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EVE Online allows you to import a skill plan from your clipboard to your training queue. You will notice that several of our wiki pages have a list of recommended skills, this page explains how to import those into your training queue.

Copy the skills to your clipboard

Firstly, copy the skills to your clipboard by expanding the recommended skills box, highlighting the list of skills and pressing CTRL + C

Open up your training queue

Next, open up your training queue in game by clicking the bar beneath your character portrait in the top left corner of your screen.

Import the skill plan

Then click the 'Import Skill Plan' button as shown below:


You can then choose to either add the skills in your clipboard to the end of your training queue, or to replace the current skills in your training queue with the ones in your clipboard.

Be careful: There is no confirmation window, so don't click the wrong option by accident.


You will then see confirmation of which skills have been added, as below:


  • Skills which you have not yet trained, but have injected, will be added to your training queue
  • Skills you have already trained will not be added
  • Skills which have not yet been injected will not be added
  • Skill levels need to be trained in order, so for example you cannot train level 4 until you have trained level 3. It will not automatically train levels 1, 2 and 3 if you try to queue a level 4 skill


Once you have finished importing the skills, don't forget to press Apply at the bottom of your training queue to apply the changes.