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Mission Statement

The Amarr Mining Campus was founded to provide EVE University students with the opportunity to learn how to mine efficiently and safely. This includes giving advice for solo mining and providing organised fleet operations. All this will be provide in a friendly and supportive environment.

Goals of the Amarr Mining Camp:

  • Teach students how to mine, co-operate and function in fleet mining operation with utmost efficiency.
  • Inform students about ways to maximize the profits and benefits that come with organized mining.
  • Introduce students to the basics of participating and running in a mining fleet and including the necessary paperwork.
  • Support students to organize with their personal mining operations including some basic spreadsheets.

Background and Overview

The Amarr Mining Campus was initiated by Seranti Olerie, Ubermensch Invictus and Vger Starseed in March 2012. However, Seranti Olerie and Ubermensch Invictus have retired their position in the AMC and moved on to other things in Eve.

A number of criteria were set up to choose a suitable location for the AMC, these included:

  • A decent distance from Aldrat (E-UNI HQ).
  • Reasonable distance from one of the major Trade Hubs.
  • An abundance of asteroid belts that contain high quality ores (+5 and +10 ores) in a very quiet constellation with a 50% refinery station.
  • Reasonable Distance away from low security systems as well as any ice belts (popular for gankers).

The AMC is now on it's 5th location, with all previous locations now closed, but still remaining classified.


The Amarr Mining Campus is currently managed by

  • Vger Starseed (Organizer, Coordinator)
  • Cartilige Deninard (Coordinator, Uni Liaison)
  • Rose Chanlin (Officer)
  • Pale Peril (Officer)
  • Tyrus Solarin (Officer)
  • Urban Oxide (Officer)

A roster of current AMC staff is available in the Endeavour Spreadsheet.


If you've any questions you can ask in our chat channel Amarr Mining Campus so one of the more experienced Amarr Mining Campus members can help you with your issues.

If you have any questions, concerns ideas or advice regarding the AMC or anything you want to be handled privately do not hesitate to contact the AMC Management directly. Anyone will be disposed to assist you as much as possible.

Joining the Amarr Mining Campus


The following is mandatory to join:

  • Holding at least the EVE University title Freshman


  1. Join the AMC recruitment chat channel Amarr Mining Campus (uses the same password as other E-Uni channels)
  2. Wait in the Amarr Mining Campus chat channel. See the MOTD if there are interviews run actually and inform any online Officer that you want to be interviewed. Afterwards please wait until your name is called by one of the Officers and join the interview.

Ships to Bring

You must bring a combat capable ship to the AMC in case of a WT attack. Fly whatever you have the skills to fly effectively, whether that is a tackle frigate or attack battlecruiser. If you do not have an OOC hauler (see guide on creating one) then we recommend you fly a shuttle to the campus location and ask another member with an OOC hauler to help haul your venture or barge to the AMC. If you wish we also have a number of barges, exhumers and ventures available for sale/loan so contact an AMC officer (Preferably Mining Director Cartilige Deninard) about loaning one. We also recommend bringing a PvE ship as we frequently have mission running fleets.

Using the Hangars

Hangar Divisions

Campus Rules and Procedures


  • As for all Eve University projects the EVE University Rules take precedence.
  • During wartime the Wartime Standard Operating Procedures apply to all AMC operations.
  • Do not buy or sell within at least 5 jumps from home station expect for NPC buys. This rule does apply to out of campus and out of corp ALTs too.
  • During any campus activity join the AMC Channel in Mumble. At least to be able to listen.
  • Do not mine or stay undocked while AFK.
  • Try to avoid being docked up AFK for long in home system to secure it's location.
  • Help other campus members to learn.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.


  • Running PVP ops in AMC is not forbidden but kills and losses must be kept at an absolute minimum.
  • If there is any event that results in a killmail or lossmail, this has to be commented on the killboard.
  • Eve Universitys Rules of Engagement apply to any PVP activity within the AMC.


  • Mission rewards must not be shared with an AMC fleet unless it is a specific mission fleet.

Local Chat

  • Never use the local chat to talk about any AMC related things.
  • Always avoid using the local chat channel if possible.


  • AMC Campus communication are "open comms" by default.
  • When first entering the campus mumble, please wait a moment before speaking so as not to interrupt any ongoing communication.
  • When running a fleet move to a AMC fleet channel in mumble to keep the main channel free for normal communication.


  • Do not share any AMC related bookmarks in the Corpation Bookmarks.
  • To share AMC related bookmarks use the Bookmark Container in the Homestation Hanger.


The Amarr Mining Campus is currently open to Alts from any IVY League members and alumni. We do not include +5 (NAP) or +10 (Friends) for two main reasons:

  1. Our priority is not to help +5/+10s make or maximize ISK or teach them about mining, they have their own corp resources for that.
  2. We prefer to keep the operation of the AMC as secure as possible while still open and accessible to E-UNI players. Admittedly, it is a delicate and difficult balance to maintain.

Alt Rules while at the AMC

  • Any Alt that participate in a AMC operation needs to be approved by an Amarr Mining Campus Officer in advance.
  • Each Fleet Commander can access a list of approved members and alts when running a fleet.

Mining Operations

Every member of the AMC is encouraged to join any existing AMC mining operation or to plan an AMC mining operation as a Fleet Commander on their own. There is no need for special skills to run or join a mining operation. If you're planning to run a mining operation you only need a spreadsheet and people to mine and haul. Please try to ensure that there is only one organized AMC mining operation at the same time.

Most of the time AMC Shared Can operations are announced on our Mailing List so everybody can see if it's possible to join the operation, often there are spontaneous operations that aren't announced beforehand.
Frequently there are BYOCs running that you can join, ask in our chat channel to see if there is one running at the moment.

To participate in a mining fleet you may use any mining capable ship fitted with mining lasers. Further you are able to use any appropriate hauling or boosting ship after consulting the fleet commander. You do not have to bring any specific type of ship but use the most appropriate fitted to your fleet role. If you require a Venture or Mining Barge you can ask for a 2-week loan following the same rules as the Eve University Mining Loaner Fleet or purchase one at a reduced cost.

Mining Booster Fleets (BYOC)

A BYOC mining operation boosts your mining yield and mining laser range dependent on the boosters fitted and skills.

All BYOC operations are run by volunteer boosting pilots and they don't receive anything from the AMC. It is courteous to thank the boosting pilot by tipping a part of the increased yield.

Shared Can

Shared Can mining operations are organized by a volunteer fleet commander. The fleet commander plans to have boosters and haulers available at the planed operation time. Every AMC member can join the mining operation for as long as they can afford the time. After the mining operation the ore is sold with the AMC Buy-Back Service and split up between the members equally according to their attended time.

Running an AMC Shared Can Mining Operation

While running Amarr Mining Campus Shared Can Mining Operations please use the following rules and guidelines to run the operation smoothly.

In this section HH:MM should be replaced with the current eve server time.

In Shared Can operations, the fleet commanders need to keep track of each person’s contribution. In the AMC, this is measured by the time each member spent mining, hauling or boosting.

Any announcements whilst participating the mining operation must be written to the fleet chat.
If you fail to announce your ON / OFF times you will not be properly paid due to be no record of you times.

Follow the simple steps below to ensure you get the correct payout for the fleet:


While you are a member of the mining operation you need to follow the announcements from the fleet commander regarding the ore and asteroid belts you're mining.

Please check before putting a mining laser on a new asteroid whilst mining to ensure that nobody is already mining from this asteroid (easiest way is ALT-Click - View).

Announcing start/end times

LASERS ON HH:MM this is to be used when you start mining.

LASERS OFF HH:MM this is to be used when you stop mining, or leave your computer for more than your Laser’s cycle time.

When changing belts or re-targeting asteroids, you need not give a lasers off. Lasers off is only required for when you stop mining and the operation has not been ended.

Jet-Can Naming

For Shared Can operations, you will be mining into jetcans, which the Haulers will collect to haul back to station. Try to share a can with somebody when possible, but if there are none in reach then just create your own.

We have a naming scheme for jetcans, as follows:

FLEET HH:MM this can is in use, and was jettisoned at the given time

FULL HH:MM this can is full to 27,500m3 or as near as possible. It will be picked up by a hauler. Do not change the time, only change the caption. The time is required to know when the can might expire.

PULL HH:MM this can is not yet full, but is no longer being used, such as when you run out of asteroids to mine but haven't yet filled the can. It will be picked up by a hauler. Do not change the time, only change the caption. The time is required to know when the can might expire.

This may be subject to change following this poll. Vote if you wish to see it change or remain the same.


While being member of the mining operation you need to follow the announcements from the fleet commander regarding location the or has to be hauled to.

Announcing start/end times

HAULING ON HH:MM this is to be used when you start hauling.

HAULING OFF HH:MM this is to be used when you stop hauling, or leave your computer for more then 2 minutes.

While you are waiting for new cans to be full you do not need to announce HAULING OFF.

Contracting the ore

At the end of the operation, or when you stop hauling, you need to contract all the ore you've hauled at the station to the fleet commander.


While you are a member of the mining operation you need to follow the announcements from the fleet commander regarding the system you're providing the boost in.

Announcing start/end times

BOOST ON HH:MM this is to be used when you start boosting.

BOOST OFF HH:MM this is to be used when you stop boosting, or leave your computer for more than your booster cycle time.

Please only announce BOOST OFF when you're leaving the operation. While traveling between belts or systems the same rule as to all others apply.

If boosting on grid. Before moving to a new belt inform the fleet of you intention to move and at half you maximum velocity ask the fleet "cycle lasers". On entering warp announce to the fleet "in warp". Once your ship has landed on grid with the fleet activate your boosters and say "boosts back on" in mumble. This allows fleet members to cycle their lasers and avoid them loosing the yield from a failed cycle.


Running AMC mining operations while EVE University is at war we recommended you send out scouts to the nearby systems to watch for war targets. If any war targets come near the mining operation the operation should dock up to be safe.


When you're planning to run a mining operation please prepare the necessary paperwork (Spreadsheet) and the MOTD before starting the fleet.


As an AMC FC, it is required for you to keep track of your Fleet; recording each member's participation, share weights, amount of ore mined, prices of ore, etcetera. To save all the required information the AMC provides a Spreadsheet - namely the 'AMC Buyback Spreadsheet'. Please make sure you're sharing the spreadsheet with "anyone with the link" as you will write this link to the MOTD.

It's not as hard as it sounds - it's actually pretty simple, so please do not be afraid of becoming a Fleet Commander because of the Spreadsheet business. If you ever get stuck, just ask around and there's bound to be someone who can give you a hand.

MOTD (Message of the Day)

When your Fleet is running, you have to create an MOTD (Message of the Day). You should place all required important information on the MOTD for the whole Fleet (especially new joiners) to see.

To set the MOTD follow these steps:

  1. Right-Click on the 'Fleet' Tab
  2. In the drop-down, select the 'Settings' option
  3. There should be an MOTD text box. This is where you type out your MOTD.

MOTD Template:

Time Started: HH:MM
Estimated Time End: HH:MM
Location: (never publish the full system name)
Priority Ore:
Spreadsheet Link: 
Reminders of Procedures: Can Naming, Time Announcements
Personal Notes


AMC Buy-Back

While you are a member of the Amarr Mining Campus you can use the AMC Buy-Back service to sell your ore or minerals directly within the AMC Home System and some of the surrounding systems. You will be paid out as the Buy-Back is accepted and afterwards refining, hauling and selling will be taken over by an AMC team.

The price that is paid trough the Buy-Back is slightly below the Jita prices to make sure that all costs for hauling and selling are covered. Any difference between the payout and the actual sale value is used to run the AMC. For example the Free T1 Modules/Ships and T2 Module Lottery is paid out of this profit.

With this point in mind it is recommended to use this service to support the AMC for further members. This will also save you from hauling ore or minerals to market yourself. That you use this AMC Service please refer to the corresponding Wiki Page. You can however use this if you so wish.

Free T1 Mining Ship

When you join the Amarr Mining Campus if you are concerned that you do not have a usable ship for mining, the Amarr mining Campus is offering a free Venture.

Further the AMC provides you with a Loaner Fleet Service and slightly reduced costs if you want to buy a Mining Barge.

To get the Venture you can take one out of the Corporation Hanger in the Home Station. Please make sure to follow the instructions from the Hanger section.

Free T1 Modules

While you are in the Amarr Mining Campus you can make use of the following Modules to fit you ship to optimize your mining (all available items are within the cooperation hanger in home station):

Loaner Fleet

The Amarr Mining Campus offers, same as the EVE University, the ability to borrow mining related ships from our "loaner fleet".

Currently the loaner fleet includes Retriever and Covetor.

Loan Policies

Mining ship loans are made with the hope that they will allow you to earn the funds to purchase a mining vessels on your own. Participation in AMC operations is optional but encouraged.


  1. You must be member of Amarr Mining Campus
  2. You must have moved to the Amarr Mining Campus Home System


  • Loans are made for two weeks. Extended loans will be granted based on individual decisions.
  • Contract will be issued by the Cartilige Deninard for the specified ship and fitting.
  • The ship must be returned with the loan fitting at the end of the loan period.
  • In the case of ship loss inform Cartilige Deninard as soon as possible with the kill mail and an explanation what had happened. In this case borrowers are expected to replace the lost ship and fitting.
  • Each AMC member may have only one loaned ship at a time.
  • Ships are loaned without rigs. If you return the ship with fitted rigs we can not return the rigs, nor will we offer a repay or replacement.

Placing a Loan Request

  1. Send an EVE mail to Cartilige Deninard include the ship type and fitting you wish to loan. If no fit is requested the ship will come without any as standard.
  2. A contract will be issued in the AMC home station.
  3. Accept the contract next time you are online.
  4. After the loan period please return the ship in the AMC home station with a contract back to Cartilige Deninard.

T2 Module Lottery

A lottery is conducted for every shared can mining fleet in which all participants have a random (equal) chance of winning a T2 module from the following list:

The purpose of this lottery is to give newer players a chance at acquiring T2 items while they gradually skill up and make enough ISK to get into bigger and better mining ships.

There is no need to request for the lottery for a mining fleet that was run within the AMC. Every AMC mining fleet that uses the Buy-Back Service is automatically considered. The winner will not be announced publicly. AMC Officers are not allowed to participate in this lottery. OLD TEXT DO NOT PUBLISH