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Drebin 679 Sandbox 9 - Warhead Upgrades Update & Pages to Update

Going to have a rough summary of the changes from the Warhead Upgrades update (2020-01-16) below, and which pages need to be changed based off of that.


Space Gameplay changes

  • 5% HML damage/explo radius buff
  • Missile mechanics
  • Could also be an opportunity to flesh out the Missiles and Missile mechanics pages to have a similar depth to those found in the turret & drone pages
  • Siren propulsion nerf (AB instead of MWD, 200/250% bonus for T1/T2 vs 400/400% (?))
  • Fighters
  • Any carrier/supercarrier fittings & tactics pages, depending on how significant the Siren changes to usability
  • Tiericide of Shield Boosters
  • Any fitting on the wiki with a regular shield booster (that doesn't pull from the special Wikifit class)
    • Strings to search for when looking for outdated shield boosters in fits:
      • C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
      • Clarity Ward Booster
      • Converse Deflection Catalyzer
      • Neutron Saturation Injector I
    • Pour one out for our nonexistent fittings manager if the tiericide changes break any fits
  • Option to expand/split out Tanking to add module info (similar to Logistics)
  • Mid and High grade Nirvana implants (aka Shield Slaves)
  • Implants
  • Tanking
    • Oh, looks like that page wasn't updated for the Armor slave renaming
  • New lowsec-only combat site event vs Sansha that drop Nirvana implant BPCs and are restricted to HML-bonused ships

Technical / non-space gameplay changes

  • Holiday filaments converted into calm abyssals
  • Added new option to restrict sending corp-wide mails to those with the Communications Officer role (incl. directors & ceo)
  • All character transfer dates from 2007 onward will be shown in that character's employment history (with no further information)
  • No dice on either of these. I guess the wiki could use pages for general mail and character transfers (which the E-UNI specific Character Swaps page is of no relation to)
  • Both seem like real holes in terms of wiki coverage, and having pages on these would be great additions!


Triglavian Invasions and Sansha Incursions will no longer have the potential to overlap

  • History of Incursions
    • also needs updating for the changes from Invasion Chapter 1 (3 highsec focii to 1) and September 2019 update (change of hacking site)
  • Adding the info to Incursions is also an option, although that page seemed to prefer brevity in its descriptions

And other small fixes!

  • While not described in this bullet point summary, if you see a change in the patch notes that supersedes a previously correct explanation in a wiki page, feel free to change it!

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