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The Industry Career Agent is one of the five career agents in the game, which show new players different types of PvE activities in EVE. The industry career agent missions teach you about mining, reprocessing, manufacturing, and hauling. In total these missions pay about 1.5M ISK in rewards.

Making Mountains of Molehills (1 of 10)

Objective: Mine 1000 units of Veldspar ore.

Your agent gives you a Miner module (used for mining ore); fit it to a Venture mining frigate (if you have one from the tutorial or the business agent missions; if not, then any other ship will do) and undock from the station. Note that you may get a warning about "insufficient cargo space" if you're flying a Venture - you can safely ignore it, as the game somehow "forgot" that your Venture has a special ore bay which can hold many times more ore than you need to mine for this mission.

The mission has created a "private" deadspace pocket for you with a single Veldspar asteroid, warp to it (to warp to the deadspace location, right-click in space or on the drop-down menu from the Info Panel). Once you're there, target the asteroid and activate your mining lasers. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes for you to mine the required 1000 units of Veldspar (although since you need more Veldspar for other missions, keep mining for a few more minutes and get a little more, it will save you a few trips later); once you're done, return to the agent's station, move the ore from your ship to the station Item Hangar, and start a conversation with the agent to complete the mission.

Unlike many other missions, in this case you can't short-circuit the mission objectives by just buying the Veldspar from other players through the market, you actually have to go mine it in the deadspace pocket the mission created for you.

Making Mountains of Molehills (2 of 10)

Objective: Reprocess Veldspar into at least 150 units of Tritanium minerals.

The actual objective is to turn in 150 units of Tritanium to the agent - therefore, if you want, you could just buy the Tritanium off the market (or, if you did the Tutorial, use some of the Tritanium you received as a reward). The price of Tritanium on the local market will fluctuate based on supply and demand, but will usually be around 5-6 ISK per unit (so 150 units will cost you around 1000 ISK, which is a negligible amount of money).

If you want to do this mission the "normal" way, take some of the Veldspar you almost certainly have left over from doing mission 1, right-click on it in your Item Hangar, and select "Reprocess". Veldspar (like any other ore) can only be reprocessed in stacks of 100 (don't worry about getting the stack size exactly right; any excess will simply not be reprocessed); 100 Veldspar reprocess into 415 units of Tritanium (you can find this out by either looking at the reprocessing table on the wiki, or by right-clicking on the Veldspar in-game, selecting "Show Info", and looking at the "Industry" tab) under ideal conditions (100% reprocessing yield). As a beginner character you will typically have around 50% reprocessing yield (which can be improved by training skills), so you will need at reprocess 100 units of Veldspar in order to get the required 150 Tritanium. Reprocessing is instantaneous, but you do pay a small fee.

Reward: A Venture mining frigate.

Making Mountains of Molehills (3 of 10)

Objective: Manufacture (or otherwise acquire) 2 Civilian Afterburner modules.

This mission introduces you to basic manufacturing. Your agent gives you a Blueprint Copy (BPC) for 1MN Civilian Afterburner modules. As in many other cases, you could buy the modules from other players (using the market), but in this case it probably isn't worth it, as these modules are so rarely used (they are Civilian modules, and therefore almost worthless) that they are surprisingly expensive to buy.

Right-click on the BPC and select "Use Blueprint". This will open the Industry window, showing you what materials you need to manufacture the module and how long it takes. Since you want to manufacture 2 modules, increase the "number of runs" to 2 to get an updated quote. Note that you cannot produce more than two modules from the BPC you were given - BPCs (unlike Blueprint Originals (BPOs)) can only be used a limited number of times (in this case, 2). You should have enough Veldspar left over from previous missions to reprocess into the required amount of Tritanium - if not, you can always buy more on the market. Once you have enough Tritanium, start the manufacturing jobs (as the two jobs run sequentially, this takes about ten minutes in total). Once they are completed, open the Industry window, select the "Jobs" tab, and click on "Deliver".

Reward: An Expanded Cargohold module (increases the size of your ship's cargo bay).

Making Mountains of Molehills (4 of 10)

Objective: Destroy hostile NPCs and mine enough Veldspar to reprocess into 7000 units of Tritanium.

First you have to destroy two rogue drone NPCs (rats) at the deadspace location - these are very weak and can be handled by any combat ship (even a Corvette). Fit up a combat ship with at least one weapon, warp to the deadspace area, and destroy the rats.

Then you have a choice: you can go back to the deadspace location in a mining ship (the rats will not respawn) and mine enough Veldspar (about 4000 units) to refine into 7000 units of Tritanium, or you can buy the Tritanium from the market (it usually costs around 45k ISK for 7000 units). Alternatively, you may well have enough Veldspar and/or Tritanium left over from previous missions to complete the mission without any additional mining.

Reward: A Miner module.

Making Mountains of Molehills (5 of 10)

Objective: Transport a small amount of cargo (40 m³) to another station in a nearby star system.

When you accept the mission your agent gives you an Afterburner module module; you can fit it to your ship if you like, although it's not really relevant to completing this mission.

Don't forget to put the item into your ship's cargo hold (you can use any ship you like) before you undock. Click the "set a destination" button (from the Info Panel drop-down menu) to plot a course to the station where you have to drop off the item; the next stargate/station on your route will be highlighted in yellow on your overview. Don't get into the habit of using the Autopilot to actually fly your ship - the trip will be much faster if you manually warp from gate to gate.

Once you get to the destination station, you can start a conversation with your agent remotely (either through the Station Services panel or through the Info Panel drop-down) to complete the mission, but you must return to him/her to start the next mission. If you're not sure where to return to, you can look up any agents you have previously interacted with in your address book (accessible through the "People & Places" button on the NeoCom).

Reward: Another Expanded Cargohold module.

Making Mountains of Molehills (6 of 10)

Objective: Manufacture (or otherwise acquire) 20 Cap Booster items.

A step up from mission 3, manufacturing the Cap Boosters (from a BPC given by the agent) is a little more involved.

  • It needs three different kinds of minerals to manufacture (Tritanium, Pyerite, Mexallon - you can find this out by plugging the BPC into the Industry window and checking the inputs).
  • Then, in turn, right-click on the three input minerals and check their "Show Info" windows to determine what ores they are reprocessed from (or you can look at the ore table on the wiki.
  • You will discover that all three minerals can be reprocessed from Pyroxeres or Plagioclase ore, which can be found in systems with a security status of 0.9 and below.
  • Fit up your Venture and find the nearest 0.9 (or below - but don't go into lowsec) system, then go from asteroid belt to asteroid belt looking for the right kind of ore.
  • Once you have mined enough of the right kind(s) of ore, return to your station, reprocess the ore into minerals, and start the manufacturing process.

Alternatively, you can just buy either the minerals or the Cap Boosters from the market; they are usually not particularly expensive. However it's may still be worth going through the steps above in order to get a better understanding of the thought process behind manufacturing.

Making Mountains of Molehills (7 of 10)

Objective: Transport a small item to another station.

A very simple courier mission (like mission 5. Note that this mission (amongst others) requires that you to put up a small sum of ISK as "collateral", which is returned to you after you complete the mission. While the amount is trivial, the principle of collateral for hauling is heavily used for hauling contracts between players (to deter the hauler from just stealing the goods they were meant to be hauling).

Reward: A Overdrive Injector System module (increases your ship's speed).

Making Mountains of Molehills (8 of 10)

Objective: Manufacture a Civilian Shuttle.

While manufacturing a ship sounds more daunting than manufacturing ammunition and modules (which is what you've been doing so far), it works exactly the same way. View the BPC (for manufacturing a Shuttle) your agent gives you in the Industry window to see that it requires about 2800 units of Tritanium minerals - by now you should have no problems acquiring (mining, reprocessing, or buying) the necessary materials. The actual manufacting is fairly rapid too - around 5 minutes.

Unfortunately you can't circumvent the manufacturing by buying the shuttle off the market - your agent wants a specific kind of Civilian Shuttle which isn't available on the market.

Making Mountains of Molehills (9 of 10)

Objective: Mine some ore and destroy the rat that appears.

Fit up a ship with both a weapon and a mining laser (your Corvette does the job just fine), undock, and warp to the deadspace location (sometimes it's in an adjacent star system). Inside the deadspace pocket there will be several asteroids, start mining them with your mining laser. After a minute or so a single weak rat shows up - destroy it. It drops a cargo container when destroyed; loot it, and return to your agent. While you're flying back, right-click and select "Show Info" on the "Production Assistant" you just "rescued", noting with amusement both the description and that it falls under the "Livestock" item category. Capsuleers in EVE can have a dark sense of humour.

Making Mountains of Molehills (10 of 10)

Objective: Acquire a Frigate.

Your agent gives you a BPC for a Frigate (probably the same one you received in the second exploration career mission) and asks you to manufacture it. You're probably very familiar with the process by now (from, amongst other things, mission 6), but manufacturing a proper combat Frigate will take a few more kinds of minerals, which you can either reprocess from ore or buy from other players. Since you'll be needing non-trivial amounts (from a new player perspective) of minerals, it probably makes sense to check the prices (if you are buying some/all the materials) in nearby stations to avoid paying far above their market value. It will probably take a bit of flying around to bring all the minerals to your agent's station.

Of course, you can go the "easy" route and buy a finished Frigate off the market - or even turn in the Frigate you received from the second exploration career mission. To do the latter, unfit all the modules (you can do this quickly by right-clicking on the ship in the Ship Hangar and selecting "Strip Fitting"), then repackage the Frigate.

This mission nicely illustrates that, in EVE manufacturing, time can be exchanged for money and vice-versa. Keep this in mind should you go deeper into manufacturing - you can try to acquire all the necessary materials yourself, or you can pay someone else to do it for you (by buying their ore, minerals, or modules/ships via the market - remember, in EVE, almost everything has been manufactured by players), and it's up to you to find the right balance and make the most of both your time and (in-game) money.

Reward: Your race's Fast Industrial ship. These ships are very weak in combat, but can carry large amounts of cargo.