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Born: 16.02.2014
Joined E-Uni: 15.03.2014
Title: Sophomore

Campus/Community Participation

  • WHC - Joined with the WHC in November 2014.
  • LSC - Spent a majority of my time in E-Uni at the LSC. I frequently join roams, hunt rats, attempt to solo pvp, and explore data/relic sites. I also research BPO's as part of the LSC Industry Program. Industry alt currently operates in the Placid region providing ships for all to enjoy destroying.
  • NSC - Occasionally head up to EZA to join in null sec PvP or exploration of data/relic sites.
  • Incursions - Recently began running with the Incursion Community in order to generate more ISK. Have skills to run with a Maelstrom however, generally run with an alt in a Hyperion.

Event Participation

Fleet Command

I have led 1 low sec PvP roam. I hope to take more out in the future.

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