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"Tori Moliko"

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Tori Moliko is a WHC Admin Officer and Student Advocate.

I mainly spend my time at WHC, doing everything we do there, whether that's finding something to blow us up, getting ourselves blown up, or making enough isk to replace what got blown up. I'd like to spend a bit more time popping around the other campuses, too. One day. Or perhaps long ago by the time you are reading this; I can't imagine I'll edit this wiki page very often . . . .

Please feel free to contact me if you need support or assistance. I am always happy to help or even just lend a listening and supportive ear. You can usually find me in WHC on Mumble, and I am in the Slack for every campus as well as Staff Slack. If you want to speak with me privately, you can just ask me and I'll take you to a private room to talk things through. I will never share what is discussed or our communications without your permission to do so, or if there has been some explicit violation of the EULA or EVE University code of conduct.

About My Current Roles:

WHC Admin Officer

WHC Officers help fulfill the WHC mandate: to teach unistas about life in wormhole space. There are currently several distinct staff roles. WHC Admin Officers are tasked with the administrative work needed to keep the campus running. This includes processing applications and maintaining ACLs for Google Groups, Slack, Mapper, and Structures.

Student Advocate

Student Advocates essentially function as mediators, addressing issues at student level before they escalate to the point where a Director would need to get involved. They are a point of contact for the student body, acting much like EVE's CSM in that they try to filter through the popular issues and bring the important ones to the attention of the Directorate. The Student Advocate can also be considered the "voice" of the students, acting on their behalf in dealings with the Directorate. Have you got an issue or a complaint with someone? Then a Student Advocate is the person you should speak to.

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