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Arexand Oskold // Athena. Sebiestor Tribe / Protean Concept [AD4PT]. No pronunciation guide given, not even I know how to pronounce my name properly. (ARRex-and? uh-REX-and? AIRex-and? literally nobody knows.) Covert she/her. Left my shirt on Matar. Very slightly Minmatar nationalistic. Former FC for EDENCOM Defense Initiative, Cult of Kikimora leader for Vulfpeck Fleets. Branded a traitor twice, once by a group who went on to become Kybernauts and betray humanity; and then a second time by the corp he left them to join but that second time it was for the memes. Very vocal dislike of Kybernauts on ideological grounds. Never actually been an EVE-UNI Member, and possibly never will be. Wormholerbtw. However, I discovered the UniWiki back in 2012 and was fascinated by its pages on Turret mechanics and Missile mechanics, and so even though I didn't start legitimately playing EVE until 2018, those articles stayed in the back of my mind.

And then in 2013 I became an all-around wiki-editing-fanatic and Vigilante Taxonomist, wardecced the English language, and then after playing EVE for about six months I brought my crusade of linguistic improvements here.