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Amfion is an EVE University Graduate with a passion for learning, imparting knowledge, teaching newcomers, all while having a blast along the way. He currently serves as Communications Manager and Hauling Officer for EVE University. Having joined in 2023, Amfion has been active in the University's various Communities, and has taken up an active role in supporting its endeavours as Communications Officer, Teacher, Hauling Officer and most recently, its Communications Manager.

In his personal time, Amfion enjoys a variety of activities on offer in New Eden, collaborating in certain areas such as industry and the markets with known associates of his, including Silas Deporte, Ves Delporte, Isabelle Mirabeau, Dastar Bolmara and Egenar Bravais. He is a particularly known face among the University's Sansha-busting Incursions Community, a familiarity which he later passed on to Silas Delporte after moving on to other frontiers beyond New Eden. Amfion is an avid bomber pilot and never hesitates to load his capsule into a combat ship should his compatriots be threatened.


The eldest child to a couple of mid-level Caldari corporate bureaucrats, Amfion Bravais enjoyed the usual curriculum of the Caldari State education machine preparing him for a life of corporate service. Following graduation, he took up a role in the Ishukone Corporation’s communications and press arm with good success. In the year YC118, a Sansha’s Nation Incursion in the Korama system saw both his parents abducted and turned into the mindless drones of Sansha Kuvakei’s depraved utopia. This tragic event a catalyst for change, Bravais used his Ishukone Corporation background for Capsuleer training at the School of Applied Knowledge. After securing a Polyvessel Pilot, Capsule Cleared certificate, Amfion spent a short time in YC120 with the noble Signal Cartel.

The ensuing years were filled with more corporate-focused taskings as Bravais returned to his Ishukone roots, though the call to help others never really left him. In the year YC125, he enrolled with EVE University and soon found himself positioned within its Communications Department, where he has worked ever since, most recently taking over as Communications Manager from close associate Shaemus O'Conor. Within the University’s activities, he takes an especially active role in combating further Sansha Incursions, given prior history. This role in fighting the Sansha Incursions was later passed on to Amfion's associate Silas Delporte, as Amfion's tasks left him unable to stay as nomadic as the fight against the Sansha demands. He takes an active interest in Silas's efforts however, and continues to fund the Delporte man's endeavours, ensuring his access to the latest advances in ship equipment.

In YC126, after spending most of his tenure at the University's Null-Sec Community and fighting in the last stand of Innuendo, Amfion moved into the Wormhole Community's new Class 4 wormhole home where he continues to live till present.

(Officer) Roles

  • May 2024 - Current: Junior Fleet Commander
  • Feb. 2024 - Current: Communications Manager
  • Feb. 2024 - Current: Teacher
  • Feb. 2024 - Current: Hauling Officer
  • Oct. 2023 - Feb. 2024: Communications Officer

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