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EVE University logo This page relates to an EVE University service which is no longer active. The information on this page is not current.

EVE University used to offer, as a service to their students, the ability to borrow ships from our extensive "loaner fleet," including various mining ships as well as industrials.

Loan Policies

This describes the requirements, policies and steps that had to be followed to take to borrow a ship from the loaner fleet.

Mining ship loans are made with the hope that they will allow you to earn the funds to purchase your own mining vessels. Participation in University operations is, as always, optional but encouraged. Running (fleet commanding) an operation is also encouraged, once you feel up to it.

New University students are encouraged to avail themselves of the hauler loaners to assist in any desired move near the Aldrat system.


The requirements were as follows:

  1. You must be a member of EVE University.
  2. For Exhumer loans, you must hold at least a Sophomore title or a Uni staff role.


The policies were as follows:

  1. Loans are made for two weeks. Extended loans (up to four weeks) will be granted based upon availability and demand for the requested ships/modules.
  2. Contracts will be issued by the Mining Manager for the specified term. Please return the borrowed equipment to EVE University's Mining Officer when you are done (currently Azmodeus Valar).
  3. Renewals will be considered on an as-available basis.
  4. If the ship is destroyed, please e-mail the KillMail with an explanation to the Mining Manager (currently Azmodeus Valar) and the Director of Logistics (currently Turhan Bey) even if it was an NPC-only kill. Borrowers are ordinarily expected to replace and return the ship unless it is a Frigate class ship.
  5. Each student may have only one mining ship and one hauler ship out on loan at a time.

Placing a Loan Request

The procedure was as follows:

  1. Send a forum PM message to the Mining Officer, Azmodeus Valar. Include in your message the ship type and any fittings you wish, if no fit is requested the ship will come without any as standard.
  2. Include your request for extended loan (up to four weeks) if you want a loan longer than the standard two weeks
  3. A contract from Aldrat's Pator Tech Station (Uni HQ) will be issued
    • If the Mining Manager cannot personally fit the specified ship, all the components will be included separately, otherwise it will come with requested modules fitted
  4. Accept the contract when next you are online
  5. After the specified amount of time, return the ship to Aldrat's Pator Tech Station (Uni HQ) and contract the ship back to Azmodeus Valar.

Mining Ships Available

The following ships were available under the program:

Ship Race Class
Covetor ORE Mining Barge
Retriever ORE Mining Barge
Venture ORE Mining Frigate

Hauler Ships Available

Ship Skill
Badger Caldari Industrial I
Tayra Caldari Industrial I
Bestower Amarr Industrial I
Wreathe Minmatar Industrial I
Hoarder Minmatar Industrial I
Mammoth Minmatar Industrial I
Nereus Gallente Industrial I
Kryos Gallente Industrial I
Epithal Gallente Industrial I
Iteron Mark V Gallente Industrial I