Contested Covert Research Facilities

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Note that it is unclear to this author whether Contested Covert Research Facilities are still in the game; some sources seem to indicate that they were removed when the Besieged Covert Research Facilities were added. Another thing to consider is that the reward received may not be worth the effort and risk of doing them: you will almost certainly lose your ship if you attempt them in an untanked frigate, but carrying around tanking modules just for these sites may be inconvenient.

The only known variant is the Contested Guristas Covert Research Facility. It contains 1 hackable can, called a Guristas Transponder Tower. If the hack fails or after about 45-60s from the first warp-in to the site (even if the can has already been emptied), the can explodes for roughly 2000 raw explosive damage. The tower has 1 Guristas Data Sequence (eve-central price) as loot, 75/200/700 of which can be turned in at the Mordu's Legion headquarters in nullsec for BPCs to build the Mordu's Legion ships.

Even an exploration frigate (Magnate, Heron, Imicus or Probe) can be fitted to survive this with 2-3 cheap T1/meta tanking modules swapped into the regular exploration fit: for example, on the Imicus/Heron/Probe using this wiki's basic exploration/scanning fits, one could:

  1. keep 1 analyzer and the microwarpdrive in the mid slots,
  2. remove the other analyzer and the cargo scanner/rangefinding array (and optionally the Heron's 5th slot, but this isn't even really necessary, the Heron has/ends up with the largest shield tank anyway)
  3. add a small shield extender and a explosive deflection field (add a 2nd explosive deflection field on the Heron if you want)
  4. change 1 lowslot module (usually speed/align modules on exploration ships) for a damage control if the fit doesn't have one yet.

These modules take up only 10-15m³ in your cargo hold and can be fitted in at any nearby station whenever you come across a contested covert research site while exploring, and back out once you've done the site.

With a Magnate using the "exploration basic" fitting, just switching the drone damage amplifier to an armor explosive hardener should be enough, thanks to the 100mm reinforced plates, damage control and energized adaptive nano membrane already included in the fit. After fitting the armor explosive hardener, the EANM isn't necessary anymore to prevent the 2k damage from spilling over into structure hp, so the EANM can be swapped for a small armor repairer if you don't want to pay to repair your armor, but you may run into lack of power grid with low/mediocre fitting skills. In any case, the limited mid slots and low base shield hp of the Magnate make pure shield tanking impossible while keeping both the microwarpdrive and an analyzer, compared to the extra low available for armor tanking.

Note: The author of this section did model all 4 frigates in EFT, using a damage control I + explosive deflection field I + small shield extender I (except for the Magnate, as noted) and with the "without skills" option, and got just over 2k (Imicus) to 2.7k (Heron with 1 EDF) shield ehp vs. explosive damage on all the above ships except the armor-tanked magnate (which had about 2.5k shield+armor ehp vs. explosive, with AEH+100mm plates+DC+EANM). However, TEST YOUR OWN FIT with a fitting tool and/or calculate your EHP vs. explosive damage before you go blow yourself up. Remember to repair any armor/hull damage you may have suffered afterwards (as noted, this should only be necessary with the Magnate).