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About me

Breeze joined Eve Uni in August 2016, and after many false starts, was just about to settle into a quiet care-bear life in the Amarr Mining Campus when a random urge to check all his options first led to him touring all the main Newbie corps (including Brave Newbies, Karmafleet and Pandemic Horde) where he gained a new appreciation for the amazing and friendly community that the Uni offers, and a new love of making things go boom.

Breeze returned to the Uni in November 2016. He is now a Combat Officer for the Low Sec Campus, and is an active FC, as well as running the Fleet Command Course and various other initiaves as and when the Uni needs! In late 2017 he captained the Uni's entry into the Anger Games 3 Tournament, which was sadly called off at the last minute after several months of preparation after CCP fired the community team. He's not bitter at all.

He is currently most often found in Low Sec trying to solo PvP, or leading Uni fleets through all areas of space. His hauler alt continues to work for Push X.

To Do

  • Link Suicide Ganking page where relevant in the wiki
  • Consolidate and clean up the various PvP articles
  • Add dedicated article on Jump Freighters and cyno placement etc

Thoughts and Ideas

Dedicated pages of useful services? I.e List of Hauling companies and links for newbies, dedicated page of useful links for industry etc?

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