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Wiki editing

UniWiki CSS

  • Body text color: #CCCCCC
  • Content background: #111111
  • Menu background: #080808
  • Wikitable: border 1px #AAAAAA, background #FFFFFF
  • Links: color orange (#FFA500)
Other colors
  • text color: wheat (#F5DEB3) - used for modules (although the contrast to the normal text is a bit weak)
  • text color: slate blue (#6A5ACD) - used for ice products
  • text color: white (#FFFFFF)
  • text color: salmon (#FA8072)
  • text color: sandybrown (#F4A460)
  • text color: coral (#FF7F50)
  • text color: lightgreen (#90EE90)
  • text color: darkseagreen (#8FBC8F)
  • text color: #0D7CFF (#0D7CFF)
  • text color: #9ef37c (used by EVE as mission text color)
  • text color: #7acdef (used by EVE as mission text color)
  • text color: #e56363 (used by EVE as info text color)

See also: Cassiel's colours




To do

My own personal to-do list. Yes, it's growing faster than I can tick things off it :)


Modules and Fitting

  • Afterburner Details is a good start, but could use expanding and integrating into the broader Wiki world
  • Fitting Modules and Rigs Guide is great, but how about expanding it with the stats of the various modules? And if not, at least update it.
  • Module could use some love (add some info about how "Show Info" works?)
    • What module variants are (link to tech, tiers and meta levels), high/med/low/rig etc slots, fitting attributes, size, continuous effects/start-of-cycle/end-of-cycle, link to short-cycling (mining modules), what is is cycle time and why is it important, repackaging modules
    • Also include ammo, scrips, rigs (incl calibration), and a link to subsystems
  • Faction Modules and You and Techs, Tiers and Meta levels and How to Identify Module Meta Level should be merged
    • Information about the icons used and where to get them from (meta 0 are manufactured with NPC-sold BPOs, etc)
    • Update with the module tiericide information
    • Obsolete T2 Modules is probably obsolete with tiericide
    • To T2 or Not to T2 needs a better integration with the other pages (or a merge)
  • Merge Module Stacking and Speed Modules and Stacking penalties
    • And merge in Eve math while I'm at it (it's a good page, and could be linked to from many other places!). This also needs an explanation of skill bonuses (they are additive per skill level, not multiplicative).
    • Related class: Fitting Math 101
  • Fitting Guidelines should tie into all this (as a starting page, which links out to the different fitting strategies per race, ship class, and tank types?). Plus it really needs an update (there is lots of obsolete info on there), plus a similar page for PvE fitting
  • Eve math is a good start on resistance math, but needs a slightly more "basic" introduction (flowing on from damage types)

Module stats tables

  • Templates to control the formatting of
    • Item tables
    • Item tooltips
  • External website to output code (but leave formatting up to the MediaWiki templates)
    • Website also outputs a comment to tell users where to find the code generator, and a unique string to allow them to replicate the same output, but with updated parameter values

Exploration & Scanning

Missions & PvE

Faction Warfare

  • To be clarified:
    • Is just LP rewards from plexing that's removed from the system pool, or also from PvP?
    • Complexes: what's the difference between "outposts" and "facilities"? Only cosmetic?
    • Confirm i-Hub stats
    • Confirm ship restrictions for FW missions? [1]
    • Is there an LP reward for destroying an i-Hub? Perhaps 40,000 LP (basic payout).
    • Are there items which are only available in the FW LP stores?
  • Factional Warfare Missions (based on this legendary thread) needs more detailled guides to individual missions.
  • FW Q&A needs merging into the main FW page




Core game mechanics

New players

General cleanup

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