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PvP is a very broad subject and a large part of EVE Online. This page links to various resources on the wiki which contain information. It is particularly aimed at newer players. A curated list of PvP related pages can be found to the right.


PvP can be split into a few broad types. Depending on players preferences, all can be found within the Uni. These are:

Solo PvP

Fighting on your own can be an exciting, high adrenaline kind of fighting. Win or lose, whatever happens is down to you.

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Small gang PvP

A small gang can be anything from you and a few friends, to 10 or 20 pilots. Often operating relatively informally, in a small gang every pilot's actions count.

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Fleet PvP

The stuff that gets EVE into the news. From a Uni fleet formed to kill a few WTs to the 1000 main nullsec brawls, this is where billions of ISK can be laid to waste.

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Due to changing mechanics the area in which you are can greatly affect the way that PvP occurs.

Highsec PvP

Highsec PvP has many differences to any other area of space due to CONCORD. Suicide ganking, suspect hunting, and wars are the ways that targets are acquired. Crimewatch and aggression mechanics are very important for this.

Lowsec PvP

Lowsec allows for much more fluid engagements than highsec due to the lack of CONCORD protection. However station and gate guns still provide some protection to pilots. Lowsec is generally considered the domain of small gangs and smaller ships (cruiser and down) however there are entities that will fly everything, including Supercapitals. Faction Warfare also occurs in lowsec, adding an additional dynamic.

Nullsec PvP

Lawless space! The only area of Known Space where you can use Bubbles or Bombs. The fights found here are very varied, from frigate 1v1 to massive wars over Sovereignty.

Wormhole PvP

Unknown (AKA Wormhole space) is also lawless. However the lack of gates and wormholes, as well as mass restrictions make it quite unlike any other area. The mass limitations, and lack of Cynos limit the use of Capitals and Battleships. Gangs of Strategic Cruisers are very popular.


There are many roles that can be required depending on the specific fleet. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Fleet Commander (FC) - leader of the fleet, normally flies a DD or (in larger fleets) boosting ship.
  • Damage Dealer (DD) - main damage of the fleet
  • EWAR - negates enemy ships
  • Logistics (normally referred to as logi to differentiate from actual logistics such as hangers) - heal friendly ships
  • Tackling - stops and slows down enemy ships
  • Skirmishers - normally flying an Interceptor, they roam ahead of the fleet and find targets
  • Scout - normally flying a Covert Ops, they operate cloaked and find targets or gather intel

PvP within E-Uni


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