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How to find Incursions
Constellation layouts
Incursion sites
History of Incursions


Anatomy of Incursions
Fitting principles
Sansha's Manual
Ship progression

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Preparing for Incursions
Roles in Incursions
Incursions checklist


Vanguard fits


Selecting a focus
Forming a fleet

Quick reference sheets for incursion runners. See the linked wiki pages for more detailed informations.

Checklist on joining a fleet

The following points should all be checked before starting running in an incursion fleet

How to proceed when entering a site

  • Hardeners on
  • Battleships align down the gate (only battleships)
  • Logistics and Cruiser sized hulls stay still & unaligned
  • Logistics are ready and L up
  • Make sure everyone has boosts
  • Battleships take the gate
  • Logistics and Cruisers take the gate after the first Battleships have warped into the site

DD shooting order

  • 1. Niarja (jams, neuts)
  • 2. Sansha's Nations Commander (points, only 3rd wave in NCO, abbreviation SNC)
  • 3. Mara (reps, only first wave in NMC orbits at 60km)
  • 4. Tama (points)
  • 5. Auga (points, webs)
  • 6. Schmael (points, webs)
  • 7. Deltole (points, neuts, paints, only OTA)
  • 8. Romi
  • 9. Renyn (webs)
  • 10. Eystur (never shoot them in OTA)

Drone Bunny shooting order

  • Same as the general DD order, but favouring cruisers over frigates unless the fleet is low on Vindicators.

Sansha's special abilities (Vanguard sites)

  • jam: Niarja
  • point: Tama, Schmaeel, Deltole, Auga, Sansha's Nation Commander (SNC)
  • web: Auga, Renyn, Schmaeel
  • neut: Deltole, Niarja

For more detailed information see Standard tactics in incursions


  1. ^ Make sure that the overview settings you are going to use will show the Sansha Incursion rats (so you can see them yellow-boxing you and broadcast for reps as well as sort them). Having a fleet member tab doesn't mean you need to show fleet members all the time. Some logi will prefer it, but however you do it you'll need to have a way to show fleet members on the overview if necessary.
  2. ^ Make sure your mic is working and that you can hear what others say (use the Comm Check lounge). If you don't have a microphone (or choose not to use it) be aware that you will risk not being heard. Text-messages on mumble or in fleet chat can sometimes be missed, especially in hectic moments where they matter the most.
  3. ^ Remember to enable sound so you can hear this. Drop all volume levels except Master Level and UI Sound Level if you don't want the normal EVE sounds.
  4. ^ Setting your auto target back to 0 means you avoid automatically locking logistics when they lock you and you won't end up shooting them instead of the enemy. Even if you don't shoot them it would be one less Sansha you'd lock up, so turn it off anyway.