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Hello there, Master Kenobi.

Kidding. I'm an Intaki Industrialist and part-time combat explorer and PvPer. In short, I do a lot of things related to guns - I make them, I shoot them, and I find upgrades for them in shiny boxes. I have a few years of on-and-off experience with MediaWiki. Please contact User:Lelira cirim if you want to demand the reason for why I work on this wiki. Mainly speaking, I make clarifications and fix coding or other technical issues where appropriate, but I try not to code new things unless absolutely necessary. I focus on ease of reading, as well as correct emphasis and scope: I hope the pages I edit are clear, concise, comprehensive, and a few other "c"s I forgot.

As of September 2015 I am currently most involved with Incursions and edit those pages, consulting with User:Cassiel Seraphim, but I intend to teach scouting classes and other theory in EUTZ, as well as also join NSC (and maybe, WHC -- it depends on cashflow and all) in the near future. This will inevitably (e:2017 hopefully) increase the volume of my edits, as well as the size of my effect on the pages I edit. (e: by more careful drafting and planning, rather than just reppeated hammered out iteration V).

Anyway, now that this page is now not red, my job is done. Feel free to contact me if you have anything you want to say!


Maintenance crew and Alpha these days, due to RL demands on my time. Checking capitalisation and pluralisation.
Sadly EUNI-incursions is slowing down. More strat destroyer content when I go back to being an Omega – they're surprisingly accessible (hence the svipul/confessor proliferation of 2015).


So, a new couple years, my health and studies are trending up, I think. Time to explore, and what better dimensional space to do it in! Let's join WHC, I've just submitted my app. 19:00, 5 August 2017 (CDT)

misc links

Crystal Boulevard lore

Scouting in EVE University Incursion Community Template:eunic

Guide space -- Using_EVE-Central_to_haul_profitably - regio trading

AU/PAC stuff: Shadoo troll mix 30s & EDU

2015 links and miscellany

Also I got to get 2nd on a gank on Grath Telkin in OMS! Check the EOUKF/killboard...

Class tracking: for self and posterity

If you're giving me feedback - leave it on the talk page tab above; or evemail/forummail me. I have zero preference between them! o7

datetitle more title instructor comment and links if relevant
TBCaaaa TBC name stuff - like, dislike, improve
2015 some time scouting Praetorius Domitian pretty good and I think there was a practical
2015 Uni tours
2015 tackling or something? Jindo Lee fun practical

Month-wise activity log

  • 2019 That didn't work! Started playing again, but in a new WH corp. Might guest lecture, we'll see... :)
  • 2017 Planned - join PAUTZ PO dept; Teach markets, corp fleet intel 101/lowsec intel 120, and incursions content
  • 2017 July - rerunning incursions, resubbed for a little while. Certified for bombers and other special crossracial ships.
  • 2016 discontinued enrollment due to inactivity
  • 2015, early June: Joined E-uni (12th). Became Freshman, participated in fleets and scouting. Sophomore by early August. Campuses worked with: AMC, LSC, EUN/IC. Some limited contact with Gallente-space HSC, NSC. No WH activity.
  • 2015, August: temporarily dropped corp for HQ incursion running. Will be rejoining mid-September under Fast Track and join NSC/WHC. But a Minnie Incursion alt will have to be sorted out at some stage!
  • 2015, September: Will be rejoining with intent of teaching.

Rapid-access Notepad

(For when I can't find a subpage. 2019)

Geography of EVE

  • Galaxy (through Wormhole). Subdivided into regions and constellations, plus the WH sector. Each system gets a security rating defining how concord reacts and encourages/incentivises player behaviour
  • Need to cover the different sectors; High, Low particularly.
    • point out popular regions, risks of high traffic areas, the hisec donut/ring
    • Player market hubs and gank risk??? Is that too advanced?
    • Null (NPC/Sov or x2) and WH -- probably have to separate due to length of ramblings and sovereignty familiarity probably not being relevant to newbeans. That actually makes it a lot simpler!
  • The problem is trying to separate analysis of space from history of space. These two factors of security-status and popularity/utility don't always align.
  • differentiating between probability and what is common or likely to happen. Nothing is certain given just the sec status data.
  • consider reviewing seamus's notes. //

1 sp per min per attribute

  • 1.44k per day
  • 43.2k per month (apx 1d of baseline standard 20/20 training)
  • eg +3 is apx 3d of savings of train time per month just based on that 1.5k per day * 30 days SP.