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On this page, you will find a list of commonly asked questions regarding Abyssal Deadspace. If your question is not on this page, please head over to the Abyssal Community Discord channel and ask there. Ping a Community Coordinators if you think this page should include your question.

Which ships should I fly? What should be my next ship?

There is no 'perfect' progression which Abyssal Community recommends. Please look at our Abyssal Community Fits for base T0 and T1 fits - they were tested with recommended skills, and provide good start in Abyss. You have to decide what would be your next step - be it Gila, HAC, 3x Frigate runs or other way.

I am dying a lot, why?

This is usually due to one of the following reasons or a combination of them:

  1. You are not outputting enough damage to stay alive or clear fast enough for the time limit
  2. You do not have enough EHP/s or speed tank to survive the incoming damage
  3. You are not destroying enemies in the correct order

Number one and two go hand in hand, in general, each filament tier requires an increase in DPS and EHP/s of 150 with the exception of T0 (please note that this is a general rule for cruisers, frigates utilize a high amount of "speed tanking" and as such will have lower requirements for tank). This is the total amount of all the ships taking part in the run, in theory, two frigates each outputting 75 DPS will be able to clear T1. This might be difficult in practice due to the incoming damage but serves as a general example.
Number three is more complicated but as a general rule, check the following in descending priority order:

  • Do not approach ships straight on, always manually pilot and spiral in to approach
  • Consider if you should keep an enemy at range (if yes, at what range) or if you should go into brawling range. Certain ships will kill you if you get too close. E-war works off the same principle.
  • Prioritize e-war that is dangerous to you. If you are running an afterburner then enemies that webify you are more dangerous than enemies using warp-scramblers[1]. If you are speed-tanking then enemies slowing you down are more dangerous than enemies using neuts.
  • Prioritize enemies that deal unfavorable damage to you. Depending on filament weather you will have a natural resist hole (except in dark filaments). Enemies dealing this type of damage should be dealt with first.

Consider learning which enemies can spawn in each type of room and which enemies should be prioritized. Do this before starting your run and create a cheat sheet based on your filament tier, filament weather, and ship fit.

What should be my Tank/DPS for Tier X?

Table below is not exhaustive but serves as a general guide. If you rely to some degree on speed to mitigate incoming damage then EHP requirements will be lower or much lower.

Tier DPS[1] EHP/s[2]
DPS / EHP/s checks per filament tier
AbyssalFilamentL0.png T0 100 80
AbyssalFilamentL1.png T1 150 150
AbyssalFilamentL2.png T2 300 300
AbyssalFilamentL3.png T3 450 450
AbyssalFilamentL4.png T4 600 600
AbyssalFilamentL5.png T5 750 750
AbyssalFilamentL6.png T6 850 950
  1. ^ For Dark weather you don't have benefit of resist hole created by weather penalty, which means you need more DPS
  2. ^ If you run with Frigates, you can reduce number given by about 30%. For Dark weather you can reduce the number given by about 30%.

When should I move up a tier?

It can be difficult to judge when to move up a tier, what follows are some things to consider before moving up a tier.

  • Are you comfortable in running your current tier? Each tier represents a significant increase in difficulty and as such you should optimally not struggle at all with your current tier. This includes dying very little and finishing runs in a reasonable time.
  • Do you have good knowledge of each "room"? Since each tier will add more enemies to deal with, not knowing how to deal with a certain "room" will only be exacerbated in higher tiers.
  • You should not be risking all your ISK on a new fit for a new tier, this holds true for any activity in Eve. Spend responsibly.

Loot Strategy Recommendations

Loot in Abyssal Deadspace can be found in multiple containers. These containers can be divided into two categories:

  1. The main loot can: Triglavian Bioadaptive cache. This contains the majority of loot.
  2. The side loot cans: Triglavian Extraction Nodes & Triglavian Extraction Subnodes

Please note that only the Bioadaptive cache loot will get multiplied by three or two (frigate- or destroyer-runs), the side cans will only be influenced by the filament tier.

General recommendations

  • If you are doing less than one hour's worth of runs then loot everything you safely can within the time limit.
  • If you are doing runs back to back for an extended period then it is more efficient to only loot the Bioadaptive chache since it allows for more runs which grants more loot than the potential loot from the side-cans.
  • If your runs average a run time of close to 15 minutes or higher, do not loot the first room fully. This is to prevent you from running out of time in later rooms due to greed.

As with most things in EVE the answer to the question "Which cans should I loot?" will be "It depends". However, generally, you should consider that only the Bioadaptive cache will contain "Big drops" and be multiplied by frigate or destroyer runs. Efficiency is mainly gained by doing more runs per hour rather than looting everything.

Median loot per run and tier

Below you can find the median loot values per tier and hull size.[1] Please note that these values are based on self-reported user data and as such might not be accurate.

Filament tier Frigate Destroyer Cruiser
Tier 0 2.25M 1.48M 0.76M
Tier 1 5.25M 3.44M 2.53M
Tier 2 13.59M 8.51M 5.53M
Tier 3 34.06M 21.2M 12.46M
Tier 4 85.08M 59.22M 32.27M
Tier 5 172.22M 112.97M 66.39M
Tier 6 342M 224.07M 127.48M

Consider the above when thinking about moving up a tier. If you can do three T0 frigate runs in the same time as you can do one T1 frigate run then it is more lucrative to continue running T0 until you can do T1 faster.

What should I do with all the blueprints from abyssals?

  • BPCs that you find in Abyss are usually worth very little, and it doesn't make much sense to try to sell them. You can check approximate worth of them by Right Clicking -> Show in Contracts (BPCs cannot be sold on market)
  • BPCs that might have some value (as of 2024) are the faction offensive guns, the low slot damage mod (not much though), select hulls (depends on market). Ammo is usually positive to make, but not to sell as blueprints (values may change fast, so check in game before you commit)
  • You can dabble specifically in Abyss BPC's in industry, you will only need specific skills so you don't need to go all out on SP expenditure. You earn the main industry materials needed (BPC's, Crystalline Isogen-10 and Zero-Point Condensate) so you need relatively miner (ha get it) items to have your valued items make money (use 3rd party tools to ensure it's a positive thing to make, and you're not devaluing your inputs by making an output!)
  • Build a stockpile of BPC's in a special crate, and maybe sell it one day as a bundle - you can post it on #buy-or-sell channel on Discord if you're member of EVE University

How do I beat...

Devoted Hunter

Usual killer of T0 ships. You have to kill it before it kills you.

  • Try to stay at range if you use drone boat
  • Usually requires overheating of reps and weapons, to speed up the kill
  • Is very fast, you might not be able to kite it for long


DPS check for T0 ships. Doesn't deal much damage, but has very good tank.

  • Use appropriate ammo - either matching weather resist penalty, or Thermal/EM
  • Overheat weapons if needed
  • Try to stay close, to have better chance to hit
  • Bring a stack of Faction ammo specifically for Skybreaker


Hardest enemy in T1 if you aren't prepared and don't know how to kill it. Quite easy if you know the strats.

  • Has very short range - 2km Optimal + 6km Falloff
  • Has absurdly good tracking - 4000 (!)
  • Stay at range - preferably 14km or higher (a bit lower in Dark weather, due to turret range penalty)

Devoted Knight / Cynabal

Similar ships, with Knight being a bit more dangerous. Can be a difficult due to EWAR, especially in T1s when it appears for the first time.

  • Will Web and Neut you - be prepared to manage your cap well
  • In frigates, you can use your cap to get into tight orbit - it will not be able to hit you if you orbit closely, even when you're webbed/neuted
  • Knight deals 150 DPS, EM/Thermal. That's recommended tank number for T1 Abyss, be prepared to overheat if you don't meet it. Cynabal deals less, about 70 DPS, with Elite at 110 DPS.


Karybdis Tyrannos, or Drifter Foothold Battleship (that's the version in T1, it gets way higher DPS in higher tiers). Has poor tracking, but 60km Optimal range and deals 100 DPS of Omni damage.

  • DO NOT approach it directly. You need to spiral in - close the distance while flying at an angle, to keep your transversal high enough so you won't get hit
  • When you're close - below 10km more or less - you can start orbiting it with close orbit - that way Karen won't be able to hit you at all
  • It is advised to start approaching Karen when immediately when you start the room, as it will try to get away from you - that usually end with Karen hugging the wall, and you have to be extra careful to avoid going out of bounds