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20th Anniversary Eagle Logo.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

The Wormhole Community is currently conducting activities under Operation Pavilion from a temporary wormhole following the eviction from the long-held C2 wormhole (Innuendo). The application process is currently suspended and will be reinstated once WHC establishes a permanent staging wormhole.

What is the wormhole community?

The Wormhole Community is an ongoing educational project of EVE University dedicated to instructing students about wormhole life. It was born in late November 2012. WHC is based out of a C2 wormhole with both a highsec static (allowing easy access to kspace for classes and logistics) and a C3 static (for ISK making and PvP opportunities).

Location: J122821 Dotlan Anoik.is

Time: 23/7

In-Game Chat Channel: Wormhole (Eve Uni)

Joining the WHC

Wormhole space favors the small gang. Close-knit communities thrive in our environment. In other words, the individual performance of each pilot and the strong communication between pilots are at the core of our lifestyle. We take great care that every pilot who joins us can participate in as many of our day-to-day activities as possible. So to that end, we drafted up the bare bones; have the skills to fly those when you join and we'll nurture you into a wormhole denizen!

Required Skills Required Titles Required Ships Recommended Knowledge
  • Freshman (The title must be showing in-game)

If you are unable to fly a ship from the official Armor Assault Frigate or Shield Battlecruiser doctrines linked above, please note that there are new-player-friendly meta fittings for some of those ships in the Fitting Management | Corporation Fittings window in-game. You can find those fits by searching for "meta" or "entry" in that window.

You must be able to fit the T2 tank modules that are on the fits. If a doctrine ship is fit with a T2 Multispectrum Energized Membrane, then you need Icon skillbook2.png Hull Upgrades V. You can meta guns for most T1 ships, the fits which are reliant on T2 ammo will have it noted in their doctrine forum post. You can meta-down links and drones on the entry doctrines. If you are unsure about what modules you can meta-down ask in the WHC channel in the game or mumble.

If you move to WHC as a new, low-skill pilot, there will be doctrines you cannot yet fly and other activities you cannot yet do. But with the entry skills listed, you can join us on some fights, scan down the chain, act as a picket for a PVE fleet, and otherwise get used to living in a wormhole. It can take a long time to be able to fly every ship in every doctrine, but it never takes too long to get into one more thing, whatever that next thing is. While you are getting those skills, you’ll be well on your way to getting “Patience V,” which is one of the most important out-of-game skills for a wormholer.

Apply Here

Once you've met these requirements and are ready to give wormhole life a try, apply here.

Recommended Skills & Ships

Wormhole life is dangerous. As always, don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

This section lists skills and ships that, while not required, increase the number of roles you can fill in the WHC.

Skill Basic level Advanced level Why?
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometrics 3 4 Each level improves your ability to scan.
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometric Rangefinding 0 3 Each level increases scan strength.
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometric Acquisition 0 3 Each level increases scan speed.
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometric Pinpointing 0 3 Each level reduces scan deviation on results.
<Racial> Battlecruiser 3 4 Apart from Heavy Assault Cruisers and T3 Strategic Cruisers, Battlecruisers are the best ships to fly in the WHC.
<Racial> Cruiser 3 5 Cruisers are a crucial stepping stone toward T3 Strategic Cruisers, Heavy Assault Cruisers, and Heavy Interdictor Cruisers. They're also cheap.
Icon skillbook2.png Salvaging 1 4 Sleeper Battleship wrecks require IV to salvage however the use of 3 salvage rigs allow them to be salvaged with Salvaging I.
Icon skillbook2.png Hacking 3 4 Data Analyzers are used in Data sites. The skill increases the HP [hit points] of your virus.
Icon skillbook2.png Archaeology 3 4 Relic Analyzers are used in Relic sites. The skill increases the HP [hit points] of your virus.
Icon skillbook2.png Covert Ops 4 5 Cloaking while scanning and reduction of CPU requirements.
<x> Armor Compensation 3 4 All four of the armor compensation skills improve the effectiveness of passive armor tanking.
Ship Role Support skills
T1 Exploration Frigate Scanning/picketing <Racial> frigate 3; Icon skillbook2.png Cloaking I
Covert Operations Frigate Scanning/scouting Icon skillbook2.png Covert Ops IV; Icon skillbook2.png Cloaking IV
<Racial> Battlecruiser Combat <Racial> Battlecruiser 3; Varies

The above are merely suggestions for being useful during your first few weeks in the system without investing too many resources in the endeavor. Once you are more comfortable with day-to-day operations and better understand the risks involved, you may consider bringing in more specialized or expensive ships and equipment.

Wormhole Community Ship Fittings

The WHC Forum includes our current doctrine fittings. Those fittings are also available in the Corporation Fittings window in-game, as are some utility fits such as rolling and scanning ships. Please note that the forum post contains the most current doctrine fittings; updates to the in-game window may occasionally be delayed.

Beyond Skills: The Wormhole Mindset

If you're looking to stay in the WHC for a while, you'll need more than just a good base of skills. While skills are great, living in a wormhole requires a different mindset. There are realities to w-space that you might have never thought about before, and there are things that you might find useful or commonplace in k-space that no longer apply.

  1. Scanning is mandatory.
    • A T1 Scanning Frigate is a good starting point for beginner explorers, but for J-space, clandestine scanning in a T2 CovOps Frigate is one of the most important, valuable contributions a lower-skilled player can make to WHC operations. Nearly everything we do is scanned down. Scanning and especially scouting in secret is safer and much more useful.
  2. Battleships are too big for most of what we do.
    • Wormholes have mass limits. Battleships have a lot of mass. They can only pass through a wormhole a few times before that wormhole starts to collapse.
    • As you familiarize yourself with not just what, but also how things are done in a wormhole, you'll see that Tech 3 Strategic Cruisers, Logistics Cruisers (especially Tech 2 Logistics Cruisers), Heavy Assault Cruisers, Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, and Battlecruisers are the most used ship types. To maximize the roles you can fill over time, you should be willing to adjust your skill plan.
    • The wormhole endgame, at least for a C2 wormhole, is all about packing as much offense and defense into the smallest ship size possible, which most of the time means battlecruisers and below.
  3. The space you're living in is no longer well-defined. It is ever-changing.
    • The wormhole you call home may seem constant, but just about everything else is quite dynamic as connecting wormholes form and collapse. What you think of as the neighborhood (and thus the neighbors) changes all the time.
    • Things you may take for granted will vary over time. Access to trade hubs fluctuates day-to-day and hauling stuff can be both dangerous and inconvenient.
    • Your home station cannot be set to a location in W-space. If you die, you'll have to respawn in a K-Space station.
  4. You're going to be trapped in here with us.
    • You won't always feel like you have a lot of choice in what you can do at any given moment. What we are connected to dictates what content is available.
    • You might log in to run sites and find PvP happening instead. That's life and that's what you'll be doing that day.
  5. You need to be self-motivated. This can not be stressed enough. If you are not a self-starter you will be spinning in structures and asking "Is there anything going on" quite frequently and that isn't any fun unless you're odd and think it is.
    • W-space is perhaps the most player-driven space in EVE. If you're not making it happen, it probably isn't happening. Passive players will find things boring before long. Of course, newbros will always have a period to figure out what's going on, but in the end, you need to be a self-starter who can independently do what needs doing.
    • If you don't have anything to do, make something to do. Scan down the wormhole chain. Scout systems, looking for PvP opportunities or ganks. Find a low-sec connection and lead a roam. Go to null-sec and point a carrier. This is the most exciting thing about the WHC: You get to make it happen!

Wormhole life isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for a certain kind of player, nothing beats it. The WHC is an amazing opportunity for players to experience wormhole life firsthand. Come on a Noob Night In The Hole class, or join for a week and see if it sticks! Just be aware that beyond a minimal set of skills to join the community, you can expect a few play-style changes.

What can I do in WHC?

  • Scan, scan, scan! Everything in W-space needs to be scanned down. Probe the chain, scout new connections, observe our neighbors, and picket a hole if you are not doing anything. Do not sit in a citadel and wait for stuff to happen; content, whether PvP or PvE, is created by you!
    • It is especially important to keep note of all new signatures so we don't get surprised by unexpected neighbors. Compare the signatures in the mapper with those in your scan window and right-click ->ignore all the known ones. This way you will immediately see if a new signature spawns.
  • Rolling
    • You can roll the wormhole connections if you scanned down the chain already and can not find any content.
  • PvE
    • Practice scouting using the Wormhole Community Scouting Guide
    • Earn ISK by running Sleeper sites with fellow Unistas. Be aware that the Sleeper site running is a little different from the site running in K-space, as there are no bounties and no module drops. Instead, Sleepers drop Sleeper Components (referred to as blue loot due to its icon color), as well as valuable salvage.
      • Please do not run Combat Sites or Null Data and Relic Sites in Pavilion - we save these as bait for day-trippers and the more of them we have in our system, the more likely someone will take the bait and run them. You can, however, mine Gas Sites and Ore Anomalies, and run Sleeper Data and Relic Sites. If we use up the sites in Pavilion, they take a long time to respawn and that will ensure no visitors, and we want visitors so we can shoot at them.
  • PvP
    • Baiting
    • Practice combat probing
    • Ganking clueless daytrippers
    • Experiencing what the lack of local chat or static gates does to PvP
    • Use K-space exits as covert bridges to engage in sudden non-consensual PvP
  • Industry
  • Experience lawless and uncharted space

Community Rules, Procedures and Etiquette

Community etiquette is covered in detail in forum post.


  • Join the WHC fleet if you're active in the community. If there's no fleet, make one and put up an advert so others may join. See this detailed guide.
  • Join the WHC mumble channel if you're active in the community. If you can't talk, at least be able to listen. If you're hearing impaired let a WHC staff member know.
    • Wormhole Community Mumble is an event chat. You may join the channel even if you're not actively participating in the fleet. Follow combat comms when active, regardless.
  • Help your fellow campers learn. EVE University and the Wormhole Community are educational institutions. Learning opportunities override everything else.
  • Adhere to all EVE University Rules.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.



  • Stay logged out or cloaked in a safe spot when you are not doing anything. The Citadel shows the number of people that are online in the Citadel in a small bracket beside the name when on-grid. If you are not in a combat recon you will show on d-scan outside the citadel. If our numbers look larger than they are, we might miss out on fights or, even worse, we might look like we are docking up to avoid a fight.
  • We appreciate it if you store expendable ships in the freshman hangar for common access in the spirit of sharing. Feel free to take ships out of the freshman hangar yourself. If it blows up, you replace it. If the person who owns the ship is around you should ask.
  • There are usually a few rolling battleships in the hangar but we expect all community members to buy their own when they are able. Praxises are cheap, owning your own rolling ship is good community citizenship, and in a hole-control situation we may need to have a large fleet of rolling ships available.
  • Some ships in the Alpha Hangar of the Citadel are named "WHC Defence". DO NOT take these ships without asking.
  • Directors and WHC Staff can authorize the use of those ships for the express purpose of WHC Home Defence. They are not for site running, normal PVP, or hole rolling.


  • PvE loot is the property of the group who agree to rat or run sites together.
  • The community offers a loot hauling and selling service at a 7.5% cut which goes to fuel and other operational needs. See below for more info.
  • Don't run the Combat Anomalies or Null Data and Relic Sites located in the home system; these are used as bait for day-trippers. You are allowed to run Sleeper Data and Relic Sites, Gas Sites, Ore Anomalies, and Ghost Sites.


  • Announce activations.
  • Announce PvP to the WHC mumble.
  • PVE ad-hoc Harvester Fleets and PvP events should be advertised via Discord Pings; see guidelines for pinging.
  • It is considered to be bad manners to conduct PVE in holes occupied by corps that are Blue to the Ivy League without asking for their permission first.


  • Community communications default to open comms. This may change if something is happening. For instance, if there is an imminent threat or a quick response fleet forming, the channel may be closed comms or open command.
  • Unless urgent, please wait a minute before speaking when entering the channel. This will allow you to get your bearings and not interrupt something important in progress.
  • You may enter the WHC mumble channel without being a community member or EVE University Staff. Please keep in mind that community members may be engaged in other activities and may not be able to answer your questions immediately.
  • Groups of students operating in the W-Space chain may remain in the WHC mumble without making a separate fleet or can join the Roaming WHC mumble subchannel.
  • Operations in K-Space can move to a separate mumble channel. Moving to a separate fleet from the community is also an option.
  • We operate on a "built for purpose" foundation. If you're hunting someone in particular, or operating a continuing operation hunting targets, consider joining a separate mumble channel until you accomplish your goal. This helps organize our fleet and keep comms clear for those who need it.
  • Please follow our Communications Policy when on comms.

WHC Alternate Character Rules

You may request to have your alternate characters in Ivy League Alt Alliance or EVE University added to the ACL granting docking and bookmarks. They should be either in a personal corp you control with only your own characters, in EVE University Hall of Residence, Combat Comms, or EVE University itself. Due to restrictions of the ACL/shared folder system, alts do not have bookmark edit access. Alts in Combat Comms can edit bookmarks and get Pathfinder access. In-corp (EVE University) alts get Pathfinder access and can join the fleet via the fleet finder. Combat Comms is a good option for a scanner alt to join Combat Comms, tick the appropriate box in the form. In-corp is a good option for an Interdictor alt. If for some reason you need docking/bookmarks on alt but need it to not appear affiliated with Ivy League you may request for it to be blued individually. These follow the same corp restrictions. In the form, please provide the reason this alt needs to appear unaffiliated. There is no hard cap on the number of alts but be reasonable, requests for massive numbers of alts will result in rejection. Entire alt corps will not be added to the ACL, only specific characters. You may have other alts in Pavilion that are not on the ACL, such as seeds you safe log. These should be in the fleet when in space.

Use this form to make your alt request.

Naming Conventions

What Are Bravo, Echo, and Pavilion?

Pavilion is our home system, the one with all our structures.
Bravo is what we call the C3 static in our wormhole.
Echo is what we call the Highsec static in our wormhole.

Mapper & Bookmark Naming Scheme

Wormhole space is dynamic. Navigation is challenging. Coordinating an entire community is more challenging still. To do this we:

Personal Bookmarks

It is also recommended that you make and maintain certain personal bookmarks:

  • Make safe spots
    • In the home system, but also in systems you visit
  • Make tactical bookmarks
    • On grid yet outside minimum warp distance (150km) of the citadel

Living in Wormhole Space

See Living in Wormhole Space for additional information.


Loot Hauling & Selling

WHC makes use of AA Buyback for loot hauling and selling service. Payouts can take a few days to process, but you won't have to haul loot through wartarget-riddled K-Space. The WHC takes a 7.5% cut for operational costs and a 7.5% cut to pay for scanners and distributes the rest based on participation.


E-Uni hauling department has run hauling services to and from WHC in the past. This service is not currently available to Pavilion but will be set up again in future.

Medical Bay

WHC has Clone Bay access. This allows WHC members to house a training clone at WHC and swap to a clean clone without using the 24-hour timer. However, you cannot set a station in J-space to be your home station, you must use K-space. This means if you die, you will not respawn at WHC. Many members set a station in Jita as a home station to make it easy to reship before heading back to the hole.

Newbro advice

As a new player looking to join the WHC, the amount of information can be overwhelming. EVE has existed for over fifteen years. There is a plethora of links, threads, and videos which sometimes can lead to more questions than they answer. One of the reasons why some newbros lose ships is that they were not prepared for the change of gameplay and demands of wormhole life.

The good news is that you don't need to have all the answers right now. That's why the Wormhole Community exists!

As long as you have the required skills to join, currently hold the freshman title, and have read and understood this page, you are welcome to apply. The WHC community welcomes newcomers and lets them develop inside the WHC. With the guidance of existing members, you get to make your choices after you've arrived.

While this should lower the threshold to apply for some, you should also be aware that life in a wormhole is diverse and your choices will either enable or disable your participation in the different activities. Some of the popular threads on the WHC forum make it sound like everything revolves around Strategic Cruisers, T2 armor logi, and Cov Ops, but you will find that almost any ship has some use in wormhole life.

To participate in the most common activities you'll need skills for a racial battlecruiser and a scanning frigate (Astero or Cov Ops). This will get you started and will let you get a grasp of what is going on and what to focus your training on by engaging in a range of different activities. For example, an Astero or Cov Ops frigate can map out the wormhole chain, act as a picket, scout out wormholes for potential PvP, and even act as a hero tackle on occasion. Just like the rest of EVE Uni, the community uses evolving doctrines. AAFs and SBCs are currently frequent PvP doctrines, and Harvesters and the C3 Wolf-Rayet Kikimoras undock almost daily for PvE.

Nato Alphabet - Using a phonetic alphabet helps you to be understood when communicating letters. We use this to say the signature IDs or system names. It reduces the possibility of people mishearing the letters you are saying. For example, someone could hear V instead of B. But with the Nato Alphabet, Bravo sounds very different from Victor. Use of the NATO Alphabet is recommended even if you have the clearest, least-accented voice as audio issues can still happen.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to current WHC members in Mumble, WHC Community Chat, or via the EVE Uni Forums.

Community Manager

MuhibPortrait.jpg Muhib - Send a forum PM

The Community Manager oversees all communities within EVE University, guiding and supporting Community Coordinators, implementing community strategies, and fostering positive collaboration. Reporting to the Community Director, they serve as the central point of contact, addressing member concerns and facilitating communication between leadership and the communities.

Community Coordinators

Community Coordinators in the Wormhole Community (WHC) guide EVE University members through the uncharted territory of wormhole space. They encourage active participation in scanning, PvP engagements, Sleeper site running, and various industrial activities. WHC offers a unique experience, living without stations, manipulating wormholes, and embracing the challenges of lawless space. Through comprehensive training and guidance, Community Coordinators ensure that UNIstas thrive in this dynamic and exhilarating wormhole environment, fostering a sense of exploration, camaraderie, and adaptability within the Wormhole Community.

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Boran Lordsworth CMDR Delaney Truffault Lord Finnbar Morra Deovindice Tarkin Karn Tealson Darkstar Torg Navatin

WHC Diplomatic Liason

Diplomacy Department

To contact staff on discord please use @Community Coordinator or @Manager (Communities) in #whc-pings or #ping-misc channel.