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AMC Mission Statement

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“The purpose of the AMC is to provide E-UNI students with the opportunity to mine in organized fleets, learn how to run fleet operations efficiently, and to earn ISK in a friendly co-operative environment”.


Goals of the Amarr Mining Campus:

  • Teach students how to mine, co-operate and function in fleet mining operation with utmost efficiency.
  • Introduce players to the basics of running a fleet and managing a spreadsheet.
  • Inform students about ways to maximize the profits and benefits that come with organized mining.

These Goals will be accomplished through:

  • A set of procedures which should be adhered to if you intend on participating in mining fleets.
  • Event Liaisons who will assist in the management of the event and ensure adherence to procedures.
  • Volunteers who will run drills and mini-classes periodically.

Amarr Mining Campus helps new players in a lot of ways. Endeavour Spreadsheet will provide you with a brief idea about the wide variety of financial and inventory information directly from the organizers to fulfill the goals of AMC.


The Amarr Mining Campus is located in Amarr space at its current [classified] HQ because it presented an ideal balance of:

  • A decent distance from Aldrat (E-UNI HQ).
  • Reasonable distance from one of the major Trade Hubs.
  • An abundance of asteroid belts that contain high quality ores (+5 and +10 ores) in a very quiet constellation with a 50% refinery station.
  • It is far away from low security systems as well as any ice belts (popular for gankers).

Who’s It For?

The Amarr Mining Campus is currently open to all E-UNI students and is running within EVE University itself. We follow all the same rules and guidelines as anyone else in the UNI - as such, you will not need to leave E-UNI to join us. Simply join our Chat Channel (Amarr Mining Campus - use the same password as other E-UNI channels) say “Hi!”, and ask if there is a fleet going, and if not; start one yourself!

That said, we've decided the AMC is open to IVY League members, their alts and alumni only. We've chosen not to include +5 (NAP) and +10 (Friends) for two main reasons:

  • 1. Our priority is not to help +5/+10s make or maximize ISK or teach them about mining, they have their own corp resources for that.
  • 2. We prefer to keep the operation of the AMC as secure as possible while still open and accessible to E-UNI players. Admittedly, it is a delicate and difficult balance to maintain.

To reiterate, we prioritize the need to help E-UNI miners in a secure environment above all other considerations.

The above is a guideline - It is subject to future revisions. Note: It is to the Fleet Commander's own discretion in choosing who is a member of their fleet.

Who’s In-Charge?

The AMC was initiated by Seranti Olerie, Ubermensch Invictus and Vger Starseed in March 2012. However, Seranti and Uber have moved on to other things in Eve. Now Vger along with Cartilige Deninard is operating the AMC. These experienced Miners, each backed with a wide variety of knowledge in the sector and by creating the Amarr Mining Campus, they have offered to pass their knowledge onto less seasoned students. A roster of current AMC Staff organizers are also listed in the Endeavour Spreadsheet.


  • You need to have the Freshman title to join the Amarr Mining Campus
  • Read and understand the information provided in this page.
  • Do not ask about the whereabout of the campus, nor disclose the location (including people who claim to be part of the AMC).
  • Join the "Amarr Mining Campus" Chat Channel (uses the same password as other E-Uni channels) and mumble channel.
  • Try to speak with Senior Personnel Officer TwilightSazuka for a brief interview through a convo. If he is not available, you may send him an in-game mail, or try to catch him in another day.
  • After you are accepted to the AMC, you will then be given the information on the whereabout of the AMC. From then on you are free to join any mining ops. If you are a Freshman or above you are able to access the Corporation Hangar where you will find mining and hauling items for your personal use.

REPEAT: only members of AMC staff have permission to provide you with the location of the campus.




Marking Lasers

In ‘Shared Can’ operations, the fleet commanders need to keep track of each person’s contribution. In the AMC, this is measured by the time each member spent mining. Follow the simple steps below to ensure you get the correct payout for the fleet:

LASERS ON TT:TT (replacing TT:TT with the server time) this is to be used when you start mining.

LASERS OFF TT:TT (again replacing TT:TT with server time) this is to be used when you stop mining, or leave your computer for more than your Laser’s cycle time.

When changing belts or re-targeting asteroids, you need not give a lasers off. Lasers off is only required for when you are stopping when everyone else is continuing.

Jet-Can Naming

For ‘Shared Can’ operations, you will be mining into jetcans, which the Haulers will collect to haul back to station. Try to share a can with somebody when possible, but if there are none in reach then just create your own. We have a naming scheme for jetcans, as follows:

FLEET TT:TT (this can is in use, and was jettisoned at <timestamp> EVE-server time)

FULL TT:TT (this can is full to 27,500m3 or as near as possible, it retains the time from when it was a FLEET can)

PULL TT:TT (this can is not yet full, but is no longer being used, such as when you run out of asteroids to mine but haven't yet filled the can)

We use the time on cans to ensure that they do not reach the end of their 2 hour lifespan and pop, wasting the ore inside. The time on a can should remain the same as that was the time it was jettisoned, and not the time when it's name was changed.

For detailed information on participating in a mining operation see Mining Op.


Announcing start/end times

Similar as miners, haulers need to announce the times when they start hauling or stop hauling, so the fleet commander can payout the haulers based on the time they were hauling.

Contracting the ore

At the end of the operation, or when you stop hauling, you contract all the ore you've hauled at the station to the fleet commander.



As an AMC FC, it is required for you to keep track of your Fleet; recording each member's participation, share weights, amount of ore mined, prices of ore, etcetera. The easiest, and preferred way to do this is to use a Spreadsheet - namely the 'AMC_Buyback_Spreadsheet'. It's not as hard as it sounds - it's actually pretty simple, so please do not be afraid of becoming a Fleet Commander because of the Spreadsheet business. If you ever get stuck, just ask around and there's bound to be someone who can give you a hand.

MOTD (Message of the Day)

When your Fleet is running, you have the opportunity to create an MOTD (Message of the Day). You can place some important information on the MOTD for the whole Fleet (especially new joiners) to see; for example:

  • Time Started
  • Time End (estimate)
  • Location (Be careful with this during wartime, WTs may have alts infiltrating the university)
  • Priority Ore
  • Spreadsheet Link
  • Reminders of Procedures (Naming Cans, etc)
  • Personal Notes

To set the MOTD follow these steps:

  • 1. Right-Click on the 'Fleet' Tab
  • 2. In the drop-down, select the 'Settings' option
  • 3. There should be an MOTD text box. This is where you type out your MOTD.

For detailed information on how to run a mining operation see Mining Op.


AMC Buy-Back

If you are an AMC Miner or Fleet Commander that has run an operation or have simply been solo-mining but don't want to go through the hassle of hauling, refining and then selling the ore yourself then you’re in luck. As an AMC student, you are able to take advantage of the ‘Buy-Back’ program. You can find full instructions here

Free T1 Modules/Ships

If you're concerned that you don't have the best ship for mining or can't contribute to a mining fleet, worry not, the AMC is offering a free Venture and the following list of T1 modules to fit your ships:

NOTE: We are no longer able to give away free retrievers due to the increase in cost, but instead we are able to loan them out on a 2-week basis following the same rules as the uni loaner fleet Mining Loaner Fleet and also to purchase at a slightly reduced cost.

Contact Information

You are encouraged to join the AMC chat channel: Amarr Mining Campus (the password is the same as standard E-Uni channels). We would also highly recommend you join the Industry.E-Uni chat channel. The industry chat channel is visited by experienced miners and manufacturers that are not in the AMC. Mumble is also welcomed.

Contact Vger Starseed, Cartilige Deninard for buyback and hanger access; and TwilightSazuka for recruitment. Also Contact any of the above if you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, or advice regarding AMC operations or its management that you would like to share.

Furthermore, if there is anything you still don’t understand, please refer to the “FAQ” and “Additional Links” sections below.


  • What is the AMC? - If you didn’t read the first section for whatever reason, here’s a quick run-down to what the AMC is: The Amarr Mining Campus is an organized group of Miners who have travelled down to Amarr Space to gain access to the better ores of the game. This allows us to make a higher income from mining than we would achieve if we were up in Aldrat (E-UNI HQ).
  • How do I join the AMC? - In short; you don't. The Amarr Mining Campus is running within EVE University. We follow all the same rules and guidelines as anyone else in the Uni. As such, you will not need to leave E-UNI to join us. Simply join our Chat Channel (Amarr Mining Campus - use the same password as other E-UNI channels) and ask if there is a fleet going, or start one yourself!
  • How do I start/join a fleet? - Please refer to the 'Participating in a Mining Op' and 'Running a Mining Op' Wiki page for information on these subjects. They will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Who do I talk to if I have a problem? - Feel free to ask any questions or direct any concerns to our 'Amarr Mining Camuus' chat channel so one of our more experienced members can help you with your issue. However, if the question/concern is one you wish to keep privately or is unsuitable for standard E-UNI members, do not hesitate to contact: Vger Starseed, Cartilige Deninard , Pale Peril, Rose Chanlin or Tyrus Solarin. Each will be more than willing to assist you.
  • Do I need a specific ship to help with Mining Operations? - No, you don't. No matter what ship you're flying in, you can always jump straight into a fleet and help. You'll be just as useful as anyone else out there. The more, the merrier.
  • Do I need specific skills to run a Fleet? - Absolutely not! As Fleet Boss [Commander] all you need to run a fleet is a Spreadsheet (more information here) and people to mine/haul with. To start a fleet, just advertise it in chat and people will join you.

Any further questions you may have can be asked in the 'Amarr Mining Campus' Chat Channel.

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