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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

The EVE University Forum is located at https://forum.eveuniversity.org/. All EVE University members are required to register for an EVE University account as part of the application process, which allows access to the forum. However, some sections of our forum are accessible by the public and anyone is welcome to create an EVE University account to enable them to post in the public sections of the forum. There is no need to be a current or former EVE University member to contribute to our community.

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Registering on the forum

Anyone can register for an EVE University account to post on the public sections of our forum. Current EVE University members will already have an EVE University account, which is created as the first step of our application process. In order to register for an EVE University account to post on our forum follow the steps on this page: Creating an account on our Portal (This will involve logging in with EVE SSO to connect your in-game character with your login credentials).

Once you have registered, you can log in to the forum with the name of your EVE character as the username, and with the password you set up during the registration process.

Navigating the forum

Forum sections

The index page is divided up into several forum sections, each containing several subforums. The current forum sections are as follows (although some of them have restricted access):

  • Notice Board
  • Events and Education
  • Public EVE Discussion
  • Public Chat and Non-EVE
  • EVE University
  • Special Projects
  • PVP
  • Questions and Answers
  • Staff Offices
  • Staff and Management
  • Records Department
  • The Archive

The Archive

The forum is set up to automatically move threads to The Archive section after a certain amount of time with no new posts. The time is set individually for each subforum, as some subforums see higher activity than others.

Most people cannot access The Archive, but threads can still be viewed and moved back to the main forum by Directors. Within The Archive there are several different sections, and certain managerial staff have access to some sections of The Archive if it is relevant to running their department.

Most threads stay in The Archive until they are deleted after a certain amount of time. Some sections of the Archive are never deleted, if they contain information which may be important in the future.

User Control Panel (UCP)

The User Control Panel (UCP) can be accessed at the top right of the forum once a member is logged in. It enables members to view activity on forum threads they are subscribed to, view and edit their saved drafts, edit their profile, account settings, signature, preferences and user groups.

The forum automatically sets the avatar of members (to their in-game character portrait) and sets certain information on their forum profile, such as current and previous corporations, by obtaining this information from CCP via public API.


The forum has a search function which can be accessed at the top right of the forum. It enables members to search for either keywords or posts by author. It also has the option to search within selected subforums.

In addition, each subforum has a search box to the top of the subforum allowing members to search posts within that subforum only.

Private Messages

The forum allows members to send Private Messages (PMs) to other members. This can be accessed at the top right of the forum, once members are logged in.

Each member gets a limited inbox and sent items folder, and can mark messages as important. Directors have a slightly larger mailbox.

Icons used

Name Description Icon
Create New Thread Allows members to create a new thread in the current subforum Newthread.png
Reply Allows members to reply to the current thread Forum Reply.png
Quick Reply Allows members to "quick" reply to the current thread (without loading a new page, but with limited ability to alter the formatting of the reply) Forum Quick Reply.png
Public This subforum is accessible by the public Eve.png
Members and Alumni This subforum is accessible by current members and alumni only CorpForumLogo.png
Current members The subforum is accessible by current members only Corp-only.png
No New Posts (Subforum) The subforum has no new posts since the member last viewed it Forum No New Posts.png
New Posts (Subforum) The subforum has new posts since the member last viewed it Forum New Posts.png
Forum Thread Locked The thread has been locked and members can no longer post Forum Thread Locked.png
No New Posts (Thread) The thread has no new posts since the member last viewed it Forum No New Posts Thread.png
New Posts (Thread) The thread has new posts since the member last viewed it Forum New Posts Thread.png

Resetting a forum password

If a member forgets their password for the forum or mumble, they can create a new one by logging into the portal with their EVE SSO credentials and setting up a new password by clicking on the yellow pencil icon on the "Services" part of the portal.



Forum Moderators

Some staff positions carry with them moderation powers in their subforum. This allows them to do the following:

  • Post new announcements in the subforum
  • Post 'sticky' threads in the subforum
  • Edit other threads to make them announcements, stick or normal
  • Edit other people's posts
  • Lock a thread
  • Move a thread (including moving posts to The Archive)
  • Merge a thread with another thread
  • Split a post from a thread

Moderators should move threads/posts to The Archive rather than deleting them, in case a record is needed later on.

Moderators may also have access to the Moderator Control Panel (MCP) which allows them to view and close reports on posts or PMs and view moderator logs.

Forum Administrators

Only Directors have administrator access on the forum. This allows them access to the Administrator Control Panel (ACP). This requires an additional login to access.

The Administrator Control Panel can be used to manage members (including their registration details and usergroups), usergroups, forums and alter forum settings and permissions.