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Drebin 679 Sandbox 10 - Breaking up the moon goo table

Ore R4.png Ubiquitous (R4) Moon Ore Yield (per 1000 m³)
Moon Ore R4 Minerals Normal Minerals
Mineral pyerite.png Pyerite Mineral mexallon.png Mexallon
Bitumens Hydrocarbons.png 65 Hydrocarbons 6000 400
Coesite Silicates.png 65 Silicates 2000 400
Sylvite Evaporite deposits.png 65 Evaporite Deposits 4000 400
Zeolites Atmospheric gases.png 65 Atmospheric Gases 8000 400
Ore R8.png Common (R8) Moon Ore Yield (per 1000 m³)
Moon Ore R8 Minerals
Cobaltite Cobalt.png 40 Cobalt
Euxenite Scandium.png 40 Scandium
Scheelite Tungsten.png 40 Tungsten
Titanite Titanium.png 40 Titanium
Ore R16.png Uncommon (R16) Moon Ore Yield (per 1000 m³)
Moon Ore R16 Minerals R4 Minerals
Chromite Chromium.png 40 Chromium Hydrocarbons.png 10 Hydrocarbons
Otavite Cadmium.png 40 Cadmium Atmospheric gases.png 10 Atmospheric Gases
Sperrylite Platinum.png 40 Platinum Evaporite deposits.png 10 Evaporite Deposits
Vanadinite Vanadium.png 40 Vanadium Silicates.png 10 Silicates
Ore R32.png Rare (R32) Moon Ore Yield (per 1000 m³)
Moon Ore R32 Minerals R8 Minerals R4 Minerals
Carnotite Technetium.png 50 Technetium Cobalt.png 10 Cobalt Atmospheric gases.png 15 Atmospheric Gases
Cinnabar Mercury.png 50 Mercury Tungsten.png 10 Tungsten Evaporite deposits.png 15 Evaporite Deposits
Pollucite Caesium.png 50 Caesium Scandium.png 10 Scandium Hydrocarbons.png 15 Hydrocarbons
Zircon Hafnium.png 50 Hafnium Titanium.png 10 Titanium Silicates.png 15 Silicates
Ore R64.png Exceptional (R64) Moon Ore Yield (per 1000 m³)
Moon Ore R64 Minerals R16 Minerals R8 Minerals R4 Minerals
Loparite Promethium.png 22 Promethium Platinum.png 10 Platinum Scandium.png 20 Scandium Hydrocarbons.png 20 Hydrocarbons
Monazite Neodymium.png 22 Neodymium Chromium.png 10 Chromium Tungsten.png 20 Tungsten Evaporite deposits.png 20 Evaporite Deposits
Xenotime Dysprosium.png 22 Dysprosium Caesium.png 10 Caesium Cobalt.png 20 Cobalt Atmospheric gases.png 20 Atmospheric Gases
Ytterbite Thulium.png 22 Thulium Cadmium.png 10 Cadmium Titanium.png 20 Titanium Silicates.png 20 Silicates


  • Broken up big moon ore table into mini tables, as proposed by Conci
  • Standarized to 650 pixel width, with images for ore and minerals
  • Info on Bountiful/Shining yield no longer present. Will have to add note on +15%/+100% increased yields.