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Drebin 679 Sandbox 5 - zappy boi (Turrets page addition)

This page is based on game data from the Singularity test server client. Some things mentioned here are not currently on the main server of Tranquility, and all information is subject to change.

Vorton Projectors

Vorton Projectors are a new turret type introduced with the Lightning Strikes update in June 2020.

Vorton Projectors are unlike any other turret, in that they fire chain lightning which can hit up to five targets within a 10km range of the first (have to test this). Condensor packs are used to generate chain lightning, which deal EM and Kinetic damage. They deal very low single target DPS compared to other turrets, owing to a low rate of fire (in between beam lasers and artillery) and low turret damage multiplier (without the damage spooling bonus that disintegrators get). On the flip side, the projectors have excellent optimal range, exceeding that of beam lasers, and can deal high damage to groups.

Following the trend started by Entropic Disintegrators, Vorton Projectors are further detached from traditional turret mechanics. Much like disintegrators, the projectors have no falloff, are only fittable to specific ships, and said ships only have one turret slot. On top of that, the turrets don't use tracking for damage calculations, instead using explosion radius and explosion velocity stats, like Missiles and Fighters do. Even core gunnery skills do not affect Vorton Projectors, with this set of weapons instead having its own equivalents for Icon skillbook2.png Gunnery (-cycle time), Icon skillbook2.png Sharpshooter (+optimal range), Icon skillbook2.png Surgical Strike (+damage), and a skill combining Icon skillbook2.png Target Navigation Prediction (+explosion velocity) with Icon skillbook2.png Guided Missile Precision (-explosion radius). And modules and boosters that improve optimal range, explosion radius, or explosion velocity have no effect.

Condensor packs

Condensor packs, similar to exotic plasma, deal more damage per charge, since each ship only has one turret and with projectors having a low damage multiplier. For the same reason, damage scaling with increasing size is not smooth, due to number of turrets the projector effectively substitutes for.

There are four types of Tech 1 condensor packs, offering two range options and an EM or Kinetic slanted ammo type for each.

Name Modifier to optimal rangeOptimal Total damage EM damage Kinetic damage
BlastShot -25% 89 12 77
GalvaSurge -25% 89 77 12
MesmerFlux +50% 45 36 9
SlamBolt +50% 45 9 36
Click on the column headers to sort the table; mouse over them for a more detailed explanation.
Damage is the raw figures for the 'Small' ammo size;
Medium is 4.64-4.69x greater, and Large is 10.91-11.10x greater, depending on ammo type.
Damage type ratio varies, with a more balanced ratio for larger sizes.

T2 condensor packs

Marketed under the Ultra brand, T2 condensor packs can only be used with Tech 2 and Faction Vorton Projectors. BlastShot Ultra is a higher damage, shorter range ammo compared to BlastShot & GalvaSurge, while SnipeStrike exceeds MesmerFlux and SlamBolt in range and damage. Both types of ultra condensor packs increase capacitor need by 25% and reduce explosion velocity by 25%.

Name Modifier to optimal rangeOptimal Modifier to explosion velocityExplosion Velocity Cap. need Total damage EM damage Kinetic damage
BlastShot Ultra -50% -25% +25% 106 53 53
SnipeStrike Ultra +80% -25% +25% 89 77 12
Click on the column headers to sort the table; mouse over them for a more detailed explanation.
Damage is the raw figures for the 'Small' ammo size;
Medium is 4.67-4.73x greater, and Large is 10.95-11.19x greater, depending on ammo type.
Damage type ratio varies, with a generally more balanced ratio for larger sizes.

Gunnery Skills

Besides the skills which let you use guns themselves (Small Energy Turret, Medium Projectile Turret, Large Hybrid Turret &c &c -- these skills also give you 5% more damage per level with their related turrets) EVE has a panoply of skills which make your guns more effective. These support skills taken together make a big difference to your DPS, range, tracking and so on; anyone serious about using guns should plan to train most of them to at least level IV, and some of them to level V.

  • Gunnery: Lets you fire your guns 2% faster per level (and -2% to cycle time is better than +2% to firepower). Gunnery V is required for Large and Extra Large turrets.
  • Controlled Bursts: Reduces capacitor needs of hybrids and lasers by 5%/level. Vital, unless you only use projectile turrets -- in which case, it's useless.
  • Motion Prediction: 5% faster gun tracking speed per level.
  • Rapid Firing: 4% faster firing per level. This is important because -4% to firing cycle is a 5% increase to DPS. (But also a higher cap demand for hybrids and lasers.)
  • Sharpshooter: 5% to optimal range per level. Important for everyone, but especially snipers.
  • Surgical Strike: Adds 3% to turret damage/level. This is a rank 4 skill, taking longer to train, so focus on other skills first.
  • Trajectory Analysis: Requires Gunnery IV. Improves falloff of your guns, 5%/level. Important for everyone, but especially snipers and Minmatar pilots. (And especially especially Minmatar snipers!).
  • Weapon Upgrades: 5% less CPU required to fit turrets and launchers per level. Vital fitting skill.
  • Advanced Weapon Upgrades: Requires Weapon Upgrades V. Decreases turret and launcher powergrid requirements by 2%/level. Also a vital fitting skill.

Vorton Projector Skills

With the exception of Advanced/Weapons Upgrades, Vorton Projectors do not benefit from any of the traditional gunnery skills listed above. Instead, it has its own set of skills. Most are analogues to normal gunnery skills.

  • Vorton Projector Operation: Reduces cycle time by 2% per level (Gunnery equivalent)
  • Vorton Arc Guidance: Reduces explosion radius by 5% per level, and increases explosion velocity by 10% per level. This skill is the only way to improve the application of Vorton Projectors.
  • Vorton Extension: 5% to optimal range per level (Sharpshooter equivalent)
  • Vorton Power Amplification: 3% to turret damage per level (Surgical Strike equivalent)

Other Skills

Skills which, while not filed under Gunnery on the character sheet, are particularly significant include:

Related modules summary

Besides turrets themselves there are a number of related modules which you can fit to improve their performance.

Remember that stacking penalties mean that it's usually not worth fitting more than three modules which have the same effect.

Icon gyrostablizer.png Each turret type has its own 'damage module'. These passive low slot modules increase rate of fire and damage per volley.
  • Magnetic Field Stabilizers for hybrid turrets.
  • Gyrostabilizers for projectile turrets.
  • Heat Sinks for energy turrets.
  • Entropic Radiation Sinks for entropic disintegrators.
  • Vorton Tuning Systems for vorton projectors.
Icon tracking enhancer.png Tracking Enhancer is another passive low slot module. This module improves turret tracking, optimal range and falloff. The same module applies to all turrets except Vorton Projectors.
Icon tracking computer i.png Tracking Computer is an active mid slot module. It uses a small amount of capacitor and has to be activated, but can offer a more substantial tracking bonuses as well as small bonuses to optimal and falloff range. It can be loaded with either the Tracking Speed script, which doubles the tracking speed bonus but removes the range bonuses entirely, or the Optimal Range script, which removes the tracking speed bonus but doubles the range bonuses (it doubles both the falloff and optimal bonus despite its name).
Icon tracking computer i.png Remote Tracking Computer is an active mid slot module. It has the same bonuses as the tracking computer. But instead of applying these bonuses on the ship it is fitted on, the module applies the bonuses to a ship that the owner targets. When combined with the hull bonus of a ship like a Scimitar this module can be very strong but quite situational.
Icon projectile rig.png Turret rigs improve one aspect at a time. All the rigs will also increase PG requirements of all fitted turrets. Not available for entropic disintegrators.
  • Ambit Extension increases falloff range.
  • Locus Coordination increases optimal range.
  • Metastasis Adjuster improves tracking.
  • Burst Aerator improves rate of fire.
  • Collision Accelerator improves damage.
  • Discharge Elutriation reduces capacitor usage. Only available for hybrid and laser turrets.
  • Algid Hybrid Administrations reduces turret CPU usage. Only available for hybrid and laser turrets.
Icon drop.png There are multiple turret related medical boosters that will help your weapons apply better.
  • Drop improves turret tracking.
  • Sooth Sayer improves turret falloff range.
  • Frentix improves optimal range.
  • Agency 'Pyrolancea' improves damage.
Icon implant hardwiring.png Practically every turret stat has an implant that improves that aspect. See the table of hardwiring implants for full list of turret implants.

Names reference

Category Faction Type Range Small Medium Large Extra Large
Frigates, Destroyers Cruisers, Battlecruisers Battleships, Attack BCs Dreadnoughts, Titans
Projectile Minmatar Autocannon Short 125mm Gatling Dual 180mm Dual 425mm Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon
150mm Light 220mm Vulcan Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon Hexa 2500mm
200mm 425mm 800mm
Artillery Long 250mm Light 650mm 1200mm Quad 3500mm Siege
280mm Howitzer 720mm Howitzer 1400mm Howitzer
Hybrid Gallente/Caldari Blaster Short Light Electron Heavy Electron Electron Blaster Cannon Triple Neutron Blaster Cannon
Ion Ion Ion Ion Siege
Neutron Neutron Neutron
Railgun Long 75mm Dual 150mm Dual 250mm Dual 1000mm
125mm 200mm 350mm
150mm 250mm 425mm
Energy Amarr Pulse Short Gatling Focused Medium Dual Heavy Quad Mega
Dual Light Heavy Mega Dual Giga
Small Focused
Beam Long Dual Light Quad Light Dual Heavy Dual Giga
Small Focused Focused Medium Mega
Heavy Tachyon
Precursor Triglavian Entropic
All Light Heavy Supratidal Ultratidal
Vorton Projector EDENCOM Vorton
All Small Medium Large N/A


  • Added Vorton Projectors section.
  • Added Vorton Projector skills to Skills section, and note that traditional gunnery skills have no effect on projectors. Also moved base core skill (Gunnery/Vorton Projector) to the top and bolded them, instead of being in alphabetical order.
  • Updated modules & Names reference sections.