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Mia Fukami

Mia Fukami is a Sophomore student and Orientation Officer at EVE University. You can reach her on E-Unis Discord and Mumble or talk to her via in-game mail/chat.

Her home campus is WHC in Innuendo.


She was born in YC111 and has been in low/nullsec right from the start. After getting badly injured and almost died, she needed to recover for some years. After her recovery she decided to go to E-Uni to take a solid education.

While born Amarrian she has no ties to the Empire because of her views regarding slavery and human rights.

Fields of Interest

She follows a lot of different interests like Exploration, Mining, Gas huffing, Research and Production and is able to perfectly refine some of the ores and ice. Since she moved to WHC she got much more interested in PVP and PVE.

E-Uni Life

She was accepted to the EVE University on YC122.06.20 and was granted her Freshman status on YC122.06.28. She moved to the HSC Campus but took also part in a lot activities across all E-Uni campuses. She enrolled for the Cross Campus Initiative (CCI) and keeps track of her E-Uni curriculum in the CCI application in the forums for now.

Just before being granted Sophomore status on YC122.08.01 she moved to WHC to focus on advanced wormholes studies.

Mia supports the effort of the Hauling Department to help fellow Unistas moving stuff around New Eden. On YC122.09.21 she joined the Orientation Department.