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All Tech I ships are different, but some have similar purposes. This reference sheet is meant to give you an idea of how different ship roles are covered by different races, and what type of Tech II ships they correspond to. For a more detailed guide to the bonuses and stats of the ships, try the ship type quick reference. For a simple list of all the ships sorted by race and class, use the ships matrix.

Some Tech I ships can be given expensive upgrades by faction navies. For example, upgrading the Omen produces an Omen Navy Issue. These "faction ships" can be purchased at LP Stores or the market, and are not listed on this page.

Other Tech I ships not listed on this page might be found at the Pirate Faction Ships or Special Edition Ships pages.

The approximate costs given are very approximate. The true cost may be half as much, or twice as much. Bear in mind that the number quoted is the approximate cost of the hull, and does not include fittings or insurance. As a rule of thumb, the cost of a Tech II ship is at least 10 times greater than that of a Tech I ship, and sometimes much greater.


Each race has seven different Tech I frigates. This is the smallest type of ship aside from the shuttle. Each type of frigate is associated with a specialized class of Tech II ships.

Race Noobship Attack Support Disruption Exploration Racial Weapons Combat Navy
Amarr Impairor Executioner Inquisitor Crucifier Magnate Tormentor Punisher Imperial Navy Slicer
Caldari Ibis Condor Bantam Griffin Heron Kestrel Merlin Caldari Navy Hookbill
Gallente Velator Atron Navitas Maulus Imicus Tristan Incursus Federation Navy Comet
Minmatar Reaper Slasher Burst Vigil Probe Breacher Rifter Republic Fleet Firetail
Tech II - Combat Interceptors
Tackling Interceptors
Logistics Frigates Electronic Attack ShipsCovert OpsStealth BombersOffensive Assault Frigates
Defensive Assault Frigates

Approximate cost: 500,000 ISK except for the navy frigates, which are closer to 10,000,000 ISK


Destroyers are frigate-killers, but tend to perform badly against larger ships. All of the gunship destroyers have eight high slots, making them very useful salvaging ships. They are also very good at running level 1 security missions.

Race Gunship Racial Weapons
Amarr Coercer Dragoon
Caldari Cormorant Corax
Gallente Catalyst Algos
Minmatar Thrasher Talwar
Tech II Interdictors Command Destroyers
Tech III Tactical Destroyers

Approximate cost: 1,000,000 ISK

The Dragoon and Algos specialize in drones, and the Corax and Talwar specialize in missiles.


Cruisers are larger and slower than frigates, but smaller, faster and cheaper than battlecruisers and battleships. They are good at running level 2 security missions.

Race Support Disruption Attack Combat
Amarr Augoror Arbitrator Omen Maller
Caldari Osprey Blackbird Caracal Moa
Gallente Exequror Celestis Thorax Vexor
Minmatar Scythe Bellicose Stabber Rupture
Tech II Logistics CruisersForce Recon
Combat Recon
Heavy Assault CruisersHeavy Interdictors
Heavy Assault Cruisers
Tech III Strategic Cruisers

Approximate cost: 5,000,000 ISK to 10,000,000 ISK

The Gallente Heavy Interdictor is based on the Thorax hull, not the Vexor hull.


Battlecruisers use medium equipment, like cruisers, but are more versatile and powerful. These are the largest ships that can enter Class 1 wormholes. They are good at running level 3 security missions.

Race Combat I Combat II Attack
Amarr Prophecy Harbinger Oracle
Caldari Ferox Drake Naga
Gallente Brutix Myrmidon Talos
Minmatar Cyclone Hurricane Tornado
Tech II Command Ships Command Ships -

Approximate cost: 40,000,000 ISK to 80,000,000 ISK

The Oracle, Naga, Talos, and Tornado can fit large-sized weapons at a reduced fitting cost. They are like cruisers with battleship-sized guns.


Battleships are the largest subcapital ships in the game. They can fit stronger tanks and larger weapons than most smaller ships, but are slow and often have difficulty hitting small targets. They are good at running level 4 security missions.

Race Attack Combat I Combat II
Amarr Apocalypse ArmageddonAbaddon
Caldari Raven Scorpion Rokh
Gallente Megathron Dominix Hyperion
Minmatar Typhoon Tempest Maelstrom
Tech II Marauders Black Ops -

Approximate cost: 150,000,000 ISK to 200,000,000 ISK

The Minmatar Black Ops is based on the Typhoon hull, and the Minmatar Marauder is based on the Tempest hull.


Industrials are used for transporting goods. They have large cargo holds, but next to no combat ability. Their capacities can be increased with cargo expanders and the relevant racial industrial skills. Each race has a fast, strong industrial, and a slower industrial with a larger cargo hold.

Race Fast Large
Amarr Sigil Bestower
Caldari Badger Tayra
Gallente Nereus Iteron Mark V
Minmatar Wreathe Mammoth
Tech II Blockade Runners Deep Space Transports

In addition to these all-purpose industrials, there are four specialized industrials. These ships have very large cargo bays, but the bays can only be used to hold one class of item.

Race Ship Special Bay
Gallente Epithal Planetary commodities
Gallente Kryos Minerals (e.g. tritanium)
Gallente Miasmos Ore (e.g. veldspar)
Minmatar Hoarder Ammunition and charges

Approximate cost: 500,000 ISK to 1,500,000 ISK


Freighters are enormous dedicated transport ships. Even the Fenrir, the smallest of the freighters, has a base cargo capacity of 435 000 m3. All freighters except the Bowhead have extremely limited powergrid and CPU, and have only 3 slots for modules (all low slots).

Race Freighter
Amarr Providence
Caldari Charon
Gallente Obelisk
Minmatar Fenrir
ORE Bowhead
Tech II Jump Freighters

Approximate cost: 1,300,000,000 ISK

The Bowhead is designed to carry assembled ships, and is equipped with a large Ship Maintenance Bay for this purpose.

Mining Barges

Mining barges are ships produced by ORE. They are the only ships capable of fitting strip miners and ice harvesters. Tech II barges are called Exhumers.

Tech Defense Capacity Yield
Tech I Procurer Retriever Covetor
Tech II Skiff Mackinaw Hulk

Some older sources of information will assert that different mining barges have different numbers of high slots. This is no longer the case.

Approximate cost: 20,000,000 ISK to 30,000,000 ISK

Other ORE Ships

Aside from its mining barges, ORE has produced a number of other special industrial ships.

Tech I Tech II Role
Venture Prospect
Mining frigate
Noctis - Salvaging industrial ship
Porpoise- Medium Mining support ship
Orca - Large Mining support ship
Rorqual - Capital mining support ship

Capital Ships

Capital ships are enormous, very expensive ships that students of Eve University are forbidden to fly without the permission of a director (the exception being carriers). They have the option of using their jump drives to travel from system to system without using stargates. They cannot enter high security space.

Race Dreadnought Carrier Force Auxiliary Supercarrier Titan
Amarr Revelation Archon Apostle Aeon Avatar
Caldari Phoenix Chimera Minokawa Wyvern Leviathan
Gallente Moros Thanatos Ninazu Nyx Erebus
Minmatar Naglfar Nidhoggur Lif Hel Ragnarok

Dreadnoughts deal incredible amounts of damage to stationary targets. Carriers and Supercarriers carry ships and special Fighter drones. Force Auxiliaries are huge logistics ships. Titans use the capital-ship-killing doomsday devices, and can "bridge" an entire fleet to a cynosural field.

Special Ships

These ships were gifted to players that were active at certain points in EVE's history.

Ship Purpose Year gifted
Apotheosis Shuttle 2008
Zephyr Wormhole exploration 2009
Primae Planetary interaction2010
Echelon Hacking 2010
Gnosis Combat battlecruiser 2013
Leopard Fast shuttle 2013
Victorieux Luxury Yacht Fast transit 2015
Sunesis Destroyer 2016