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Capital ships (Dreadnoughts, Carriers, Force Auxiliaries, Supercarriers ("Motherships"), Titans and Rorquals) are the largest player-piloted ships in EVE. Capitals can only operate outside of high-sec space. While they can use stargates to travel (except to high-sec), they can also jump between star systems using built-in jump drives, although this needs another ship to light a "cynosural beacon" in the target star system.

The largest capital ships (Supercarriers and Titans, collectively known as "supercapitals") are so large that they can only dock at the largest (XL) citadels and are too large to pass through any wormholes. Additionally, they can only be built in nullsec system where your alliance has sovereignty.



Dreadnoughts ("dreads") are DPS machines, only surpassed as damage-dealers by Supercarriers and Titans. Only dreads can fit a siege module, which has the following effects when activated:

  • 150% Torpedo velocity bonus
  • 80% bonus to XL Launcher rate of fire
  • 165% missile damage bonus (Tech II: 200%)
  • 700% turret damage bonus (Tech II: 840%)
  • -100% maximum velocity
  • 100% shield booster/armor repairer amount bonus
  • -50% shield booster/armor repairer duration
  • 60% sensor dampener resistance bonus (Tech II: 70%)
  • 80% remote assistance impedance
  • 60% weapon disruption resistance bonus (Tech II: 70%)
  • 100% remote repair impedance

The siege module's cycle time is 5 minutes, and it requires 250 - (level of Icon skillbook2.png Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration * 25) Strontium Clathrates ("stront"). While it's active the dread can't warp, jump, move in any way. With the siege module a dreadnought can reach almost five thousand DPS even in a long range fit.


Carriers are capital ships with the ability to control Light and Support Fighters (frigate-sized drones). They also have the ability to store 1,000,000 m3 of assembled ships in their ship maintenance bay so pilots who lose their ships can quickly pick up a new one. Other ships from the carrier pilot's corporation (or fleet, depending on the carrier's settings) can also use it to refit in space.

Carriers (and their supercapital counterparts, supercarriers) generally serve as anti-subcapital ships. To facilitate this role, they have access to the powerful Networked Sensor Array, which increases their scan resolution but removes their ability to use electronic warfare modules.

Carriers are also able to equip Command Bursts.

Force Auxiliaries

Main article: Force Auxiliaries

Force Auxiliaries (singular: "Force Auxiliary", sometimes abbreviated as "FAX") are capital-sized logistics and fleet boosting ships. Force Auxiliaries receive bonuses to logistics drones. Only Force Auxiliaries can fit triage modules, which have the following effects when activated:

  • -100% maximum velocity
  • Disables the use of electronic warfare modules
  • -75% capital remote logistics duration
  • 400% capital remote logistics amount bonus (Tech II: 450%)
  • -50% armor repairer/shield booster duration
  • 100% armor repairer/shield booster amount bonus (Tech II: 120%)
  • 200% capital remote logistics range bonus
  • 60% sensor dampener resistance bonus (Tech II: 70%)
  • 80% remote assistance impedance
  • 900% scan resolution bonus
  • 100% remote repair impedance
  • -100% drone damage
  • +4 maximum locked targets bonus (Tech II: +5)

The triage module's cycle time is 5 minutes, and it requires 200 - (level of Icon skillbook2.png Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration * 25) Strontium Clathrates ("stront"). While it's active the FAX can't warp, jump, or move in any way. Force Auxiliaries are at their most effective with a triage module active.


Main article: Supercarriers

Supercarriers are a more powerful version of carriers with the additional ability to control Heavy Fighters.


Titans are the largest and most powerful ships in EVE, able to fit several unique modules such as Doomsday devices, Jump Portal Generators, and Phenomena Generators.

Capital Industrial Ship: The Rorqual

This ship is primarily intended for deep space mining support. It has a maintenance bay, corporate hangar, a huge ore hold, and the ability to fit bonused mining leadership links. The Rorqual can fit capital tractor beams and clone vat bays. In addition, the Rorqual has a jump drive and the ability to compress ore. The Rorqual does have a 50%/level range bonus to capital shield transfers, and a 20%/level drone damage bonus, so while it's not intended as a PVP ship, some people have been known to use it for that. The Rorqual has a non-capital little sister, the Orca, that can be seen supporting many highsec mining fleets.

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