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20th Anniversary Eagle Logo.png This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.
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In order to help with confusion between Shared Can (SC) and Bring Your Own Can (BYOC) fleets, this dedicated article has been created to expand on the details of mining in a BYOC as opposed to mining in a SC.


Benefits of a BYOC

A BYOC requires very little organization as opposed to an SC, since each member is in charge of their own hauling and buyback. As a result, anyone can be Archive:BYOC Boss and start up a BYOC at a moments notice. All that is required is there to be an active boosting pilot, which are in no short supply at AMC. Overall:

  • BYOC's can be set up at a moment's notice
  • BYOC's can be started up and then left running indefinitely as long as boss gets passed on correctly and the booster pilot does not disconnect
  • BYOC's provide the maximum Isk/hour for a well skilled miner (i.e. Mining Barges III in a Covetor with T2 lasers and crystals)
  • BYOC's can be set up for both Ore and Ice mining, whereas SC's are rarely done for Ice.


A BYOC has less organization than a SC. While this is a strong point that allows the flexibility that we all know and love, some additional considerations must be made by the miner when mining in a BYOC. Specifically hauling, buybacks, and personal safety.


Details of Enormous Freight Containers

In a BYOC, it is your job to haul your ore back to station. There are a few ways to go about this that can be picked between and modified depending on your own skills. Listed in order of efficiency (impact on Isk/hour):

  1. Filling up your ore hold, docking at the station, and dropping off the ore. This is mostly suited to fast warping ships such as the Venture or ships with large ore bays such as the Retriever or Mackinaw
  2. Mining into a Jetcan. When your cargo bay is full, right click your ore and select "Jettison" This will create a Cargo Container in space which will last 2 hours. Once you have jettisoned the can, you can continue filling it to a maximum capacity of 27,500m3 then, you need to get these cans home, which you have a few options for. Though for both, the suggested ship is the Miasmos
    1. Mine a full jetcan, or two, then dock up, switch into a hauling ship, and bring them home. Continue mining.
    2. Mine for about 1 hour 45 minutes, then haul all the cans home in one trip.
  3. Mine into an Enormous Freight Container (EFC) which holds 250,000m3. These, before being launched, are 2,500m3 in size and can be dropped off by any T1 industrial. Once it is full, you can get the ore home a few different ways. EFC's also have the benefit of lasting until downtime, rather than just 2 hours.
    1. Make 5 trips back and forth in a Miasmos.
    2. Use a Freighter to scoop the entire EFC up and haul it home. A freighter with 3 expanded cargo holds can fit up to 4 EFCs.


In a BYOC, you need to process your own buyback. For detailed information visit the Archive:AMC Buyback Spreadsheet page. For a short rundown, all you need to know is this:

  1. Open the buyback spreadsheet.
  2. Have all of your ore in place, such as in your item hangar at a station.
  3. Make sure you're in "list" or "details" mode.
  4. Highlight all of your ore and use ctrl-c to copy it.
  5. Paste the ore into the "Paste Inventory" tab of the spreadsheet.
  6. Go to the inventory page and at the top left, select Buyback -> Update Prices and wait for the script to finish.
  7. Select Buyback -> Prepare Buyback and wait for the script to finish.
  8. Ensure link sharing is turned on in Google Docs.
  9. Follow the submission steps on the Archive:AMC Buyback Spreadsheet page

Personal Safey

There is safety in numbers! However, in a BYOC, you rarely have the safety of numbers to protect you. As a result it is important to follow general safety considerations.

  • Always watch local for war targets or members of ganking corporations such as CODE.
  • Be on mumble if at all possible.
  • Keep a flight of ECM drones in your mining ship

BYOC Etiquette

As with any other fleet, it is important to follow proper etiquette in order to ensure a cohesive and friendly environment.

Belt Selection

In a BYOC, the Archive:BYOC Boss usually will track the currently occupied belts. in the MOTD as a result, it is important to:

  • Not mine a belt that is already occupied
  • Announce what belt you are going to once you have decided
  • Announce once your belt has been depleted (mined out of rocks)
  • It is also polite to mine all ore out of a single belt before moving on

BYOC Booster Tipping

Though not required, Historically it WAS polite to tip your fleet booster. However, for 2022, this is not the method used for Uni anymore. With Uni giving Boosters free Heavy Water and Charges, it is available at most Community stations, it is no longer an out of pocket cost for the Boosters. The name of the booster should be linked in the MOTD of the fleet by the Archive:BYOC Boss in order to make this as easy as possible. The customary tip is 10% of the value of the ore mined. Some tip 10% of the boosted amount, i.e. the amount you would not have mined had there not been a booster. For an easy calculator, visit this spreadsheet. Either is acceptable, neither is required.

Roles in the BYOC

The Booster

The booster generally will set up the BYOC fleet, though not always. They will be in an Industrial Command Ship, providing up to three Mining Foreman Bursts.

The Boss

The person who manages the fleet. Anyone can be Archive:BYOC Boss and it requires no skills at all. If you want to start up a BYOC since there is not one currently running, simply form the fleet and ask in the AMC Ops channel if there is a booster available (chances are, there will be)

BYOC Boss needs to be passed to a new person before leaving the fleet if you are the current boss. Otherwise, the boss will automatically pass to the highest ranking member of the fleet, which is usually the AFK booster.

The Miners

That's anyone and everyone! Unlike for SC's there's no specific need to fly a covetor or hulk for max yield if you do not have a hauling alt. In these situations, a retriever or mackinaw may actually be preferable.