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This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: Review for December 2021, Version 19.11 changes (Corporate skill plans added, other QoL improvements to skill plans)
This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: November 9, 2021 Patch (Version 19.10) added support for dragging entire fittings into a skill plan, thereby adding the required skills to a plan. This update likely requires a new section for this page.

Skill Plans allow you to:

  • create lists of Skills without needing to buy Skillbooks or Injecting Skills first
  • specify goals to keep track of progress in the form of Milestones
  • share lists of Skills in a Chat Channel, EVE Mail, Corp Bulletin or Ship Fitting description
  • start or continue training a list of Skills

Certified Skill Plans

Certified Skill Plans: Explorer, Enforcer, Industrialist and Soldier of Fortune further divided by Empire.

Certified Skill Plans are EVE Academy's guided paths that introduce capsuleers to Careers and Ship Fittings. They can be accessed in-game via the Neocom Skill Menu > Skill Plans > Certified Plans.

Certified Skill Plans are available for each Empire and divided into four main Career paths:

Personal Skill Plans

Personal Skill Plan for Station Traders.

You can create up to ten Personal Skill Plans where each is made up of:

  • a Skill Plan name
  • a Skill Plan description
  • an ordered list of Skills
  • up to five Milestones

When you import a Personal Skill Plan the icons will indicate if you can train a Skill and why:

Can train skill.png You meet all the prerequisites to add this Skill to your training queue.
Skillbook missing.png You are missing one or more Skillbooks for this Skill or its prerequisite Skills. Clicking will purchase all missing Skillbooks.
Skill requires omega.png The Skill requires Omega Clone State.
Skill Trained.png The Skill has already been trained.


Each Skill Plan can have up to five Milestones which help you track your progress towards the smaller goals within the Skill Plan. Milestones are especially important for Personal Skill Plans as they carry vital information about the intentions behind the Skill Plan and its Skills.

A Milestone can be a:

When you reach a Milestone you do not receive a Ship or Module, you are only able to use it.

Skill Catalogue

Skill Catalogue lists all groups of Skills in EVE. See Skills and Learning for an overview of each group.