018 replacing the old one.


You start the game in space in a corvette, Aura notify you that a research ship is under attack from Seeker drones and insist that you help out. When you click "Continue" button Aura informs you that the ship already destroyed but you may be able to recover the data. Aura ask you to use mouse to pan around. Once you do that Aura point out where in the wreck the data is and ask you to approach it. Once you close enough Aura told you that the data has been downloaded, but there is a Seeker coming, then Aura told you step by step to approach, orbit, target lock, and shoot the seeker and destroy it. Then Aura point out to your home station and tell you to dock there.

Once you dock, Aura introduce you to Agency window as primary tool to discover opportunities available in New Eden. Aura ask you to open Agency window and to select Seeker Investigation and activate the tasks.

The rest of the missions involve activation through the Agency window, flying to a destination in the system, shooting some sleeper targets there, and then returning to the station to discover the user interface and long term actions such as setting skill training. Pre-assigned killpoints will be directly provided for completing these tasks.

Seeker Investigation

The task tree

  1. Begin the Investigation
    1. The Sleeping Menace

Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Circadian Seeker Very weak Metal scraps
    1. Hidden in the Clouds: Destroy 3 frigates
Wave 1

Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Circadian Seeker Metal scraps
Wave 2

Frigate 1-2 x Frigate Seeker Eluder Civilian items
  1. Fortress in the Rocks, kill 2 sentry guns, then Aura teach you how to train skills.
    1. The Abandoned Colony
    2. Trouble at the Mine: approach a far away target.
  2. Measuring the Threat
    1. Secret Laboratory
    2. Ancient Mysteries: test tracking against a small target.
  3. A Rift in Space
    1. Radiation Hazard: test afterburner
    2. The Chase: upon completion receive weapon and ammo.
  4. Upgrades
    1. Fit and load the weapons.
  5. Battle in the Ruins
Initial defender

Frigate 1 x Frigate Seeker Pacekeeper
Wave 2

Cruiser 1-2 x Cruiser Circadian Seeker
Wave 3

Destroyer 4 x Destroyer Seeker Aurora/Nova/Trauma/Flare Civilian loot
    1. The Dreaming Stones
    2. Madness or Genius?

Below the tree there are 4 separate nodes which point to 4 of 5 career agents series:

  • Your Military Needs You
  • The Exploration of Space
  • Taking Care of Business
  • The Engines of Industry