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This page is directed from the Wormhole Campus Main Page. For general information on the WHC, please visit the main page.

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General Campus Rules and Procedures for All WHC Pilots

  • FLEET - Members active in the campus must be in the WHC fleet. If there is no fleet advertised, you may form one, and put up an advert so others may join.
  • MUMBLE - Members active in the campus must be in mumble, at least able to listen. (if you are hearing impaired, let us know)
    • Wormhole Campus mumble is an event chat, so you may join mumble if you are not actively participating in the fleet, however you MUST follow combat comms when active.
  • TEACH - Help your fellow campers learn. This is an on-going educational event. Lesson opportunities override all else.
  • SOP/WSOP - Adhere to all EVE University Rules and WSOP.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.


  • Suggested PvP loot distribution is donation to the campus. Fleet Agreement on loot distribution overrides this.
    • An exception to this rule is during wartime, war-target loot belongs to the Logistics Department.
  • PvE loot is property of the group who agree to rat or run sites together.
  • The campus offers a loot hauling and selling service at a 5% cut which goes to fuel and other operational needs. See below for more info.


  • Wormhole Campus Mumble Channel is restricted to current members and new members only. By default these comms are "open comms" unless otherwise specified
    • Campus may move to “Open Command” or "Closed Comms" if there is a threat in the immediate location or if a local QRF has formed.
    • You may not enter the Wormhole Campus Mumble Channel unless you are a campus member, Eve Uni Staff, Manager or Director. If you are not a member, you will most likely be asked to leave and then kicked.
  • We operate on a "built for purpose" foundation. If you are hunting someone in particular, or are operating a constant operation hunting targets, join a separate mumble channel (or fleet as a whole) until you accomplish your goal or disband the initiative. This helps organize our fleet and keep comms clear for those who need it.
  • When first entering the campus mumble, please wait at least a full minute before speaking, unless it is very urgent.
  • Groups of students operating in the nearby systems may remain in the main campus mumble.
  • Operations in Known Space must move to a separate ILN Fleet mumble channel. Moving to a separate fleet from the campus is recommended but not required.

Rules for Alts

Due to many different factors like Neutrality, ensuring that its not just one small group of Real Life people who are enjoying the campus and a few other administrative headaches a strict policy regarding Alts was developed for the Wormhole Campus.

DISCLAMER: Due to complicated POS mechanics we can not guarantee your alt will not be shot by the UNI POS. You have been warned.

Alt Rules while at the WHC

  • All of your Alts behavior, regardless of which Corp / Alliance they are in are subject to EVE University Rules. Any break of those rules will result in disciplinary action taken on your main.
  • No Alts shall be allowed in the W-Space system if the Main character is not an active member of the WHC. Your main may leave the WHC for events / shopping trips / and other activities but should return in a day or so, otherwise your Alt(s) will be asked to leave also.
  • If your main receives an [X] Title, your Alt must also leave the system.
  • You may bring multiple Alts who are in the Ivy League alliance (as in the alt is in the Ivy League Hall of Residence). Be advised that we will keep a close eye on the numbers and if we see that pilots are abusing this (as in bringing in 10 ALTS and not leave any PI for the regular Unistas we may place a limit on this.
  • You may bring only 1 Alt that is out of the alliance, said Alt may be in a NPC Corporation or a personal Player Owned Corporation.
    • Personal Player Owned Corporation must be owned and inhabited only by Alts of a UNI character who is an active member of the WHC.
    • Personal Player Owned Corporation standings must be set to +5. Please join the in-game channel "Diplomacy.E-UNI" for instructions on how to do this. (You can blame CCP POS mechanics for this one)
    • The Alt (as in the Character itself) must be set to +7.5 to the Ivy League Alliance please fill in this form to accomplish this, Wait for a confirmation email from the diplomats and then please wait 24 hours (to ensure standings register, we hope that is long enough)
  • Due to current POS mechanics, your Alt that is in the Ivy League Alliance (Ivy League Hall of Residence) will be able to enter the POS shield of the Communal POS, your Alt that is outside of the Alliance will not.
  • No Out-of-Alliance Alts will have access to any of the POS modules. (That includes the Ship Maintenance Array and the Corp Hangar Array)

What can your Alt do for you in the Wormhole?

These are not rules. Should be moved to "living in WHC"
  • Scanning Alts are Awesome! It increases the security of the entire campus to have more characters able to scan their way out of the system therefore letting a Uni Fleet in when we have to.
  • Planetary Interaction Alt. Having more Alts do planetary interaction helps to collect PI taxes for the UNI and therefore pay for POS fuel and things like that.
  • Hauling Alt. Your Alt can haul your goods for you, in and out of the Wormhole through K-Space. (This should be your Alt that is outside of the Alliance, as you avoid the UNI Wars)
  • ORCA Alts : these are awesome, Having an ORCA Alt will allow you to keep your ships and belongings safe (well as safe as you can be in a Wormhole) from corp thieves. (This one should probably be in the Alliance as you can then enjoy the safety of the POS shield.)

Uni Management and Campus leadership will be keeping an eye on the issue. Any Unista found to not be following these rules will be subject to a talk with a member of the Student Relations Department and possible disciplinary action as judged appropriate by them.

Information on creating a scanning alt can be found here.

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