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Incursionlogosmall.png The information presented here represents how we do things in the EVE University Incursion Community. It does not represent the best or only way to run Incursions. We make some compromises when it comes to efficiency for the sake of additional safety to create an environment where anyone can step up and learn a new role.

Stepping up for the first time


Ensure everyone has a solid fit

When checking for fits, first make sure they have a proper tank. You can read more about that on the Vanguard Incursion fits page for examples, or the fitting principles page for more information, but here are two very common setups:

Minimum tank:
Adaptive Invulnerability Field IIAdaptive Invulerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field IIAdaptive Invulerability Field II
Deadspace EM Ward AmplifierEM Ward Amplifier II
Damage Control IIDamage Control II
Anti-Thermal Screen ReinforcerAnti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer
Deadspace tank
Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability FieldPith B-Type Adaptive Invulerability Field
Damage Control IIDamage Control II
Anti-EM Screen ReinforcerAnti-EM Screen Reinforcer

It's also important that we ensure that people have proper utility midslots, such as a Sensor Booster Sensor Booster II and a WebbingFederation Navy Stasis Webifier in their mids.

  • Maelstroms and Rokhs fit a Target paintingRepublic Fleet Target Painter or a second WebbingFederation Navy Stasis Webifier.
  • Nightmares and Machariels fit a Target paintingRepublic Fleet Target Painter and fill out the rest with Tracking computerTracking Computers.
  • Vindicators fit more WebbingFederation Navy Stasis Webifiers and perhaps a Tracking computerTracking Computer.

Make sure your picket is ready before undocking

While running


Main article: Using the Watch List

Be sure to remind everyone to add everyone in the ongrid-squad to their Watch List before starting your first site, as well as whenever someone joins the fleet while running.

Priority targets for vanguards

This is a fundamental safety aspect and starting out it's not recommended to deviate from this kill order, as you could easily find yourself leaving warp disrupt capable ships on grid for longer periods of time, increasing the risk of being caught should a war target show up. See Anatomy of Incursions for a more in-depth explanation of prioritizing targets.

This is a generic priority list for vanguard sites, focusing on removing both damage and warp disruption from grid as soon as possible. Remember that different fleet compositions can change who targets what, as well as various fleet command styles. This is however a solid priority to follow that accounts for our unique need of getting rid of warp disrupt capable ships in order to facilitate a controlled warp-out without a delay, should a war targets show up.

Targets for the entire fleet
These targets are for the entire fleet, as they need to die as soon as possible. It can also be beneficial to ensure that both regular and small high priority targets are killed before moving on to respective low priority targets.
Regular targets
These targets are usually larger, cruisers or battleships and suitable for ships with good damage projection, lower tracking, like battleships with large guns. The dronebunny also shoot these targets if the fleet has other ships dealing with the small targets already.
Small targets
Smaller targets, like frigates or extremely fast or small cruisers. Ideally the primary targets for strategic cruisers, Vindicators or the dronebunny as a last resort, but if need be the entire fleet will help kill these.
# Targets for the entire fleet Reason for the priority
(see Sansha's Manual for more information)
Regular targets Small targets
1 Niarja Myelen JammingEnergy neutralizing Because the Niarja Myelen jams and neuts.
2 Sansha's Nation Commander Warp disrupting
Tama Cerebellum Warp disrupting
Because the Sansha's Nation Commander does a lot of damage and warp disrupts.

The Tama warp disrupts and has fairly high damage output, but is easy to kill.

3 Mara Paleo Remote Shield Booster
Auga Hypophysis Warp disruptingWebbing
Deltole Tegmentum Warp disruptingEnergy neutralizingTarget painting
Schmaeel Medulla Warp disruptingWebbing The Mara is a high priority targets because it remote repairs the other ships.

The Auga warp disrupts, webs and is easier to kill than the Deltole that warp disrupts, target paints and neuts.

The Schmaeel warp disrupts and webs.

4 Romi Thalamus Renyn Meten Webbing
Eystur Rhomben
Romis pose no real threat.
Renyns web and do more damage than Eysturs.

      Very high priority (immediate danger to the fleet)
      High priority (prevents the fleet from leaving)
      Low priority (only needed for site completion)

Practical examples

Here are some examples of what you should start focusing on for the three vanguard sites, see the individual sites for more information:

  • When you start the Nation Mining Colony, the immediate threat is the Mara Remote Shield Booster and the Schmaeels Warp disruptingWebbing in the first room. For the remaining waves it's Niarjas JammingEnergy neutralizing first, then Tamas Warp disrupting and Schmaeels Warp disruptingWebbing followed by Augas Warp disruptingWebbing (in the last wave).
  • In a Nation Commander Outpost it's usually Niarjas JammingEnergy neutralizing first, then Tamas Warp disrupting and Schmaeels Warp disruptingWebbing followed by Augas Warp disruptingWebbing. The Sansha's Nation Commander Warp disrupting that spawns in the third wave needs to go first, then the usual order.
  • Since everything warp disrupts in the Override Transfer Array, you basically through Niarjas JammingEnergy neutralizing first, then Tamas Warp disrupting, followed by the Augas Warp disruptingWebbing and finally the Deltole Warp disruptingEnergy neutralizingTarget painting for three waves then the remaining Eysturs warp off.

This will take care of the immediate threat of jammers and warp disrupt capable ship, meaning you can relax knowing the hardest part of target calling is over, the rest is just finishing off the remainder of the site. See the individual site pages linked above for more information on priorities.