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Arin Mara

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Recent Activity
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Wiki Contributions zKillboard
Date Description
2020/08/12 Updated all Wiki ship Fittings during the Tiercide
2020/09/18 Red Fleet Commander during the Red vs Blue Event
2020/09/29 Published the Loyalty Point Offer Database, a spreadsheet of all LP Offers
2020/10/16 Updated Wildfire and Smash and Grab Epic Arcs while doing them at the same time
2020/10/19 Improved the Epic Arc navigation culminating in the creation of the Epic Arc Navigation List
2020/10/24 Became the 14th Wiki Curator on invitation of Wiki Manager Rayanth
2020/10/25 Joined the first post-Triglavian Invasion EDI Public Research Fleet
2020/10/29 Organized and reported on the Beautify the Wiki Event