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  • Basic Skills and Support Skills - Training support skills is the first step in flying a ship well. Read up on support skills here.
  • Fitting Guidelines - Some general guidelines for fitting ships.
  • Fitting Modules and Rigs Guide - A list of rigs and module types with short descriptions.
  • Full T2 Tank - Having a full T2 tank is a requirement for many ships during wartime in the Uni. If you fly anything other than a T1 frigate, destroyer, or cruiser, make sure you have the required skills and recommended support skills for the type of tank you use.
  • NPC Damage Types and NPC Ship Attributes - To see which resists to use and damage type to deal against NPC rats.
  • Creating an Alt Hauler - Having an alt hauler can be essential to be able to make shopping trips during wartime.
  • Failheap Challenge - The new incarnation of Scrapheap Challenge. A good place for experienced pilots to find fittings, and many threads also had tactic discussions on how to use them.

Ship Skill and Fitting Overviews -- Amarr | Caldari | Gallente | Minmatar | ORE | Pirate Factions

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