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UrsusMajor is a Personnel Officer, Mining Officer and Student Advocate.

I feel very lucky to have discovered EVE University upon my return from a long hiatus in 2018. I've really enjoyed getting to know many of my fellow unistas while relearning things and expanding my understanding and capabilities. I'm pleased to be able to give back to the Uni through my involvement in the Personnel Department and the Solitude Campus. I've learned a lot and have had so much fun doing it and was really pleased to discover a new way to give back to the Uni through the Student Advocate role.

I'd be really happy to help you however I can: flying with you; trading ideas on fits; discussing career paths and next steps; or listening to and helping to resolve any concerns you might have about EVE University. I am usually found in Solitude Slack or in game channels and present in EUTZ and occasionally USTZ.

About My Current Roles:

Personnel Officer

Personnel Officers act as applicants' first point of contact with EVE University. We are responsible for assessing applications to EVE University, carrying out interviews and making a decision on whether the applicant should be allowed entry. When we bring a new member into EVE University, we also provide a brief orientation to get the new member started. Personnel Officers also monitor and moderate our public channels.

Mining Officer

Solitude is a great place to learn all about many facets of EVE with a great group of people. We have mining, industry, PvE, and PvP to explore and share. Come on out and enjoy our variety of moon mining with shared can and BOYC fleets - plenty of boosts to go around!

Student Advocate

Student Advocates essentially function as mediators, addressing issues at student level before they escalate to the point where a Director would need to get involved. They are a point of contact for the student body, acting much like EVE's CSM in that they try to filter through the popular issues and bring the important ones to the attention of the Directorate. The Student Advocate can also be considered the "voice" of the students, acting on their behalf in dealings with the Directorate. Have you got an issue or a complaint with someone? Then a Student Advocate is the person you should speak to.