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Marauders are Tech II battleships specialized in running missions efficiently. They mount half as many weapons as their Tech 1 equivalents, but have damage bonuses that let them deal at least as much DPS. The spare highslots are usually dedicated to tractor beams and salvagers, so that mission-runners can salvage as they go, assisted by the Marauder's tractor beam range bonus. Marauders also have bonuses to Micro Jump Drive cooldown, allowing them to MJD much more often. They are expensive though - most of them costing about one billion ISK.

Their most unique feature is that they can fit a Bastion Module, which immobilizes the Marauder for 60 seconds, but grants improved weapon range, immunity to electronic warfare and a spectacular bonus to their tank. Bastion mode also prevents the Marauder from receiving remote assistance such as remote repairs or capacitor transfers.

Marauders are not very useful in PvP. They have very low sensor strength, making them very easy to jam, and their active-tanking abilities are less useful in PvP, which usually favours buffer tanks. Bastion Mode may have some niche uses in small gangs due to its electronic warfare immunity, but immobilizing your ship in PvP is a major disadvantage, and not allowing remote assistance means the Marauder can't benefit from friendly logistics.

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