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Security status is a measure of how law abiding a capsuleer pilot has been recently. It does not however show how law abiding a pilot may be in the future, or has been in the past.

Your security status can in theory drop as low as -10 and rise up to a theoretical max of +10, but with a more practical max around +5.0 security status as you no longer gain any security increase from belt, mission and incursion rats after that point.

Your personal security status determines how ruling factions react to you in high security space, to the point where they'll send their faction police after you if your security status drops low enough. In addition, your personal faction standing also decides whether the faction navy will hunt you down or not.

In short:

  • CONCORD forces deal with criminals.
  • Faction police forces deal with people who have low security status.
  • Faction navy forces deal with people who have low faction standing.

Effects of Security status

Having too low security status will have effects on your life in high and low security space.

Low security status

Once your security status reaches -0.0 you are flagged as having a ColorTag-SkullYellow9.gif low security status to all pilots, often called a "banana" for the default yellow indicator. This tag is only informative as having low security status has no gameplay effects until it reaches -2.0.


Once your security status drops to -5.0 or below (technically -4.95) you become an ColorTag-SkullOrange9.gif outlaw, also commonly referred to as "perma flashy".

It means anyone can attack you at any time without CONCORD interfering, even in high security space. It also means that assisting you would be a suspect offense, even for your own corporation members. That means anyone who needs to assist you would have to turn their safeties partially off to assist (yellow safeties), and in the process temporarily become a suspect for fifteen minutes.

Travel restrictions

Once your security status drops below certain thresholds, the empire faction police will start hunting you when you enter high security system. Any cloaking device fitted to your ship will also be disabled based on the same criteria, so you cannot cloak up to avoid the faction police.

  • Security status of -2.0 or below means you'll be attacked in 1.0 systems.
  • Security status of -2.5 or below means you'll be attacked in 0.9 systems.
  • Security status of -3.0 or below means you'll be attacked in 0.8 systems.
  • Security status of -3.5 or below means you'll be attacked in 0.7 systems.
  • Security status of -4.0 or below means you'll be attacked in 0.6 systems.
  • Security status of -4.5 or below means you'll be attacked in 0.5 systems.

You'll have a few seconds before they arrive and while the faction police is formidable, they are not as strong as CONCORD and can sometimes be handled and often avoided if you're flying a reasonably agile ship. Players with negative ratings can fly through all systems in a capsule, commonly referred to as a "pod", as faction police will not attack pods. But if you're an ColorTag-SkullOrange9.gif outlaw, anyone can target and destroy your pod without repercussion ... assuming they can catch you.

In CONCORD-claimed systems (like the majority of the Sanctum constellation in the Genesis region) the faction police will show up wearing CONCORD colour, but they are not overpowered like the regular CONCORD police is. The CONCORD faction police are no stronger than any other faction police and can be dealt with just as you would any of the others.

Changing security status

There are many ways to both gain and lose security status. Bear in mind that with your safety set to enable safety, often referred to as "green" safety, you'll be unable to do any actions that would cause you to lose security status.

Losing security status

There are several ways to lose your security status, all concerning unprovoked attacks in low and high security space.

  • Unprovoked attack of a capsuleer ship (small hit)
[math] \displaystyle \text{Modification%} = -2.5\% \times \text{System security} \times \left( 1 + \frac{\text{Target's security} - \text{Aggressor's security} }{100} \right)[/math]
  • Unprovoked attack of a capsule (major hit)
[math] \displaystyle \text{Modification%} = -25\% \times \text{System security} \times \left( 1 + \frac{\text{Target's security} - \text{Aggressor's security} }{100} \right)[/math]

In both cases the new security status is calculated as

[math] \text{Aggressor's new security status} = \text{Aggressor's old security status} + ( 10 - \text{Aggressor's old security status} ) \times \text{Modification%} [/math]

Unprovoked actions are actions not sanctioned through war, limited engagements, suspect or criminal timers. For example, engaging a non-suspect or non-criminal in low security space that you are not at war with, suicide ganking in high security space. In null security and wormhole space everything is legal so actions there have no effect on security status.

While both system security and the relative difference in security status of the aggressor and victim are factored in, the system security difference has a much bigger impact than the relative security status. The higher the aggressor's security standing is, the harsher the penalty as well.

Remember that these actions always lead to you getting either a ColorTag-SkullYellowBlack9.gif suspect or a ColorTag-SkullRedBlack9.gif criminal timer, depending on which action you chose to engage in and the security level of the system you're in. Not all suspect or criminal offences will result in a security status hit however. Stealing from a can will flag you as a suspect, but you won't lose any security status. Criminal acts in low security space doesn't incur the wrath of CONCORD unless you decide to jump into high security space before your criminal timer runs out.

Raising security status

Main article: Repairing security status

There are numerous activities that raise your security standing.

  • Running missions against pirate factions (you gain security status from the high bounty rats).
  • Killing high bounty belt rats, a.k.a. belt ratting, in low and null security space (the larger the rat, the higher the increase).
  • Running Incursions (requires that you have at least aggressed the Sansha rats).
  • Turning in security tags to CONCORD in low security space.
  • Completing various social skills.

Security increase through killing NPCs such as mission, belt and incursion rats can only give you a security increase up until your security status reaches +5.0 or higher, then no further gain by this method is possible. Security tags are limited to removing negative status and cannot improve your status further once you reach 0.0 or higher.

Sentry guns

Whenever you lose security status through suspect or criminal offences in low or high security space, any sentry gun on grid will engage you. The sentry guns will continue engaging you for as long as you remain on grid.

No aggression is carried over after leaving the grid where you performed your initial act, so even though you're still a suspect or a criminal there's no further aggression from those or other sentry guns once you warp offgrid. Just remember that a new act of aggression that causes you to lose more of your security status, such as continuing to pod someone in low security space after initial aggression, would trigger another response from present sentry guns. But they too can easily be reset by bouncing to an offgrid tactical and back.

Sentry Gun Offensive data
Amarr Sentry GunCaldari Sentry GunGallente Sentry GunMinmatar Sentry Gun
Damage Electromagnetic damage Thermal damage Kinetic damage Explosive damage
Turret volley damage 440 hp 80 140 80 140

  Damage per second 176 dps (2,5 second cycle)
  Optimal Range 500km optimal + 50km falloff
  Tracking Speed Script 160 rad/s tracking speed

Amarr Sentry
Caldari Sentry
Gallente Sentry
Minmatar Sentry
(identical stats)

All sentry guns are invulnerable and you can't even lock them up, "Target is invulnerable".