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Noobs on Patrol (NoP) events are regular fleet events open to all members of the University, with a particular focus on newer pilots.


Noobs on Patrol was started by Debir Achen shortly after he joined EVE University in March 2011. The original format was a small PvP roam leaving post-downtime. This quickly changed into an open-to-all PvP roam. From mid-2012, the concept of running scheduled PvP "Patrols" deliberately marketed to appeal to new players spread, and two other Noobs on Patrol events started up - the "Weekend Edition", run by Pyotr Kamarovi, first, and, after a rough start, the "New World Noobs on Patrol" (NWNoP), run firstly by Wulgrin Taillefer, then Allison Ambrye, and finally Dorcha Thiesant. The former was designed mainly around those people who couldn't make it to the mid-week Noobs on Patrol roams, while the latter catered for American players.In July 2012, Debir Achen retired from being FC of the original Noobs on Patrol, handing the mantle on to Gareth Corellian. After Gareth, many others have assumed the mantle.

Currently, you can find the latest iteration by checking the Calendar, as dates and times change. At least one fleet a week will be NOP.

Noobs on Patrol roams are commonly acclaimed for giving players new to the University and PvP a fleet to participate in where they will feel welcomed, and are seen as an educational and enjoyable experience, even for the FC.


The Patrols are usually run as a kitchen-sink, or doctrine orientated, fleet roam into Low-Sec, however, on occasion other styles and formats are used, although PvP roams remain the most popular:

  • L4 missions in frigates
  • D-scan practice
  • Wormhole visit
  • Null-sec roam

It is also not unknown for a Dragonslayer fleet to be run at the same time as the Patrol, using the Patrol as light support.


The most commonly used ship type on Noobs on Patrol roams is the Merlin supported by Burst and fast tackle ship(s). Several guides have been referenced or directly written to assist new players in getting into their chosen role on Noobs on Patrol roams, such as:


NoP fleets needs some considerations prior to the fleet, route, destination, doctrine, fleet set-up and communication (including advertising on Forum and Discord). Below are some example fleet set-up, MOTD and what to include in your Forum post.

Fleet Set-up

This set-up is just one(1) example, FCs may have a different set-up based on their composition. Start by creating a fleet with just yourself, see Standing Fleet for a guide, and ensure you have 5 squads. Name these squads for each role. This should include Combat, Logistics, Support (EWAR, etc.), Scouts and Snowflakes (ships/fits that differ from the doctrine). Squad Commanders could be that role's FC (Logi FC, etc.) though as a small(ish) fleet you may not need these. Below is a visual guide:

Fleet Commander (FC)
Wing Commander(2iC)


MOTD, meaning Message Of The Day, is where you will have vital information on the fleet, try to make information stand out by formatting it using colours. Also link characters/locations/doctrines in the MOTD for easy reference. Bellow is one example:

Welcome to the NoP Fleet.
Freemove is ON - move yourselfs to relevant squads.

Formup in: