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Skill plans:

Short Skill Plan
Pyramid Skill Plan
Creating an Alt Hauler
Creating an Alt Miner
Creating a Scanner Alt
Creating an Alt Orca Pilot
Creating a Planetary Industry Alt

Skill training:

Skill Plans
Skillbook Reimbursement Program

EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

The Basic Learning for Aspiring Pilots (BLAP) plans are skill training paths that the University strongly recommends to all new members. After finishing the training, a new pilot will be capable of flying the BLAP doctrines, which are the primary doctrines used by the University for focused doctrine fleets. Please note, these plans are no longer current or updated.

The BLAP plans come in two variants (Damage Dealing and Logistics), with some overlap between them.

Importable plans

The EVE client allows batch importing of skill training lists from text format. However, for this process to succeed, you're required to already have injected all the Skillbooks required. Please note that some races may already have some of the books upon creation - so check before you buy!

Once you've injected all the skillbooks in the purchase list, you can simply copy the entire contents of the skill plan list below and click the "Add skills listed in clipboard to end of queue" button in your character sheet.


Damage Dealing