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Usage: --<Signature>

Description Markup Result
Signature plus timestamp ~~~~ Evon R'al (talk) 16:54, 7 December 2021 (UTC)
Signature alone ~~~ Evon R'al (talk)
Timestamp alone ~~~~~ 16:54, 7 December 2021 (UTC)

Futher reading:

Skill templates dependency tree

Wiki mark-up


See also: mediawikiwiki:Help:Links

Space or underscore

The wiki software automatically changes spaces to underscores (_) in internal links (Need to check for inter wiki links). So [[Relic_and_data_sites]] and [[Relic and data sites]] are equivalent. Eliminating the need to change the underscore version into a piped link for nice readability, providing a "cleaner" source.

Piped link

A piped link is an internal or interwiki link where the link target and link label are both specified. Piped links should be used sparingly, if a wiki redirect is available it should be used instead.

Internal link

Internal (or intrawiki) links check the existence of the target page. If the page doesn't exist, is misspelled or the case is incorrect the link turns red.

Syntax: [[<namespace>:<page name>#<anchor>|<label>]]

The namespace of the page, separated from the Page name by a colon(:). Default is the main namespace. Options: User, Template, etc. Namespace is NOT case sensitive.
Page name 
The name of the page[1]. Page name is case sensitive with the exception of the first letter.
To an ID somewhere inside a page. Anchor must be preceded by a #. Headings have an automatic ID identical to the header name. ID can be added manually by using {{Anchor}} or adding an ID= manually. ID's must be unique. Anchor's are case sensitive.
The text that appears visible. Only needed when different from the linking(target) part. the label is preceded by the pipe(|) symbol


Page name only 
Using the page name only links to a page[1] in the main namespace with display identical to page name:

[[Venture]] results in Venture
As the first letter is not case sensitive [[venture]] also results in a valid link venture

Link end "trick" (Word-ending links)

Putting text directly connecting to the closing ]] results in that text being added to the displayed text.
[[Venture]]s results in Ventures while the link still goes to Venture.
[[Venture]]abunchofletters results in Ventureabunchofletters while the link still goes to Venture.

For more details see: mediawikiwiki:Help:Links

Namespace and Page name 
To go to a page outside the main namespace the namespace needs to be added to the link

[[User:Evon R'al]] gives User:Evon R'al
[[UniWiki:Manual of Style]] gives UniWiki:Manual of Style

Page name and Anchor 
Using a Page name and an Anchor gets to a specific location within a page.
Using an Anchor only, leads to a specific location within the page.

[[combat sites#Expeditions]] gives combat sites#Expeditions
The existence of the page is still checked, but the existence of the anchor is not.
Note: If a non existing anchor is used the link goes to the top of the page.
[[combat sites#no exist]] gives combat sites#no exist, leading to the top of the combat sites page

[[#Signatures]] gives #Signatures leading to the Signatures heading on this page.

Page name and label

[[Venture|Venture]] results in Venture. More then double the amount of typing for the same result as when using a page name only link and more cluttered reading in the source.
But when doing this: Example of a [[Venture|mining]] frigate, we get "Example of a mining frigate" leading to the Venture article.

The use of label is particularly useful when namespaces or anchors are used. To increase readability.
[[User:Evon R'al|Evon R'al]]'s user page gives Evon R'al's user page
A link to [[combat sites#Expeditions|Expeditions]] gives "A link to Expeditions".

Icon information square.png Note: While not particularly useful the link end trick will work.

Pipe trick:

The pipe trick uses the pipe character ("|") to save typing the label of a piped link for several kinds of wiki links. This can avoid potentially making an error while typing the label.
The basic rule when the pipe trick is used is that an (initial) namespace prefix, a final part beginning with a comma, or a final parenthesis is suppressed in the rendering of the link.
The expansion of the text happens when saving. The expansion is also visible when previewing the edit making it possible to check if it gives the desired result.


Typing [[User:Evon R'al|]] will produce [[User:Evon R'al|Evon R'al]].
[[Guardian's Gala (2020)|]] gives [[Guardian's Gala (2020)|Guardian's Gala]]

For more details see wikipedia:Help:Pipe trick and metawikipedia:Help:Piped link

Special cases
File namespace

[[File:Helpicon.png]] gives Helpicon.png the file embedded at the location of the link.
To get a link to the file page the namespace needs to be preceded by a colon (:)
[[:File:Helpicon.png]] gives File:Helpicon.png a link to the file page.
[[:File:Evon R'al.jpg]] gives File:Evon R'al.jpg
A label can be used like [[:File:Evon R'al.jpg|Evon R'al]] to change the presentation: The file page of Evon R'al's portrait.
For parameters to influence size and/or placement of a file see Mediawikiwiki:Help:Images

Media namespace 
Is a virtual namespace which gives a direct link to a file.

[[Media:Evon R'al.jpg]] gives Media:Evon R'al.jpg (follow the link to see the difference)
A label can be used: [[Media:Evon R'al.jpg|portrait]] to get Evon R'al's portrait.

Category namespace

[[Category:Pilots]] gives a link to the Category category and the Pilots category in a separate box at the bottom of the page.
To get a link to the Pilots category page in the text use [[:Category:Pilots]] which gives Category:Pilots

Interwiki link

Interwiki links are internal-style links to other websites using an "interwiki prefix". For a list of valid interwiki prefixes see Special:interwiki.

Interwiki links are made by using the interwiki prefix as the first parameter in an internal link.

A interwiki link to MediaWiki's help page about links looks like [[Mediawikiwiki:Help:Links]] which gives Mediawikiwiki:Help:Links

The link end and pipe tricks described at internal links work for interwiki links just as-well. And use of a label to change the presentation of a link also works.

External link

External links are rendered different from internal and interwiki links. On the UNI Wiki the links have a marker at the end. The exact marker depends on if the link is HTTP of HTTPS.

The most basic form for an external link is to just put in the raw link, like which produces While it works as a link it does not look particularly nice.

More control over the link can be reached by using single square braces.
Syntax: [URL label]

the full URL of the link
the text visible in the page (optional)

The wiki parser uses the first space it encounters as the divider between the URL and the label.

  • Without using a label [] produces [1]. The wiki parser automatically adds a number as the label.
  • Using a label [ Evon R'al's user page] produces Evon R'al's user page.
  • Finally the external link rendering can be suppressed by using the CSS class plainlinks making the link look like an internal one. <span class="plainlinks">[ Evon R'al's user page]</span> produces Evon R'al's user page

Formula presentation

UniWiki uses the extension SimpleMathJax for the presentation of formulas. The formula to be presented needs to be encased whit the tags <math> and </math>. [math]\TeX[/math] or [math]\LaTeX[/math] markup can be used. Errors will be marked as [math]\sqrt[/math]

To display a formula the following markup can be used:

Source MathJax presentation Notes
X^n [math] X^n [/math] exponentiation ?
a \times b [math] a \times b [/math] multiplication
a / b [math]a / b[/math] division
\frac {a} {b} [math] \frac {a} {b} [/math] division/fraction
\displaystyle \frac{a}{b} [math] \displaystyle \frac {a} {b} [/math] division/fraction
\sqrt {X} [math] \sqrt {X} [/math] square root
\root {n} \of {X} [math] \root {n} \of {X} [/math] root
a + b [math] a + b [/math] addition
a - b [math] a - b [/math] abstraction
V_{max} [math] V_{max} [/math] subscript
\text{text} [math] \text{text} [/math] roman text
text [math] text [/math] italic text
\color{blue} b [math] \color{blue} b [/math] color
\color{blue} \text{Blue} [math] \color{blue} \text{Blue} [/math]
{ \color{blue} b } X [math] { \color{blue} b } X [/math] partial color
\sin [math] \sin [/math]
\cos [math] \cos [/math]
\tan [math] \tan [/math]
\ln [math] \ln [/math] natural logarithm
\log [math] \log [/math] logarithm
\infty [math] \infty [/math] Infinity
\pi [math] \pi [/math] pi
\displaystyle \left( \frac {a} {b} \right) [math] \displaystyle \left( \frac {a} {b} \right) [/math]
\left( \frac {a} {b} \right) [math] \left( \frac {a} {b} \right) [/math] Works with (, [, < and { (needs to be escaped \{ )
( \frac {a} {b} ) [math] ( \frac {a} {b} ) [/math] See ( hight difference with previous
a \\ b \\ c [math] a \\ b \\ c [/math] newline within a <math> block
\ begin{align}

a & = b \times c \\
b \times c & = a

[math] \begin{align} a & = b \times c \\ b \times c & = a \end{align} [/math] Align on &

See also:


See also:

CSS location

External style sheet 
A separate file with CSS definitions. Loaded into the page with a HTML link in the head section of the page.
Internal style sheet 
On the page in the style element of the head section
Inline CSS 
By using the style attribute of an HTML element.

For external and Internal style sheets the order in which they are called in a page is relevant, the last one "wins".

Cascading order

What style will be used when there is more than one style specified for an HTML element?

  • Browser default
    • Internal and external style sheet. In the order they are entered on the page.
      • Inline CSS

when an individual CSS property is used more than ones the last occurrence "wins".

HTML and CSS entities

HTML CSS Description
&#9658; \25BA black right-pointing pointer
&#9668; \25C4 black left-pointing pointer
&#9675; \25CB white circle
&#9678; \25CE bullseye
&#9679; \25CF black circle

See also:

Code snippets

Small stuf

No more mineable asteroids in missons:

Various mission site locations have had mineable asteroids replaced with cosmetic asteroids. (30/03/2020) <ref> 30/03/2020</ref>

Various mission site locations have had mineable asteroids replaced with cosmetic asteroids. (30/03/2020)[2]

{{Hatnote}} to link back to multi level/faction disambiguation pages:

{{hatnote|This article details the Level ?, <Faction> version of this mission. For other variants, see [[<Mission>|<Mission> (disambiguation)]].}}

Text color in EVE chat

Red ff0000

Green 1 a3fc80
Green 2 48ff00

Blue 80d8fc

Some possible logo's

Logo ded.png icon warning.png Icon information square.png Helpicon.png

{{MessageBox |On activating gate: [[File:Logo ded.png|35px|bottom|link=|alt= DED logo]] Database Information |Text |collapsed= yes }}
On activating gate: DED logo Database Information

Some table stuff

HTML table with border="1"

Amarr, Blood Raider, Sansha, CONCORDHelium isotopes
Caldari, GuristaNitrogen isotopes
Gallente, ORE, SerpentisOxygen isotopes
MinmatarHydrogen isotopes

Wiki markup table

Faction Isotope type
Amarr, Blood Raider, Sansha, CONCORD Helium
Caldari, Gurista Nitrogen
Gallente, ORE, Serpentis Oxygen
Minmatar Hydrogen

Wiki markup table with class="wikitable"

Faction Isotope type
Amarr, Blood Raider, Sansha, CONCORD Helium
Caldari, Gurista Nitrogen
Gallente, ORE, Serpentis Oxygen
Minmatar Hydrogen

Wiki markup table with class="sortable"

Faction Isotope type
Amarr, Blood Raider, Sansha, CONCORD Helium
Caldari, Gurista Nitrogen
Gallente, ORE, Serpentis Oxygen
Minmatar Hydrogen

Wiki markup table with class="collapsible"

Faction Isotope type
Amarr, Blood Raider, Sansha, CONCORD Helium
Caldari, Gurista Nitrogen
Gallente, ORE, Serpentis Oxygen
Minmatar Hydrogen

Wiki markup table with class="collapsible collapsed"

Collapsible div

Found in {{SkillQueue}}
Key: Classes mw-collapsible, mw-collapased and mw-collapsible-content

<div class="mw-collapsible" style="border: 2px solid white; padding: 0.5em;">
Content of outer div.
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">
Content of inner div.

Results in:

Content of outer div.

Content of inner div.


  1. ^ a b In the main namespace called article
  2. ^ 30/03/2020