Smash and Grab/Chapter 3: Internal Security (Irichi Path)

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Internal Security is the third and last chapter of Guristas epic arc. This chapter has two parallel paths. You will either do mission to Irichi Tsunikabda in PF-QHK VII - Moon 6 - Guristas Logistic Support or to Cilis Leglise in 6NJ8-V VII - Moon 2 - Guristas Logistic Support. Both paths will give the same one run Gila blueprint copy and Guristas Pirates faction standing bonus.


Mission 9a - Threat Assessment

ObjectiveReport to Irichi Tsunikabda in PF-QHK VII - Moon 6 - Guristas Logistic Support
Rewards8,000,000 + time bonus

Mission is completed when you start conversation with the agent after docking in his station.

Mission 10a - Dread Pirates

ObjectiveDeliver 1 Dread Guristas Strike Force (1.0 m3)
Ship size limitT1 destroyers, T1/T2 frigates
Rewards8,000,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
I've been begging my handlers to let me get a hold of you. Just look at you, a genuine capsuleer . We have a lot of pretenders around here. They'll do a few things for us here and there and then they'll blow some of our boys out of the sky for the bounties on their heads.

I have my doubts, but we'll see.

I was sent to the Venal region a bit ago. The Navy and other State corps are moving in and trying to clean us honest rogues out, which is why we need to teach them fear.

Ytiri has a base they've built up in Q-7SUI. We'll be taking it, but that's not where you fit in. It's not enough to simply take the base: We need to curtail their ability to operate in this region. We need to destroy all of the ships assigned to this base, let them know it's not worth the wasted time and resources in trying to reclaim their property or their territory.

We're going to take that station over in the name of Gurista, and I have just the men to do it. I'll hand over a platoon of soldiers, trained professionals within our ranks. They're known as the Dread Guristas, and this is their strike force. Take them to the base, and let them do their magic. Wait for the strike force to take control while you eliminate any enemies in the sky. Don't worry: They know what they're doing.

But so do you, I guess. Well, I'll give you the reins on this one.

I'll admit I had doubts about you. You think you can do anything you want to anyone without reason or plan. I think you might be different. Cilis seems to think so. But then again, Cilis was an egger, too.

Anyhow, smash up job. I couldn't be more pleased. I like it when a target is surprised to see death waiting for him. It's one of the most beautiful things you can do as a pirate. The egger who held me taught me that. Her crew chief helped me get away, but the container I was in busted on impact. In the madness, I found myself re-forged. Even though I will kill the person who did this to me, I have to thank them as well for making me what I am.

The recordings you've received in the field are from me. Anyhow, what you did will certainly help, but there's a lot of work to be done, and I can promise you that I'll pay well. You had better have the stomach for it.

This mission can be complete remotely. You are granted the strike force when accepting this mission. The mission site consists of one gated deadspace room.

Bliz: Destroy the Ytiri Security Bunker, Drop the Dread Guristas Strike Forc to the warehouse, stay alive until mission is completed. Killing ships is optional. Complete and accept next mission remotely.

Room 1

Initial defenders

Sentry 2 x Sentry Ytiri Light Missile Battery
  • Destroy the Ytiri Security Bunker to gain access to the Ytiri Storage Warehouse.
  • Drop the Dread Guristas Strike Forc to the warehouse.
  • Dropping off the strike force will make an instance of the repeating reinforcement wave spawn.
  • Destroying all ships in a group will make a new instance spawn. This goes on for 3 minutes at which all remaining hostile ships will explode and the mission marked as complete.
  • The ships do no need to be destroyed. Circling in the pocket for three minutes completes the mission.
Repeating wave

Frigate 2-3 x Frigate Ytiri Frigate

You can remotely complete this mission and remotely accept the next while still in space.

Mission 11a - Rabbit Hole

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x Lieutenant Kipo “Foxfire” Tekira (1.0 m3)
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
EWARStasis Tower
Ship size limitT1 destroyers, T1/T2 frigates
Rewards8,000,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
Cilis Leglise's lieutenant has been missing for quite some time, and nobody knows where he is. Except for Kori Latamaki and me. Kori helped me capture him and offered to hide him from Cilis. My intentions are pure: I want to cleanse his soul, and by extension, cleanse Cilis's as well. However, that required me to rebuild him, purify him, and make him stronger. You might think I'm a monster, but I assure you that I'm not. Rather, I am here to bring light to the pirates, to show them the true path, to evolve them. Lt. Kipo is the first step in this metamorphosis. His evolution mirrors my own; the others will follow suit.

We are holding him at the Rabbit Hole. I'll give you the coordinates. Fly there and retrieve them; Kori should be expecting you.

This mission canbe accepted remotely.

Room 1

Shortly after entering the stage the acceleration gate to the next stage will disappear. Destroying the sentry guns will make it reappear.

Initial defender

Sentry 12 x Sentry Guristas Sentry Gun

Room 2

  • Reinforcement wave 1 will spawn a shortly after you enter the room.
  • Reinforcement wave 2 will spawn upon destruction of the Caldari Navy Destroyer from reinforcement wave 1.
  • Destroying one of the Point Defense Batteries will make the Large EM Forcefield structure disappear and you can attack the Caldari Navy Storage Bunker structure directly instead.
  • Destroying the storage bunker will make it drop Lieutenant Kipo “Foxfire” Tekira.
Initial defenders

Sentry 2 x Sentry Caldari Light Missile Battery
Sentry 2 x Sentry Caldari Point Defense Battery Destroying deactivates forcefield
Sentry 1 x Sentry Caldari Stasis Tower Stasis Webifier

Reinforcements will arrive soon after entering the pocket.

Reinforcement wave 1

Frigate 3 x Frigate Caldari Navy Frigate
Destroyer 1 x Destroyer Caldari Navy Destroyer Triggers next wave
Reinforcement wave 2

Frigate 3 x Frigate Caldari Navy Frigate
Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Caldari Navy Cruiser

Mission 12a - Passing the Buck

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x Holoreel – Torture Log I15B (0.5 m3)
FactionCaldari State
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Ship size limitT3 destroyers and below
RewardsGila BPC + time bonus + +30% Guristas faction standing.
Mission briefing
The transformation is nearly complete. We are on the road to a new future, the fourth stage of humanity. And it will start with the Guristas.

You have Lt. Kipo, yes? You will deliver him to Cilis. I have let her know that you are en route. Kori may show up, and if he does, I apologize. He has rejected the future and continues to stumble in this aimless void.

I forgot one thing. In exchange for the return of Foxfire, Cilis has promised to give me a special holoreel. This holoreel is very important to my development, and it must be returned to me. Drop Kipo off at the Cilis's headquarters, and then get the holoreel.

Your agent Irchi has added few extra organs to Kipo “Foxfire” Tekiras body making him an walking bomb. Your job is to deliver him to the enemy so that their station can be blown up and you get access to the deadspace complex.

Bliz: Drop Kipo “Foxfire” Tekiras to the structure in first room. Kill triggers in second room, blow up the storage. Grab mission item and return to agent.

Room 1

The initial guards are friendly unless fired upon. After dropping of Kipo “Foxfire” Tekira at the Cilis Leglise‟s Headquarters structure the acceleration gate to the next stage will appear. This acceleration gate is not locked. Moments after the agent message the Cilis Leglise‟s Headquarters structure will explode, all guards will disappear, this triggers spawning of reinforcement wave which are hostile ships. The gate to next rom is not locked. The ships in this room do not need to be killed.

Passive initial ships

Frigate 10 x Frigate Gallente/Minmatar Frigate Vessel
Cruiser 3 x Cruiser Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar Cruiser Vessel
Battleship 8 x Battleship Guristas Battleship Vessel
Hostile Reinforcement

Frigate 5 x Frigate State Shukuro Shinai/Shhuriken
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser State Bushi/Dogo

Room 2

  • Destroying the Tabu State Yari frigate triggers spawning of reinforcement wave 1.
  • Destroying the State Shukuro Buke cruiser triggers spawning of reinforcement wave 2.
  • Destroying the State Kerai battlecruiser makes the Caldari Storage Warehouse structure appear in which you will find the torture log holoreel
Initial defenders

Frigate 4 x Frigate State Shukuro Shinai/Shuriken
Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Taibu State Shuriken Target Jammer
Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Taibu State Yari Triggers next wave
Wave 1

Frigate 3 x Frigate State Shukuro Shinai/Shuriken
Destroyer 3 x Destroyer State Shukuro Kamikazi/Choji
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser State Shukuro Buke Triggers next wave
Wave 1

Frigate 2 x Frigate State Shukuro Shinai/Shuriken
Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Taibu State Shuriken Target Jammer
Destroyer 2 x Destroyer State Shukuro Choji
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser State Kerai Destroying this reveals the Caldari Storage Warehouse structure that contains the mission objective

This mission ends the Guristas epic arc. Enjoy your Gila BPC and guristas standing gain.

Mission briefing
Cilis must have told you that I was crazy. That might be true; who am I to say? You can judge for yourself, but remember what you have experienced here. I have mastered my transformation; I am now perfect. Can't you tell? Don't you understand?

This bickering among us, between Cilis and Kori and me, must come to an end. If they want to achieve my level of humanity, then this bickering must end, the feuds must stop, and they must trust in their fellow pirate. That is what I hoped to achieve with Lt. Kipo: He was the impetus for change. He accepted his mind, rejected his body, and willfully sacrificed himself for the betterment of the Guristas, and humanity.

The holoreel was a reminder of my life before this incarnation, when social interactions, my body, my loved ones were important to me. A memento mori of a forsaken existence. Thank you; it was the final piece to true understanding.

I doubt that my efforts were successful today. Cilis and Kori will most likely maintain their blood feud, their bitter struggle for supremacy in this meaningless void. I will not relent, however: As long as they continue down that path, I will be there to usher them into a new beginning, the perfect world, and the true way. This will never end until our bodies wither and our minds burn with truth.

Thank you for your services, capsuleer. I know how you demigods value material possessions, so please accept this gift. You have been immeasurably helpful in assisting the Guristas. I hope we may cross paths again in the future. If you ever want to achieve enlightenment, please come find me again.

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