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Since CCP gives the structure timer info in counterintuitive way I'll go over it here.

Lets look at wormhole hull timer.
Hull reinforcement cycle lasts until next reinforcement hour that is at least 1d 12h away.
But the armor fight will always happen at the reinforcement hour (armor timer). So the next reinforcement hour that is at least 1d 12h away is always 2d away. Add the +-3h jitter from both shield and armor reinforcements and the result is that structure reinforcement always lasts 2d +-6h.
Same for low/null/high.

The exception is if the structure is in low power. The shields can be attacked at any time, low power skips the armor timer and the hull timer is again at next reinforcement hour that is at least 1d 12h.
But since the shields could be attacked at any time the hull reinforcement cycle doesn't need to start at the reinforcement hour anymore. Thus you can get shorter cycle. At its shortest it can be 1d 12h +-3h. 12h shorter than normal.
Hirmuolio Pine (talk) 21:18, 16 February 2020 (UTC)

Drawing images

Each image links to a file that allows you to draw the graph. Arin Mara (talk) 16:35, 20 June 2022 (UTC)

Misleading medium structure graph

Arin Mara (talk) 16:05, 20 June 2022 (UTC) on behalf of User:Inanashi Mayumi

"Hello, i noticed that some time ago the graph about Upwell structures vulnerability got changed due to game changes, however it seems to be misleading about medium structures Per eve's support article

   A structure without online service modules will be in "Low Power" state. This will not change the reinforcement phases for medium structures.

However on the graph Upwell_reinforcing.png -

   M/L/XL structure with online service modules -> No -> Armor (vulnerable)

Which means that if there's an Athanor (Medium size refinery) that moves into Low Power state, according to the Wiki graph it would be completely destroyable in one go before getting abandoned.

Additionally, the support article provides a separate graph for medium structures for what happens at which power state, which clearly shows that Low Power does not remove the Shield reinforcement cycle from medium structures (though it also (in a copy/paste fashion from the x/xl structure graph) claims that there are 2 reinforcements for medium structures, but that's besides the point i'm making)"