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The scanner window, showing two Cosmic Anomalies and a Cosmic Signature

Cosmic Anomalies (not to be confused with Cosmic Signatures) are exploration PvE sites that can be found throughout known space in EVE. They are found using the system scanner, and require no skills to locate, unlike Cosmic Signatures, which require probes and probing skills. Cosmic Anomalies come in two forms: Combat Sites or Ore Sites. Combat sites contain multiple NPC rats to be killed with a combat ship, while Ore sites contain asteroids to be mined for minerals or ice products. Combat sites come in a variety of difficulties, depending on the security level of the space where they are found.

How to Find Cosmic Anomalies

Cosmic Anomalies can be found by using your onboard scanner.

To find these sites, you simply jump into a system, check the onboard scanner and warp to any results. Cosmic Anomalies appear within a 4 AU range around planets. Open your onboard Probe Scanner by pressing ALT+P, and results will update automatically. When you have found an anomaly, warp there or create a bookmark of its position. Once an Anomaly has been completed, it will disappear after some time.

On occasion you may need to 'jiggle the wires' of your onboard scanner by de-selecting and re-selecting the show all check box to encourage them to appear.

Difficulty and Classification

Combat site anomalies are ranked in difficulty by 10 levels, these are:

  • (Faction) Burrow / Drone Collection (easiest)
  • (Faction) Hideaway / Drone Cluster
  • (Faction) Refuge / Drone Assembly
  • (Faction) Den / Drone Gathering
  • (Faction) Yard / Drone Surveillance
  • (Faction) Rally Point / Drone Menagerie
  • (Faction) Port / Drone Herd
  • (Faction) Hub / Drone Squad
  • (Faction) Haven / Drone Patrol
  • (Faction) Sanctum / Drone Horde (hardest)

The rank of the Anomaly you could find depends on the security status of the system you are searching in. Within HighSec (Security Status 1.0 to 0.5) the lowest third will be found. LowSec (Security Status of 0.4 to 0.1) contains the mid third of them and the highest third will be found within NullSec.

An anomaly may be further sub-divided into 3 more categories:

  • (Faction) Hidden (anomaly) [easiest]
  • (Faction) Forsaken (anomaly) [middle]
  • (Faction) Forlorn (anomaly) [hardest]
Angel Cartel Blood Raider Guristas Rogue Drone Sansha's Nation Serpentis
Angel Burrow Blood Burrow Guristas Burrow Drone Collection Sansha Burrow Serpentis Burrow
Angel Hideaway Blood Hideaway Guristas Hideaway Drone Cluster Sansha Hideaway Serpentis Hideaway
Angel Refuge Blood Refuge Guristas Refuge Drone Assembly Sansha Refuge Serpentis Refuge
Angel Den Blood Den Guristas Den Drone Gathering Sansha Den Serpentis Den
Angel Yard Blood Yard Guristas Yard Drone Surveillance Sansha Yard Serpentis Yard
Angel Rally Point Blood Rally Point Guristas Rally Point Drone Menagerie Sansha Rally Point Serpentis Rally Point
Angel Port Blood Port Guristas Port Drone Herd Sansha Port Serpentis Port
Angel Hub Blood Hub Guristas Hub Drone Squad Sansha Hub Serpentis Hub
Angel Haven Blood Haven Guristas Haven Drone Patrol Sansha Haven Serpentis Haven
Angel Sanctum Blood Sanctum Guristas Sanctum Drone Horde Sansha Sanctum Serpentis Sanctum

Note that Ghost Sites also appear as Combat Anomaly sites in the scanner output. They are very different, and you should read that page, before even warping to any Combat site with a name starting with Lesser/Standard/Improved/Superior - at the risk of being unexpectedly blown up.

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