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EVE University is refocusing their efforts on teaching players how to create a ship fitting to meet their needs, rather than providing fittings without communicating an understanding for why the fitting was created in that manner.

As a result, the UniWiki will soon be removing its repository of ship fittings. They will be replaced with a renewed focus on ship-specific roles and bonuses, as well as links to broader articles on how to fit ships for those roles and bonuses. UniWiki will also provide links to other websites (e.g. zKillboard, EveWorkbench) and articles on how to find suitable fits on those websites. There is no set date for the Fittings removal, but it will likely occur within the first week of August, 2020. This notice is to provide you the opportunity to save your favorite fits.

Thank you -- EVE University / UniWiki Management

EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

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Titles are sets of corporation roles such as hangar access, and have specific designations within EVE University. These should be distinguised from vanity titles which do not provide any specific roles, and the specific titles of staff.

Please note that all titles are a privilege, not a right, and as such may be rescinded without notice.

Checking Your Own Titles

To view your active titles open your Character Sheet then right click on your character's name and select Show Info, which will bring up your character's information page. Any titles you currently hold will be listed under your character's name.

For any other questions not answered here, or by the Titles FAQ, you can contact the Titles Manager. Any questions already answered on the wiki or other public and general announcements will not receive a response.

Progression Titles

Progression titles chart a student's progress through the University.


A new student.

  • One or more forum posts (Hi & Bye forum included)
  • Character has been a member of EVE University for at least 7 days
  • Character is at least 31 days old

There are no further requirements for this title; they are a simple set of criteria. If you meet them all, you can apply and will be granted the title. If you do not, please wait until you meet all of the requirements before applying.


An experienced student who is engaging with the University community in a positive, meaningful, way. A Sophomore applicant needs to provide evidence of learning by doing.

  • Player shows recent engagement within the community (examples are meaningful activity via the Forum, Wiki and/or ZKillboard, but does not need to be any of these)
  • Freshman Title
  • Character has been a member EVE University for at least 6 weeks

Earning this title is different from the Freshman title: it is not a simple matter of checking the boxes. Titles officers attempt to evaluate your activity and make a decision about whether you have ‘enough’ activity. If we had to boil Sophomore down to one word, it would be ‘participation.’ The Sophomore applicant must demonstrate that they are actively participating in University activities. These activities can really be in almost any aspect of the game. For more information, see the Titles Frequently Asked Questions. You are strongly advised to add extra detail to your application, especially if your participation isn't obvious from the forum, wiki or KB, e.g. links to shared can Google docs.


A fully qualified pilot, recognized for their knowledge of game mechanics and their service to the University. This title takes a higher degree of effort to earn compared to Sophomore, and many students do not attain it before they decide they are ready to move on to other adventures in New Eden.

  • Player has demonstrated a mastery of a range of EVE game mechanics (this can be done via the Forum, Wiki and/or ZKillboard, but could also be demonstrated in a wide variety of other ways)
  • Player has shared their knowledge and experience with the EVE University community or given back to the Uni in a meaningful way such as a staff position or content creation.
  • Sophomore Title
  • Character has been a member of EVE University for at least 12 weeks

Just as the requirements for Sophomore are rather different from Freshman, so are the Graduate requirements. If the key to Sophomore is ‘participation,’ the main aspects of the Graduate title are ‘mastery’ and ‘giving back’. Mastery should cover a wide portion of experience in New Eden, and Service can take a variety of forms, but both are considered by senior staff when reviewing an application. Subsequently, Graduate applications may take longer to process than the other progression titles; but be assured this is only a consequence of the more thorough evaluation that ensures EVE University Graduates are held to our standards. For more information, see the Titles Frequently Asked Questions.

Staff & Vanity Titles

Staff titles, such as Mentor, Teacher, Professor, and a number of Officer titles, denote an individual's role as an EVE University staff member, officer, or director. Other titles (known as "vanity" titles) are just for fun, and are tailored to the individual who holds them. Both staff and vanity titles are awarded through a different process, and are not handled by the Titles Department.

Requesting a Title

To claim your title, ensure that you meet the requirements fully, then log in to the EVE University Portal using EVE SSO, click on the title you want to apply for and fill out the application. As we discuss on the FAQ, we can only evaluate your application based on the data we can see. If you think that there are other factors that Titles Staff needs to consider, or individuals that we should contact regarding your application, please make use of the text box on the application form to give us the information that we need.

Please note:

  • If you wish to include references in your application, please see the Titles FAQ about how to do so properly.
  • It can take some time for a title to be applied due to the various checks that are required for each applicant.

After receiving an email from a Titles Officer saying you have been successful you should have read access to the hangar at the level you requested within 30 minutes. Then, within 7 days a director will grant the actual title and give you full access to the hangar. If you notice you do not have read access within a day or two please contact the Titles Officer who emailed you.

Additional Characters

If you are joining EVE University on more than one character, then you can apply for the progression title that you have earned on any character. If you have earned the Graduate title, only one of your characters will receive the Graduate medal. Please ensure that you state that you are requesting the title from another character in the application.

Further Reading

If you have read this page and not found a sufficient answer to a question you may have, please read our Titles Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.