Fear of Angels

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Angel epic arc - Angel Sound
Chapter 3 - Paradise
Previous mission: Data Destruction OR Breaking the Lock

Best damage to dealAny
Damage to resistOmni
Warp disruptionMarshal Treonis
RewardsCynabal BPC (1 run) + Angel faction standing gain + time bonus
Mission briefing
Aren't you the lucky one? All the carnage you've inflicted on our enemies has caught the attention of SARO. They are the best that CONCORD has to offer, and they're not to be balked at.

This particular SARO pilot's name is Treonis, and she's been asking for you personally. My guess? Taking you out is her bid at a promotion.

Normally, we would launch a whole campaign to remove CONCORD scum from our space, but my superiors want to see you handle this situation. If you can destroy Treonis, I'm authorized to reward you with a single run blueprint for one of our rarer ships, the Cynabal.

Treonis is waiting for you by an abandoned colony in Jamunda. Destroy her, and the blueprint is yours.

Despite CONCORD's strong association with empire space, they occasionally sponsor larger campaigns out in nullsec. These excursions are targeted at the "pirate" factions under the justification of returning the violence committed in high security space. CONCORD's Special Affairs for Regulations & Order (SARO) is uniquely suited for these campaigns. Their training, hardware, and skill make them a threat not to be taken lightly.

The last mission. Kill the CONCORD Marshal and collect your reward. This ends the epic arc.

Don't forget to loot the CONCORD Star Emblem tag, which sells for 10,000,000 ISK at many NPC stations.


Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Marshal Treonis 1x CONCORD Star Emblem
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