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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

Background and Overview

The purpose of this page is to assist Amarr Mining Campus members with procuring ships and other items via the multiple channels available within the campus. Titled AMC members and AMC officers work together to provide access to the various resources available on campus and this page will help you to understand how to acquire or request various items.

Who can request/obtain items

Any AMC member or an alt accepted to the campus may make requests for ships, and other items. Due to the mechanics of corporate hangers, only EVE University members may obtain items directly from the corporate hanger.

How to request/obtain items

When you first get to campus, you may feel hesitant about asking for things, but try your best to overcome that feeling as soon as possible. If there is someone around who can help you, they will happily do so or point you in the right direction.

If you need assistance, is most efficient to start by asking other members unless you are fairly certain your request can only be fulfilled by an officer.

  • EVE University members with a Freshman or higher Title can access the Corporation Hangar available to that title and take the item(s) needed. Please make sure to follow the instructions from the Corporation Hangar page when accessing the hanger.
    • Freshman --> Freshman Hangar
    • Sophomore --> Sophomore Hangar
    • Graduate --> Graduate Hangar
  • Members without a title must request assistance from others
    • AMC Ops chat
    • Mumble
      • Generally, the AMC channel
    • Discord
      • Requests in the #AMC-Pings channel and keep all replies in that channel
    • EVE Mail (not generally recommended)

  • Try to be as specific as possible about what you are looking for:
    • Is there any one around that can get me 2 Miner I from the hanger?
    • Is there an officer that can sell me a T1 Ore Procurer?
  • Try to ensure that you can use what you are requesting either immediately or within a few days of training. See I know what I want but I'm not sure I can fly it for assistance.

What can be requested/obtained

Tech 1

Free T1 Mining Ship

If you are concerned that you do not have a usable ship for mining when you join the Amarr Mining Campus, the AMC offers a free Venture. To get the Venture you can take one out of the Corporation Hangar in the Home Station if you already have an EVE University Title or request one via the methods listed above.

Free T1 Mining Modules

To help get new miners started in the Amarr Mining Campus, you can make use of the following Modules from the Corporation Hanger in the home station to fit your ship for optimal mining:

  • Ice Harvester Upgrade I
  • Miner I
  • Mining Drone I
  • Mining Laser Upgrade I
  • Survey Scanner I

Free T1 Supplies

The corporation hanger is well stocked with additional T1 modules and supplies too numerous to list. Here is a sample of what is available:

General Ammo Skillbooks
5MN Microwarpdrive I Fusion S Afterburner
Data Analyzer I Radio S Drones
Scan Pinpointing Array I Thorium Charge S Spaceship Command

If you do not see an item in the corporation hangar or cannot access it, please ask about the availability of the item you are seeking using the methods previously mentioned.

Half-Priced Mining Barges

In your stay at the Amarr Mining Campus, the AMC offers half-priced Mining Barges (Retriever, Covetor, and Procurer) to members. These Mining Barges are made available at half of Jita price, and are available at home station; additionally, you may purchase any mining modules, that are not available for free through the corporation hangars, at full Jita price. This service allows new AMC members to get started with mining very quickly once making their way to the campus. While the AMC is excited to offer this service, we do ask that you limit half-priced Mining Barge requests to one at a time. To make a request, please contact an AMC Officer via a message in #amc-ping in the AMC Discord. To join the #amc-ping channel you will need to react to the pinned message in #amc-general. To join the #amc-general channel you will need to react to the pinned message in the #get-roles channel.

How do I know which Barge I want

Which barge to select depends on your style of play and your objectives.

For a more detailed comparison of the base ships, see Mining Ship Comparison.

I know what I want but I'm not sure I can fly it

There are a couple of ways to verify that you can fly a fit. While you could look up ships and modules individually, it is easiest to use the built in EVE tools along with some simple cutting and pasting. The general procedure that will work for just about any ship is listed below.

  1. Click on this forum link to find official AMC fits for the barge you want
    1. Alternatively, you may also find fits from other online sources
  2. Click the dropdown button to reveal fitting information for the ship you want
    1. If you are getting a fit from another online source, be sure to find the EFT version of the fit
  3. Copy the contents of the window to the clipboard (Select all the text and <CTRL>-C to copy is easiest)
    1. Alternatively, you can save to a file
  4. In the EVE client, go to the Neocom menu and select "Fitting Management"
  5. Click on "Import from clipboard"
    1. Alternatively, you can import from file
  6. Review the fit
    1. Any red x means you don't have the required skills trained
    2. Be sure to click on "Simulate" to verify CPU and Capacitor usage

Note: You may also receive a fitting in the chat window. Clicking on it will allow you to verify your skills as above.

Loaner Fleet

The Amarr Mining Campus will loan mining related ships from our "loaner fleet", however this more of a dorsal fin than a fleet as it only consists of Retriever and Covetor.

Loan Policies

Mining ship loans are made with the hope that they will allow you to earn the funds to purchase a mining vessel of your own. Participation in AMC operations is optional but encouraged. Membership to the AMC is required for a loan mining barge of the types specified and it will be loaned within the AMC area.

  • Loans are made for two weeks. Extended loans will be granted based on individual decisions.
  • Contract will be issued by an AMC Team member for the specified ship and fitting.
  • The ship must be returned with the loan fitting at the end of the loan period.
  • In the case of ship loss, inform an AMC Team member as soon as possible with the kill mail and an explanation of what happened. In this case the borrower is expected to replace the lost ship and fittings.
  • Each AMC member may have only one loaned ship at a time.
  • Ships are loaned without rigs. If you return the ship with fitted rigs, due to game mechanics we cannot return the rigs, nor will we offer to repay or replace them.
Placing a ship Loan Request

Send a forum mail to any AMC Team member. If a fit is desired then please specify in the mail otherwise the barge will be loaned with no fittings. An AMC Officer will either contract you the barge or they may trade it with yourself. Once the loaned barge has been accepted and after the loan period, you can contract or trade the barge back.

Tech 2