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These are basic skill recommendations. None of these skills have prerequisites above level III, and are thus easily accessible to new players. They will provide a solid foundation upon which to develop more advanced skills and fit more advanced modules.

The list has been grouped to match the in-game Skill categories. Some of the skills below are useful in your early days only to use some basic modules; others will increase your ship's performance directly and should be trained up to level II or III relatively fast. Where applicable which races of ship commonly benefit from a skill are included in parenthesis, but understand that the racial bonuses of a ship are not always a limiting factor of advanced player choices.

Take a look at the skill descriptions to see how they would help you, but understand that the description text does not always reveal the variety of useful skills and modules it unlocks as you train higher. There may be some overlap with the The Magic 14 in this list also. Try using an application like PYFA that lets you see how a ship's attributes are affected by skills. EVEMon is another popular program that will let you plan skill training for your character. These and other useful programs and websites are linked in the 3rd Party Tools article.


  • Hull Upgrades : 5% bonus to armor hit points per skill level.
  • Mechanics : 5% bonus to structure hit points per skill level.
  • Repair Systems : 5% reduction in repair systems duration per skill level.


  • Light Drone Operation : 5% Bonus to drone damage of light drones per level.
  • Medium Drone Operation : 5% Bonus to drone damage of medium drones per level.
  • Drones : Can operate 1 drone per skill level.
    • This is a crucial "gateway" skill, and training to level III is required for the Light and Medium skills mentioned above. Levels IV and V open up a wide variety of other crucial support skills.
  • Drone Avionics : Drone control range increased by 5000 meters per skill level.

Electronic Systems

  • Electronic Warfare (Caldari) : 5% less capacitor need for ECM and ECM Burst systems per skill level.
  • Frequency Modulation : 10% bonus to falloff for ECM, Remote Sensor Dampeners, Tracking Disruptors,Tracking Links, Remote Sensor Boosters and Target Painters per skill level.
  • Long Distance Jamming : 10% bonus to optimal range of ECM, Remote Sensor Dampers, Tracking Disruptors, Tracking Link, Remote Sensor Boosters and Target Painters per skill level.
  • Propulsion Jamming : 5% reduction to warp scrambler, warp disruptor, and stasis web capacitor need per skill level.
  • Sensor Linking (Gallente) : 5% less capacitor need for sensor link per skill level.
  • Target Painting (Minmatar) : 5% less capacitor need for target painters per skill level.
  • Weapon Disruption (Amarr) : 5% less capacitor need for weapon disruptors per skill level.


Fleet Support

Leadership III is an important skill for missioners, as a gateway to Security Connections.


  • Gunnery : 2% Bonus to weapon turrets' rate of fire per skill level.
  • Controlled Bursts (unnecessary for projectile weapons) : 5% reduction in capacitor need of weapon turrets per skill level.
  • Motion Prediction : 5% bonus per skill level to weapon turret tracking speeds.
  • Small Energy Turret (Amarr) : 5% Bonus to small energy turret damage per level.
  • Small Hybrid Turret (Caldari and Gallente) : 5% Bonus to small hybrid turret damage per level.
  • Small Projectile Turret (Minmatar) : 5% Bonus to small projectile turret damage per level.
  • Rapid Firing : 4% bonus per skill level to weapon turret rate of fire.
  • Sharpshooter : 5% bonus to weapon turret optimal range per skill level.



  • Acceleration Control : 5% Bonus to Afterburner and MicroWarpdrive speed boost per skill level.
  • Afterburner : 5% reduction to afterburner duration and 10% reduction in afterburner capacitor use per skill level.
  • Evasive Maneuvering : 5% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level.
  • Fuel Conservation : 10% reduction in afterburner capacitor needs per skill level.
  • High Speed Maneuvering : 5% reduction in MicroWarpdrive capacitor usage per skill level.
  • Navigation : 5% bonus to sub-warp ship velocity per skill level.
  • Warp Drive Operation : Each skill level reduces the capacitor need of initiating warp by 10%.

Neural Enhancement

  • Cybernetics : Allows the use of cybernetic implants.
    • Cybernetics can be trained up to level I only, as this gives access up to +3 attribute implants which is sufficient for a new pilot's early career and wallet.
  • Infomorph Psychology : Allows 1 jump clone per level.
    • Having multiple jump clones is readily accessible to new players by joining corporations with jump clone standings.

Planet Management

  • Command Center Upgrades : Each level in this skill improves the quality of command facility available to you, in turn allowing for a greater number of connected facilities on that planet.
  • Interplanetary Consolidation : For each level in this skill, you may install a command center on one additional planet, to a maximum of 6 planets.


  • Advanced Industry : 3% reduction in all manufacturing and research times per skill level.
  • Industry : 4% reduction in manufacturing time per skill level.
  • Mass Production : Ability to run 1 additional manufacturing job per level.

Resource Processing

  • Mining : 5% bonus to mining turret yield per skill level.
  • Mining Upgrades : 5% reduction per skill level in CPU penalty of mining upgrade modules.
  • Reprocessing : 3% reduction in reprocess waste to all ore and ice types per skill level.
  • Salvaging : 100% increase in chance of salvage retrieval per additional level. Only affects Salvager modules, not Salvage Drones.


  • Jury Rigging : Allows makeshift modifications to ship systems through the use of rigs. Required learning for further study in the field of rigging.
    • Rigging skills are no longer necessary to train to install rigs, however they are important to reduce the various drawback penalties that rigs cause. Level III of this skill is the gateway to training the remainder of the skillbooks.


  • Archaeology : Gives +10 Virus Coherence per level.
  • Astrometrics : +5% scan strength, -5% max scan deviation, and -5% scan probe scan time per level.
  • Hacking : Gives +10 Virus Coherence per level.
  • Survey : 5% improvement per level in the scan speeds of ship, cargo and survey scanners.



  • Connections : 4% Modifier to effective standing from friendly NPC Corporations and Factions per level.
  • Social : 5% bonus per level to NPC agent, corporation and faction standing increase.

Ship Command



  • Broker Relations : 5% reduction in the costs associated with setting up a market order per skill level.
  • Contracting : For each level of this skill the number of outstanding contracts is increased by four.
  • Marketing : Each level increases the range from the seller to the item being sold.
  • Procurement : Level 1 allows for the placement of orders within the same solar system, Level 2 extends that range to systems within 5 jumps, and each subsequent level then doubles it.
  • Retail : Each level raises the limit of active orders by 8.
  • Trade : Active buy/sell order limit increased by 4 per level of skill.