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Drebin 679
Drebin 679.jpg
3rd EVE University Incursion Coordinator
Serving since:
October 20, 2019
CEO Laura Karpinski
Jilokari Kurvora
Overseeing Director Turlough Dominian
Conci Furiram
Preceded by Ian Tucenghi
Assistant Manager roles
Incursion Ass. Man. 2019-08-08 - 2019-10-20
Officer-level roles
Wiki Curator 2019-06-30 -
Teacher 2019-10-13 - 2021-04
Incursion Officer 2019-06 - 2019-08-08


I'm Drebin 679, a Sophomore in EVE University.

On the wiki, my main focuses are keeping ship pages up to date, and maintaining game mechanics pages.

My projects

Internet Sandboxes

Zappy boi - wiki bureaucracy office #1285965701