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Both EVE University and Ivy League hold a unique position in New Eden. Conceived and implemented with the express purpose of assisting new pilots through the steep learning curve of the first few months of the capsuleer experience, with no long-term goal of retaining those assisted, we are truly different from the vast majority of other capsuleer-run corporations, and the success of the University can be measured in the respect we have earned in the New Eden community.

Part of that uniqueness are the rules that we adhere to as a group. These concepts are expressions of who we are and how we choose to interact with one another and with fellow capsuleers. They are not designed to be "fair" or "moral" or "ethical", they are simply the standards of conduct that we adhere to, which we have found to provide a suitable learning environment:

Any member is free to leave at any time if they find these policies repressive, and we reserve the right to remove members without warning if it is clear that they are not being followed.

Code of Conduct

Our members are honest in their dealings both with one another and the community

We don’t lie, cheat or deceive. Our word is trustworthy. In times of war, strategic and tactical considerations may require temporary departures from this concept from the perspective of our enemies, but our allies and other members should never be given doubt about our commitment to operate with integrity.

Our members treat all pilots both inside and outside the organization with respect

Members are expected to be respectful. There will be no tolerance for personal attacks, smack talk, abuse, disparaging remarks and ridicule, either in-game or out. Property rights of others, both members and the community, are always to be respected in all forms.

Our members keep all public communication channels free of inappropriate content

While we appreciate that losing your ship to the last rat in a mission, falling for a contract scam, or having everything you own destroyed by a pirate in LoSec can be infuriating, members avoid profanity where possible. While occasional mild profanity may be tolerated, it is neither required or expected in common usage. Sexual or other off-color chat is to be avoided at all times, and there is very little tolerance in this regard.

Our members do not exploit or otherwise violate the Eve Online EULA

For all members of EVE University and Ivy League, actions which breach the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for Eve Online as set by CCP, are prohibited. Examples of these are account sharing and purchasing of ISK or in-game items for real money. Any member found to have engaged in any actions forbidden in the EULA will be immediately removed. In the event that a member has mistakenly breached the EULA, they are encouraged to petition CCP themselves via the normal channels to resolve the issue. Similarly, if a member has reason believe another player is violating the EULA, they are encouraged to petition them, and must not take any action in-game.

Our members are free to make their own choices

The corporation does not require members to live in certain star-systems and they may choose their own play times. Members are free to explore any of the skill sets available in New Eden at their own pace, in addition to participating in both scheduled and unscheduled classes and activities, as long as their actions do not conflict these policies. It is important that all members are aware that the restrictions laid out in the policies are based on many years of experience, and allow us to fulfil our mission while providing a suitable environment for new pilots.

Our members are encouraged to balance "self" with "service"

When they first join the University, members are usually focused on advancing their skills, establishing a viable personal economy and generally learning how things work. As experience and knowledge levels increase, the members who were once new find that they are able to support the next generation of new pilots. The majority of our members naturally progress in this activity, and those that choose to stay with EVE University for longer periods often find this role very fulfilling and a primary reason for remaining.

HiSec, LoSec, NPC NullSec, Claimable NullSec and W-space

High Security Space

IVY members are permitted in all High Security space (security status of 0.5-1.0) without restriction, however all members must be aware that they are not protected from suicide ganking and similar actions, and should therefore avoid using the autopilot if carrying any moderately valuable cargo or modules.

Low Security Space

IVY members are permitted in all LowSec space (security status of 0.1 - 0.4) without restriction, on the understanding that they are open to attack by all parties. Appropriate escorts should be used for any valuable cargoes, and the autopilot must not be used.

NPC NullSec

IVY members are permitted in the Great Wildlands, Curse, Syndicate and Outer Ring regions, but are aware that they are open to attack by all parties. Appropriate escorts should be used for any valuable cargoes, and the autopilot must not be used. Venal and Stain are not open to members as to reach them you must travel through Claimable Null Security Space. Autopilot in these regions is prohibited.

Claimable NullSec

For reasons of neutrality, IVY members are not permitted in non-NPC nullsec, unless as part of a director authorized event or project. It is suggested that members use the Autopilot avoidance system to prevent accidentally straying into NullSec.

Wormhole Space

IVY Members are free to enter wormhole space, however this is done so entirely at their own risk. Due to the nature of W-space, members should ensure that they take sufficient resources with them when entering. All members must avoid exits which lead to Claimable NullSec, only making use of a wormhole leading to these regions in the event there are absolutely no alternatives, and must contact a Director via convo or forum PM before proceeding, then travel directly and immediately to the nearest authorised system without stopping.

Rules of Engagement

War Target War Target

IVY members may initiate combat with war targets at will, however they should avoid doing so without sufficient support. Pod-killing of war targets is actively encouraged as a deterrent to the hostile force.

Criminally Flagged Criminally Flagged

IVY members may initiate combat with player-pirates who are criminally flagged, for reason including (but not limited to) theft, unprovoked attack or security status below -5.0. Note that a criminal flag for theft does not propagate further than corporation members and other IVY corporations cannot retaliate for theft from another corporation.

Enemy of the Alliance Enemy of the Alliance

IVY members may initiate combat with these groups in lowsec, nullsec and w-space, including pursuing them into their space and attacking industrial assets (POSs, Customs Offices, and non-combat ships).

Hostile to the Alliance Hostile to the Alliance

IVY members may initiate combat with these groups in lowsec, nullsec and w-space. You may not pursue into their own territory. Industrial assets (structures and non-combat ships) are not to be engaged. Do not go out of your way to irritate hostile pilots, but feel free to engage them.

Neutral Neutral

When flying in Empire space (0.1 Security Rating or higher), IVY members may only fire on neutrals when first fired upon. If a neutral fires upon you or your fleet, their corp or alliance should be considered Hostile to The Alliance until the end of the operation. Industrial assets (including NPC customs offices) should not be engaged unless they pose a clear threat to the fleet.

In W-Space or 0.0, IVY members may operate NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot it), with an exception to industrial and non-combat assets. IVY members may not engage non-combat ships (including Tech 1 and Tech 2 variations of Shuttles, Industrials, Mining Barges, Capital Industrials, Freighters), ships being used as Cynosural beacons for logistical purposes on stations, or neutral POSes. Use of area effect items (bombs, bubbles, etc) are authorised.

If a neutral fires upon you or your fleet in any space they may be engaged, however at the first opportunity you must notify an EVE University diplomat to pursue diplomatic relations and apply relevant standings to the hostile party.

Non Aggression Pact Non Aggression Pact (NAP)

IVY members will not engage any player who has 'NAP' standings unless fired upon, and then only as self defense (you may not follow nor retaliate). These groups have agreed to a ceasefire with IVY, and as such any pilot violating this should be reported to a director immediately.

Friend of the Alliance Friend of the Alliance

Joint operations and mixed membership fleets are available with these groups, however only against Enemies of the Alliance. IVY Members will not engage these Friends unless as a last resort. Any problems should be reported to a director immediately.

Security Status

EVE University members are required to maintain a positive Security Status during their time in the corporation. Regular reports are run, and in the event a member takes a significant security status loss though engaging those not criminally flagged or from pod killing, any roles and titles within the corporation are at risk.

If after one week there has been no significant change toward rectifying it despite opportunity to do so, then continued membership in EVE University may also be at risk.

To avoid this, it is suggested that members avoid actions which will reduce their Sec Status to negative numbers, or ensure they maintain a significantly positive Sec Status to absorb any security loss.

War Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

During war-time, EVE University uses a set of guidelines known as 'Standard Operating Procedures' (SOP), typically referred to as "the War SOP".

These are part of a carefully crafted war doctrine based on years of experience, which is intended to keep members safe and impart the knowledge neccecary to survive, while bringing the war to a quick close by denying the war's entertainment or profit value to the enemy, frustrating or even boring the enemy at every chance we get. To that end, the SOP is intended to:

  • Deny the enemy easy kills of helpless non-combat ships.
  • Deny the enemy easy kills of poorly-fitted ships.
  • Deny the enemy any kills of high-value ships.
  • Deny the enemy any chance to banter or smack talk with us.
  • Deny the enemy any enjoyment from the conflict.

More information and the full details along with restrictions placed on members are available on the Wartime Standard Operating Procedures page.

Mixed Membership Fleets

Due to neutrality reasons, and our policy of non-involvement, there are a number of restrictions on fleet composition:

Combat Fleets

  • Combat fleets (likely to involve the destruction of other pilots ships), formed to attack or defend against non-specific targets must only include IVY members.
  • Combat fleets with plans to engage specific Enemies of the Alliance such as War Targets, may only include both IVY members and pilots who are Friends of the Alliance.
  • All PvP fleets with other combinations risk all the members involved being removed. There can be no excuses for mixed fleets involved in PvP.

Non-Combat Fleets

  • Non-Combat fleets (formed for mining, missions and similar activities) may include any members regardless of standings, however in the event the fleet is involved in any combat, the kill or loss must be posted to the killboard immediately, and include a full description of the situation.
  • Wormhole fleets, due to the aggressive nature of the space, is considered PvP, however members may join or form fleets that include pilots with NAP or Friend status from IVY. As WH space operates on NBSI (except industrial assets, see above), IVY pilots may defend blues in WH space from neutral attacks, however fleets containing non-IVY members should not be searching for or aggressively taking part in PvP.
  • Again, due to the aggressive nature of the space involved, all activities in losec and nullsec are considered live fire and therefore are classified as PvP fleets at all times.

We understand that the above is quite complex, so if in doubt, please avoid any mixed membership fleets. IVY and its members benefit greatly from its neutrality, and even a small misunderstanding can threaten our mission significantly.


In-Game and Mumble

  • Apart from an occasional 'GF' (good fight) in local, E-UNI members must not speak to any Enemies of the Alliance (-10 standing) or War-Targets at any time via local, private conversations or any other channel, either during Empire wars or in lowsec/nullsec and w-space without explicit permission from management. Any attempts by hostile parties to contact a member must be reported to a director and/or diplomat immediately.
  • During fleet operations there is a strict no-talking-in-local policy. Fleet Commanders may allow a 'GF' in local after a fight at their discretion.
  • During fleet operations there is a 'no chat' restriction on the mumble channel for the duration of the operation. Communications must be kept clear for reporting. Fleet Commanders may soften this at their discretion.
  • IVY members may only listen on a fleet operation channel if they are an active member of that fleet, invited to listen in by the Fleet Commander, or are a Director or an ILN Officer rank Captain or above.
  • Operational Security is very important in a group the size of EVE University where everyone cannot know everyone else, and effectively means you should not talk in public about any combat activity until it is concluded.

Forums and Out of Game Communications

  • E-UNI members are not authorised to post on the 'Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center' of the EVE Online forums unless given explicit permission by a director.
  • E-UNI members must not post in any discussions related to EVE University itself, on the official EVE forums or elsewhere, unless given explicit permission by a director. Please bring any posts such as these which you feel may need a comment or similar to the attention of the management and let an authorised person post instead. This includes using 'alts' or other pseudonyms.


  • IVY members must post all PvP kills and losses to the EVE University Killboard. NPC losses and in-corp losses should not be posted.
  • All posts to the Killboard must include a comment on the situation which lead to the kill/loss. These are an invaluable resource for both Fleet Commanders and the Diplomatic Team.
  • Failure to post a comment on your kills or losses may result in suspension from E-UNI while an investigation is carried out, so please ensure you always post a comment on your kills and losses to avoid this.

Looting and Salvaging

  • Wrecks of player ships are considered the property of the owner of the lost ship.
  • Any containers (wrecks and cans) which are unwanted should be abandoned at the first opportunity.
  • IVY members may take loot and salvage items from all abandoned (blue) containers and wrecks.
  • The owners of an in-corp (white) container must be asked before looting or salvaging.
  • Any owners of out-of-corp (yellow) containers must be asked before looting or salvaging. If possible, they should mark the container as abandoned to prevent criminal flagging.
  • IVY members may loot, salvage or steal from Enemies of the Alliance or Criminally Flagged groups, however you do this at your own risk.
  • All loot and salvage from war targets is considered property of the ILN. The closest pilot to the wreck has permission to loot and salvage at the Fleet Commanders discretion, and members must not rush to the wreck hoping to get the loot. This loot should be passed to a tanked ship to return to HQ at the end of the fleet op where all the spoils are to be deposited directly into the ILN hangar. Fleet and Wing Commanders will keep track of this, if you are found to be stealing you will be punished.

Restricted Ship Classes

  • Capital Ships are prohibited in all classes of space without permission from an E-UNI Director. This is any ship which requires a jump drive to move around, such as Jump Freighters, Dreadnoughts and Carriers, as well as Super-Capital class ships. Permission will be given on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the individual pilots experience.
  • Other restrictions apply during wartime. For full details see the Wartime Standard Operating Procedures.


Failure to follow the above may result in one or more of the below consequences.

  • An unpleasant talk with a senior member of your corporation or another senior member of the alliance.
  • Reduction or removal of roles/titles within your corporation.
  • Suspension pending investigation.
  • Destruction of your ship and/or pod.
  • Expulsion from your corporation.

Any questions on or clarifications of the above policies should be referred to a Director or the Student Relations Manager.