Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 1 & 2)

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"A Triglavian Invasion is underway in your vicinity! Join the fight and help drive the invaders out, or relocate immediately if you are unprepared for battle. Any technology or equipment left by the invaders will be yours to loot."

The skybox of a system under Triglavian invasion

Triglavian Invasions are a new type of PvE content introduced with the Invasion update in May 2019. The new content sees the Triglavian Collective taking over constellations of known space, and sending out patrols in these systems that will attack capsuleers. Attention: It is not even safe to warp from gate to gate - there may be a very strong fleet camping at a gate and destroy your ship.


The systems under Triglavian invasion will have wandering fleets of Triglavian ships. These fleets will attack player owned Upwell structures and hang around celestial objects or in deep space.

The fleets can call for reinforcements during fights. Fleet size and composition depends on the system status.

Triglavians that are on a warpable celestial can be located by a skilled d-scanner. But for serious Triglavian hunting you will want a dedicated combat prober.

Enemy types

There are six types of ships found in Triglavian fleets: the Damavik, Kikimora, Vedmak, Rodiva, Drekavac, and Leshak. All of these enemies deal Thermal and Explosive damage (usually around 60/40 TH/EX), and almost all of them have remote armor repair abilities. They have thin shields, thick armor, and are weakest to Thermal > Explosive > Kinetic > EM. However, beyond these constants, there are several named variations of each enemy type. Each name represents a specific extra ability that ship has. Not every variation exists for every ship size, but every size has several variants that appear.

Many of these name variations also appear on ships found in Abyssal Deadspace. While these name prefixes have the same meanings, the Triglavian ships found in the Abyss have greatly different stats than the invaders.

  • Blinding - Sensor dampening
  • Liminal - Additional high-damage EM/Kinetic missile attack. These missiles are more powerful than their disintegrators, and mean that invasions deal omni damage.
  • Ghosting - Tracking/guidance disruption
  • Harrowing - Target painting
  • Renewing - Stronger remote repairs, lower DPS
  • Tangling - Stasis webifying
  • Anchoring - Warp scrambling
  • Starving - Energy neutralizing
  • Raznaborg / Sudenic - no special meaning
  • Zorya's - Higher HP, stronger energy neutralizing, warp scrambling, highest loot chances

Invasion sites

The invaded constellation will also spawn Conduit sites. These will appear as combat anomalies in the probe window. Once a ship initiates warp to a site, the site will also appear as a beacon on the overview. When completed, the site will not disappear from the probe scanner, but the beacon will be renamed to "Sealed [site name]".

These sites will reward DED Loyalty Points and ISK, and the destroyed Triglavians can be looted and salvaged.

Prior to the November 26, 2019 update, there was a third type of site, the World Arc Proving Ground. On November 26, 2019, the World Arc site was removed, and replaced with the Observatory Flashpoint site.

Minor conduit

  • Payout: 1k DED LP + 15 mil ISK per pilot, with a max of 45 mil ISK. Reduced payout (per pilot) with more than 3 pilots.
  • 3x waves of mostly frigates/destroyers. 1-3 Cruisers or Battlecruisers per wave. (10-15 rats of various types)
  • Frigates/destroyers orbit at 3-8km. Cruisers/battlecruisers orbit at 12-20km.
  • DPS output is rather high, recommended 2+ T2 logistics cruisers
  • Properly fit Marauders can tank these sites without the need for remote logistics assistance.
  • Chance of Zorya's Damavik (warp scrambles) spawning on 1st or 2nd Wave
  • Chance of Zorya's Drekavac (Neut) spawning on 2nd Wave
  • Chance of Zorya's Leshak (Neut) spawning on 3rd Wave. Leshak orbits at 40km.
  • While not required Command Bursts will make running the site much safer.

Major Conduit

  • Payout: 1.6k DED LP + 20 mil ISK, with a max of 160 mil ISK. Reduced payout (per pilot) with more than 8 pilots. Greatly reduced total payout with more than 21 pilots.
  • 5-6x waves. Three additional spawning portals open as the site progresses. Early waves are mostly frigates/destroyers, and scale up to include cruisers, Drekavacs, and Leshaks. Wave triggers are unpredictable.
  • Rats will starburst out to ~400km after spawning before warping back on top of pilot that has aggro and engaging at close range. Warp-in landing spots are random but within the ships' weapon range. Rats may yellowbox their target while still warping in.
  • Multiple Leshaks may spawn of different varieties. Leshaks orbit their target at 40-45km.
  • DPS output is rather high, recommend 3+ T2 logistics cruisers.
  • While not required Command Bursts on a properly bonused hull will make running the site much safer.
  • Site can be further reinforced by Roaming Fleets warping in from elsewhere in the system. Roaming Fleets are around 15-20 random ships. If one Roaming Fleet warps in, it is very likely that two or three additional fleets will warp in over the next few minutes.

Observatory Flashpoint

  • Payout: approximately 2.5k LP + 100mil ISK per pilot, with a max of about 1.25bil ISK. Reduced payout (per pilot) with more than 10 pilots. Total payout varies with different pilot numbers. Maximum total payout occurs at 13-14 pilots. Maximum total payout fleet size does not match maximum individual payout fleet size. Greatly reduced total payout with more than 21 pilots.
  • Site spawns in the Foothold System, during the Observatories Active and Forces Withdrawing phases.
  • Completing this site does not End the invasion. Site respawns 90 minutes after the final structure is destroyed. Two copies of this site spawn, on independent respawn timers.
  • Site begins with two acceleration gates, choosing to either attack the Triglavians, or to attack the empire whose territory is under attack. Once one side is chosen, the site is locked in to that path and one gate is destroyed.
  • After taking the gate, there will be a large (invulnerable) structure, and waves of either Triglavian or Empire ships will spawn. After killing the first wave, a single Dreadnought will warp in to the site.
  • Damage and EWAR will be very, very heavy in this site. Multiple logistics cruisers or battleships and full defensive and Skirmish Command Bursts are extremely recommended.
  • Dreadnought will not change targets once it chooses one. Dreadnoughts deal less than HAW damage, but have extremely high tracking (other than the Caldari Phoenix, which uses Rapid Torpedoes). Dreadnoughts will periodically enter Siege for 5 minutes of +425% damage (which brings them up to HAW damage levels). All Empire ships (including dreads) have T2 Resists (-50%/-25%).
  • Observatory structure becomes vulnerable upon dreadnought death. When structure becomes vulnerable, two 'Overcharge' pylons will appear 30km away from the structure. These pylons project 6km fields which give +100% outgoing weapons damage.
  • Destroying the structure ends the site, triggers payout, and causes all remaining enemies to warp out.
  • Dreadnought and Structure wrecks project 100km-radius Warp Disruption fields, disallowing all attempts to warp off grid prior to the wrecks being salvaged.
  • Dreadnought and Structure wrecks can contain skillbooks, blueprints, and components for the Zirnitra, and can contain Zorya's officer modules. Blueprints drop from attacking empire dreads. Components drop from attacking Zirnitras.

System effects

Effect Perimeter Adjacent Foothold
Miner cycle time bonus 10% 25% 45%
Drone speed penalty 20% 35% 50%
Drone damage penalty 20% 35% 50%
Ship agility bonus 10% 25% 45%
Ship hull HP penalty 15% 25% 40%

These effects do NOT decline as the invasion is run and are present at full strength for the duration of the invasion.

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