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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is an attempt to provide a consolidated list of answers to frequently asked questions, 
both within the game and on the  forums.  Please note that many of the links will be deadlinks 
to start with; please feel free to answer them as you are able to, but  be aware that your answers 
may be edited and corrected by others with more information.

Answers should be short and consise with links to additional information on the wiki, forums, or web

New Player Questions

Why is there never a 6th item?

This is a reference to Monty Python's Bruces sketch. In the sketch, John Cleese's character reminds the present of the seven rules at the Australian University of Woolloomooloo:

  1. No poofters.
  2. No member of the faculty is to maltreat the "abos" in any way whatsoever — if there's anyone watching.
  3. No poofters.
  4. I don't want to catch anyone not drinking in their room after lights out.
  5. No poofters.
  6. There is NO rule six.
  7. No poofters.

What's the best way to set up my overview?

Please refer to the Overview Guide.

How do I get Mumble set up with the Uni server?

Please refer to the Mumble guide.

How do killmails work?

Please refer to How to Post A Killmail.

I don't know what a certain term or abbreviation means, help me!

Please refer to EVE Lexicon.

How can I get some more help?

  • Asking a question in chat.e-uni or on the mumble will usually get you lots of well-intentioned advice.
  • Try taking a look at Dos and Don'ts for Noobs in EvE to see if it can help.
  • Tips and Tricks has a lot of good ideas in it which might help.
  • The wiki has built-in search functionality.
  • The Mentor Program can also be a great way to get resources dedicated to helping new players find their way.
  • There is NO way 6 to get more help.
  • The EVE_University_Class_Library will also have a load of recorded classes which can be useful. The PvP and Fleet Operations sections in particular.

EVE Uni Policies

E-Uni has rules?

Yes, it does. A lot of them. You agreed to abide by them when you applied for membership. Check out EVE University Rules to remind yourself what you agreed to.

Who enforces the rules?

We all should be enforcing them on ourselves. However when that fails EVE University Management may have to deal with things.

Ship Equipment

What are the existing weapon types?

These are the available weapon types for all ships, regardless of skill or ship-specific bonuses:

  • Turrets
    • Laser turrets - Fire beams of light to damage the enemy. Can only deal electromagnetic or thermal damage, which makes them good for damaging shields, but not so good for damaging armor. Do not use ammo, but require focusing crystals instead (only one per weapon, infinitely reusable). Come in two versions:
      • Pulse lasers - Faster tracking, shorter range, higher rate of fire, lower damage per shot.
      • Beam lasers - Slower tracking, longer range, lower rate of fire, higher damage per shot.
    • Hybrid turrets - Fire charged projectiles at the enemy using magnetic fields. Can only deal thermal or kinetic damage, which makes them decent all-around choices, but not as specialized for shields or armor as other weapon types. Require ammunition. Come in two versions:
      • Blasters - Faster Tracking, shorter range, higher rate of fire, higher damage per shot.
      • Railguns - Slower tracking, longer range, lower rate of fire, lower damage per shot.
    • Projectile turrets - Just like real-life guns, fire projectiles at the enemy using purely mechanical means. For this reason, they don't use up the ship's capacitor when firing. Can deal all four damage types (electromagnetic, thermal, kinetic, explosive) depending on the ammunition they've been loaded with. Come in two versions:
      • Autocannons - Faster tracking, shorter range, higher rate of fire, lower damage per shot.
      • Artillery - Slower tracking, longer range, lower rate of fire, higher damage per shot.
  • Smartbombs

For more information on damage types, please refer to our page on NPC Damage Types.

What's a good setup for my ship?

The many possibilities of fitting ships in EVE are a universal matter of debate among new and veteran pilots. Please refer to our faction-specific guides:

Also recommended are the forums at Scrapheap Challenge.


How can I make ISK on the market?

Some basic ideas to start out with


How do I find a good agent do run missions for?

After you're done with your tutorial missions, as well as those from your faction's career agents and optionally the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc, you might want to look for a regular agent from an NPC corporation who can provide you with further advancement. Choosing a new agent can be a daunting task, since there are over 180 NPC corporations in the known space. However, if you follow a few simple steps, you can choose your new agent with pretty good confidence:

  1. Decide on which type of missions you want to run (combat (Security), courier (Distribution), or mining (Mining)).
  2. Search for an NPC corporation with a good selection of agents belonging to the divisions you selected in the previous step. This step may take some time. You can do your search manually through the ingame People & Places tool or the Agent Finder, or by using one of the existing third-party agent search tools such as
  3. Find the NPC corporation you chose by using the ingame People & Places tool.
  4. Locate a Level 1 agent within your selected division, in the Agents tab.
  5. Set your destination to your new agent's system by right-clicking on the agent and choosing "Set destination".

How much standing do I need to access a specific agent?

You can look that up ingame by right-clicking the agent, choosing "Show info" and going to the "Agent info" tab.

Other than that, the general formula for any agent is as follows:

RequiredStanding = (AgentLevel * 2) - 3

How do I gain access to more advanced missions?

If you're already running Level 1 missions for a NPC corporation of your selection and you want to step up to Level 2, you'll need to increase your standings with the NPC corp. Of course the standard way to increase standings is to run missions for the NPC corp, which takes us back to why you're reading this in the first place. But there is an easier way out, and that is to train the Connections skill. If you intend to go on running missions for a while, that is a good skill to have at least on rank IV.

An alternative (and slower) way to gain access to more agents is to work on your faction standings instead.

Which skills are recommended for a mission runner?

In general, the Social skills are the ones that benefit mission runners directly. The most important ones are:

  • Social (5% bonus to standing increase) - You'll gain more standing from each mission you run. You must train this one to rank III before you can train Connections.
  • Connections (4% bonus to standing with friendly corporations) - This one will give you access to more agents right off the bat.
  • Negotiation (5% more pay for agent missions) - Mission rewards will be better.
  • Diplomacy (4% bonus to standing with hostile corporations) - Important if you intend to run missions for corporations belonging to enemy factions. Depending on your current faction standings, this skill can also prevent the enemy's faction ships from blowing you up on sight.

Once you work on those, don't forget the skills more closely related to your preferred mission types. For instance, Drones, Gunnery and Navigation for combat missions.

Where can I find nice agents near EVE Uni HQ?

Please refer to our Mission Guide to Aldrat.

Can I know exactly what is expected of me in a mission before I accept it?

Other than the often insufficient mission description ingame, your best option are the third-party guides. Prominent among those are the Mission Reports at and the Missions Bank at

I heard salvaging can give me an income boost while missioning. How do I do that?

It's true, salvaging is a great way to make more ISK out of your missions. And it's also very accessible for new players. This is what you'll need to do:

  1. Get a ship with at least one available high-slot. Any frigate will do, but destroyers are preferred for the extra high-slots.
  2. Train the Salvaging skill (requires Mechanic rank III and Survey rank III) at least to rank I, but keep in mind that further ranks will make your life easier.
  3. Equip a Salvager I module. It's a very cheap item that will cost you 19k-25k ISK depending on the region.

Once you're ready, get some killing done in space, select the wreck of the enemy ship, lock target, approach them until you're within 5000 km range and activate the Salvager I. It might take you a few tries to extract the parts from the wreck. If you feel like taking your salvaging abilities to the next level, consider the following:

  • Using more than one salvager on the same wreck.
  • Equipping a Small Tractor Beam (requires Science rank III) to pull all those wrecks to you a lot faster.
  • Maxing out the Salvaging skill to rank V.
  • Upgrading your module to the Tech 2 Salvager II to get an extra 10% success chance overall.
  • Equipping some expanded cargoholds, cap rechargers and a MWD (microwarpdrive) to make the whole process more efficient.
  • Rigging your salvaging ship with a Small Salvage Tackle.

Another option, if you have dronebay space and have trained up your Drones skill some, is to train Salvaging II, and to purchase some Salvage Drone I's and let them do the work for you, after you complete the mission.

Those nasty NPC ships keep gnawing at my drones. What can I do?

Issue all your drones the "Return to drone bay" command by right-clicking them in your Drones window. Then wait a few seconds until all the hostile ships in your overview begin to target you (you'll see a yellow flashing border around their icons). After that, you can safely relaunch your drones.


If I use more than one webifier drone on the same target, how do their effect stack?

Each additional drone multiplies the others' effect, just like stasis webifiers. For instance, if you were using five Berserker SW-900 on the same target, the combined effect would be:

  • -20% max speed for the first drone (1 - 0.8)
  • -36% max speed for the second drone (1 - 0.8^2)
  • -49% max speed for the third drone (1 - 0.8^3)
  • -59% max speed for the fourth drone (1 - 0.8^4)
  • -67% max speed for the fifth drone (1 - 0.8^5)

The Uni has been Wardeced, what should I do now?