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Purpose of the article

This article describes guidelines for picking a location to run Abyssal Deadspace. The information below is not an exhaustive guide but rather offers general guidelines. Remember, potential gankers will also read this page, and might follow these guidelines just like you.

In such boxes examples will be provided - showing how you can follow the guidelines described

System choice

System security

Due to different CONCORD response times based on system security status, it is advised to run in the highest security system that allows you to run your filament tier choice. See the table below for the allowed Abyss tier for each specific system security. You should pick the highest security system where you do NOT get a suspect flag.

Security No suspect flag Suspect flag
1.0 - -
0.9 - -
0.8 T0, T1, T2, T3 T4, T5, T6
0.7 T0, T1, T2, T3, T4 T5, T6
0.6 T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 T6
0.5 T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 -
In our example, we will use the guidelines to pick the best 0.9 system - you cannot run Abyss in these systems, but the same principles still apply, and it won't create "The system that Uni said we should run" to avoid attention from gankers.


The criteria for our potential system are as follows:

  • Is close to DED station, to sell your loot from your Abyss runs
  • Is close to your main area of operations, to allow you to travel quickly
  • Is close to a trade hub, to make trading for modules/ammo/ships more convenient

Depending on how important these criteria are to you, you have to decide on where your running system can be.

Let's assume that our target 0.9 system has to be at most 15 jumps from Stacmon, Dodixie, or Jita and a DED station. We will haul our loot by ourselves, and we will buy our ammo ourselves - so we want all 3 to be relatively close.

Possible considerations:

  • EVE University specific: If you use Uni Buyback - distance to DED station doesn't matter. If you use Uni Hauling, the distance to a trade hub doesn't matter.
  • You can use a commercial hauling service to move your loot, for approximately 1% of its worth

How to find a convenient system?

A good way of finding a convenient system to run is to use Adam4Eve Market orders page - it can display offers for Abyss loot (Triglavian Survey Database) with filters narrowing down possible locations.

Let's check which systems have DED station with NPC buy orders for Survey Databases within 10 jumps out of Stacmon. To do that, open the link above and fill the filter following way:

A4E Abyss1.PNG
This filter will show buy orders which are:

  • Max 10 jumps out of Stacmon - section "Your location"
  • Only NPC orders - section "Miscellaneous"

A4E Abyss2.PNG
Note: In the game, you would not be able to see any of these orders - Stacmon is in the Placid region, which has no DED stations!

Based on these orders we see that 3 regions are potential candidates - Genesis, The Citadel, and Verge Vendor.

We can now check on Dotlan what the shortest HiSec route from Stacmon to Jita is. (let's use Jita, we want the best prices!) - https://evemaps.dotlan.net/route/2:Stacmon:Jita
The route goes through all the regions we found in the previous step - so let's keep them in mind, and proceed to the next step.

System traffic

Ideally, you want a system that no one visits. That's obviously impossible, so the next best choice is a low-traffic system, preferably a dead-end. We can check that by opening the Region map in Dotlan, and selecting "Jumps (24h)" in the dropdown. That allows us to estimate traffic through that system. It's worth checking it for a few days in a row, as traffic might also depend on the day of the week.

Let's open map of The Verge Vendor, and mark Stacmon->Jita route with red, and potential systems (0.9 security) with green:

We can see quite a lot of 0.9 systems close to that route. Let's now see it with "Jumps (24h)":
We can clearly see that systems on the Stacmon->Jita path have a lot of traffic, and should be avoided. A few good candidates are Adallier, Channance, and Theruesse. Using Dotlan we can check distances to Stacmon and Jita from each system:
Adallier: 5j to Stacmon, 15j to Jita, 2j to Scolluzer - closest DED station
Channance: 6j to Stacmon, 14j to Jita, 4j to Scolluzer - closest DED station
Theruesse: 7j to Stacmon, 19j to Jita 3j to Scolluzer - closest DED station
Adallier and Channance fulfill our initial requirements, Theruesse offers a bit more safety since it's far away from the main routes. Your choice ;)

Safe Spots

After selecting a system, creating Safe spot bookmarks is also necessary. They are described in detail in their own Wiki article, but for Abyss purposes it's worth knowing that:

  • You want to have your safe spot at least 14 AU (D-Scan range) away from any warpable objects, or warp paths between such objects.
  • A good way of making safe bookmarks is to be in Abyss when downtime starts (11:00 EVE time) - but DO NOT take the Abyss gates during DT!
  • Refer back to Safe spots article for more information.

The main purpose of Safe Spot is to have a place to run Abyss, which cannot be detected by D-Scanning by anyone in the system - as finding the trace is the first step to ganking Abyssal runner. You can't guarantee that no one will find it, but chances are reduced in comparison to starting Abyss near a station/structure/celestial/etc.

Is this really needed?

"It Depends". For low-tier runs (up to T2) your ship and fit should be cheap enough that it's not a good gank target. You might still be ganked though if you run next to Jita - so some of the precautions described above will still apply. The higher the Tier, and the more expensive your ship - the more cautious you should be. Especially when you are known to run high-tier Abyssals - if you are active on Abyss Tracker, Abyssal Discords or otherwise known to run expensive ships.