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Shattered wormhole systems are wormhole systems in which all planets are shattered. Shattered systems differ from other wormhole systems in various ways, and fall into two general categories (with one notable exception). Because they have no moons, it is not possible to anchor a POS in them, and so living in them is even more difficult than living in normal wormholes. Shattered wormhole systems were added in the Rhea expansion.


Standard Shattered Wormhole Systems

There are 75 standard shattered wormhole systems. Though they are similar to normal W-Space systems, the differ in significant ways:

  • They have no moons and every planet is shattered.
  • They contain landmark sites that relate to ongoing developments in EVE and W-Space lore.
  • They have a somewhat higher occurrence of class-appropriate W-Space signatures and anomalies.
  • They contain a celestial debris field asteroid belt which are richer than normal W-Space ore anomalies.
  • They contain mineable ice fields, the first ice available in W-Space (Note that Sleepers will spawn approximately twenty minutes or less after the site has been initially "activated" (when the first ship enters the site), just like typical gas sites in w-space. However, just like regular gas sites, once the initial wave of Sleepers is dead, the site stays clear.
  • They have additional K-Space static connection in addition to the normal statics they receive by virtue of their class.
  • They are distributed into all the existing wormhole classes, and some will have one of the current wormhole system effects.
  • There are also some "extra unique lore-connected surprises" in a small percentage of these new systems.

This spreadsheet has a list of all systems.

Small Ship Shattered Wormhole Systems

There are 25 small ship shattered wormhole systems. Sometimes they are also referred to as C13 systems.They inherit all the features of the standard shattered systems, with the following additional properties:

  • All wormholes in or out of these systems will be small ship wormholes. Only Frigates, Destroyers and specially fit Heavy Interdictors can use these wormholes.
  • They receive anomaly and signature sites appropriate for wormholes between class 1 and class 3, but will receive the system effects normally reserved for C6 Wolf Rayet systems:
    • +100% armor hit points
    • +200% small weapon damage
    • -50% shield resists
    • -50% signature size
  • Signature and Anomaly sites spawn more frequently than in non-shattered systems.


Thera is the only named W-Space system, and the only W-Space system to contain NPC stations.

Unique & Interesting Shattered Wormholes


J005299 is occupied by Sansha's Nation. The Epicenter, normally guarded by Sleeper rats, is guarded by Sansha's Nation rats. In addition no Sleeper sites spawn, only Sansha sites (A Standard Sleeper Cache spawned in this wormhole. . This includes gated DED complexes. Ore sites and ice sites however spawn standard Sleeper rats.

There are ruins of several Sansha stations as well.

See for an album of this wormhole.


C5 Magnetar, 7 shattered planets, sleeper rats in the epicenter and Talocan Static Gates in the epicenter as well.


C4 Pulsar, 4 shattered planets, Sansha at the epicenter webs and points.

Shattered Wormhole Sites

Silent Battleground

Silent battleground.png

The silent battleground consists of a large number of data and relic cans, with no Sleeper rats present. It must be scanned down, and requires decent skills to do so. The data cans contain datacores, and the relic cans contain T3 manufacturing components such as Intact Power Cores. Early reports suggest that this site operates on a timer and will explosively despawn after some time, though dealing no damage. 3 hacking ships should be able to clear the entire site before this happens, however. A recent attempt of the site (September 2019) reports no risk or sudden despawn during hacking. A total of 40 cans yield loots of around 200M isk, however, the loots take around 500 cubic meter space, large cargo space or MTU is therefore strongly recommended.

At the center of the silent battleground is a wrecked Revenant, suggesting an unexpected historical Sansha's Nation presence in these shattered wormholes. The wreck cannot be salvaged.

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