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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

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EVE University

Campus Groups:

Averon Mining Campus
Highsec Campus
Incursion Community
Low-Sec Campus
Null-Sec Campus
Project Solitude
Wormhole Campus

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University Forum


Campus Details

LSC Headquarters : Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center (Docking, Tethering, Repairshop, Clone Bay), Eugales

In-game Chat Channel: LSC (EVE Uni)

Mailing List: LSC.E-Uni

Slack App : LSC Slack

Location of LSC

Structures and Stations

  • LSC Headquarters : Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center - NPC Station in Eugales
  • "Centre of Excellence" (CoE) - LSC owned Fortizar in Archvoinet
  • "Centre of Unified Neutral Tech" - LSC owned Raitaru in Eugales

There are also several friendly industrial structures in neighbouring systems.


Campus Managers


Vacant, Laura Karpinski is Acting Campus Manager until one is appointed.

Assistant Manager


LSC Officers

Admin Officers

Shauny Tsero

Jeracho Dorne

Hangar Officers

John Juulianos

Xae Ghasha

Contract Officers

Simon Maricadie

Tolerin Escipion


Currently vacant.

Events Officers

YooJin Moon

Industry Officer

Edwin Clough

Diplomatic Liason

Jeracho Dorne

Joining LSC

LSC is open to all members to EVE University. There are no titles or skills required to join.

LSC is new player friendly, but we would strongly encourage you to have done the following before you join us:

Getting to LSC

WARNING: Do not attempt to move to LSC unless you are already a member of EVE University, or are in a corporation that has a non-aggression pact with Ivy League. LSC members (and other locals) will shoot unknown ships on sight, and will not know that you have applied to join us

To get to the campus:

  • Join the in-game chat channel "LSC (EVE Uni)"
  • Join the LowSec Campus Mumble Channel
  • Join the LSC Standing Fleet (unless you are in a specific travel fleet)

The fastest route from HSC to LSC is 7 jumps through Low Security Space. Gatecamps are not uncommon, and you may encounter hostile fleets. However, if you travel in a frigate, especially a travel frigate, you can be relatively safe for the journey.

Until you are familiar with the area and the threats, you should ask for intel and eyes as you make your way into Low-Sec. Join the Low Sec Standing fleet, and ask in Mumble.

It's highly advisable that you use the GateCampCheck Website input your intended route and look for any red systems, If you do see any dangerous systems add that to the avoid list and generate a new route.

What to bring to LSC

For a new player, a tech 1 combat frigate with a micro warp drive is perfect. You should aim for a ship that can align quickly, so you can get out if you jump into a gate camp. There are no disruption bubbles in low security space, so you can normally fly gate to gate.

Once you are in LSC, members fly everything from frigates to battleships and the occasional strategic cruiser. Whatever you bring, you should ensure that that your ship is ready for PVP. It is advisable not to fly hauling ships as a new player. Make use of the free Campus Shipping Service to move your items, don't try to move them yourself unless you are experienced in hauling through low security space.

LSC has ships available for members to purchase on contract, and hangars stocked with commonly used items, including ammo. So don't worry about bringing everything you own, you can get stuff while you are here, and anything you need to buy can be shipped from Jita using the Campus Shipping Service.

Activities at LSC

You can take part in the following activities in LSC:

  • PVP - Low sec is ideal for small gang roams, and we schedule regular fleets from Eugales. Eugales is a faction warfare system and has easy access to sov and NPC null as well.
  • Events - There are regularly scheduled events at LSC, including Fight Club and regular ratting fleets
  • Ratting - This can be a really easy way to make ISK and improve security status (which tends to take a bashing living in low sec). The local rats are Serpentis and there is a CONCORD Clone Tage turn-on station in Eugales. Guide to ratting at LSC
  • Planetary Interaction - This can be a lucrative way to earn some good ISK. Guide to PI at LSC
  • Mining - There are some good resources in the area, including moon mining, ice and ore
  • Missions/Abyssal sites - The high sec pocket in particular is a good area to run missions or abyssal sites in relative safety

Standing Fleet

Standing Fleet is a form of fleet specific for each campus and aims to provide better communication between pilots within the same region of space, quick response whenever a member capsuleer in distress and defensive force whenever the campus is subjected to hostile action. Each member of the fleet can freely do their solo or group tasks such as PvE, Mining, PvP or Trading, since there is no specific purpose of the standing fleet itself, but in times of emergency, fleet is transformed into Quick Response Fleet in order to defend a fellow capsuleer, to repel any hostile entity and to defend the space and assets of the University.

Setting up a Standing Fleet
If you cannot find the LSC Standing Fleet, ask if there is a fleet in Mumble or LSC chat channel. If not, or you get no answer, you are advised to set up a standing fleet and then share the advert of the standing fleet in the campus chat channel to inform campus members about the fleet so they can join the fleet. Also note that anybody can set up the Standing Fleet. Being Fleet Boss is not the same as being Fleet Commander (FC) (Check: Fleet Boss).


  • Example MoTD

    === Welcome to the LSC Standing Fleet! ===

    FREE MOVE IS ON. Please move to the relevant Squad.

    Rule Zero: QRF wing is for QRF actions only, please keep it clear unless a FC calls for a QRF.
    Rule #1: If you are in space PLEASE BE IN MUMBLE!
    Rule #2: DON'T go AFK while in Fleet! (Leave the fleet before going AFK and re-join when you return).
    Rule #3: Do not share standings with the LSC Standing Fleet.
    Rule #4: Feel free to ask questions in Fleet Chat or Mumble.
    Rule #5: Do not fly a ship what you cannot afford to lose.
    Rule #6: There is no Rule #6 Bruce!

    LSC HQ - Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center HQ

  • Formatting Code (just copy and paste this in the Channel Settings window)

    <font size="12" color="#bfffffff"></font><font size="18" color="#ff00ff00"><b><u>Welcome to the LSC Standing Fleet!</u><br></font><font size="12" color="#ff00ff00"> <br>FREE MOVE</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> IS ON. Please move to the relevant Squad.<br><br></font><font size="12" color="#ffff0000"><b>Rule Zero:</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> QRF wing is for QRF actions only, please keep it clear unless a FC calls for a QRF.<br></font><font size="12" color="#ffff0000"><b>Rule #1:</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> If you are in space </font><font size="12" color="#ffffe400"><loc><a href="">PLEASE BE IN MUMBLE!</a></loc><br></font><font size="12" color="#ffff0000"><b>Rule #2: </b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff">DON'T go AFK while in Fleet! (Leave the fleet before going AFK and rejoin when you return).<br></font><font size="12" color="#ffff0000"><b>Rule #3:</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> </font><font size="12" color="#ffff00ff"><b>Do not</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> share standings with the LSC Standing Fleet.<br></font><font size="12" color="#ffff0000"><b>Rule #4:</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> Feel free to ask questions in Fleet Chat or Mumble.<br></font><font size="12" color="#ffff0000"><b>Rule #5:</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> Do not fly a ship what you cannot afford to lose.<br></font><font size="12" color="#ffff0000"><b>Rule #6:</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> There is no Rule #6 Bruce!<br><br></font><font size="12" color="#ffd98d00"><a href="showinfo:57//60010987">Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center</a></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> HQ</font>

Standing Fleet Boss
The fleet boss is not "in charge" of LSC, nor is he/she the "FC" of the fleet. Fleet boss is simply an administrative role. The main job of the fleet boss is to manage the fleet such as curating message of the day, setting free-move and moving people in and out of Fleet/Wing command positions when asked to do so. Also, they are responsible for adding/removing new Wings and Squads as needed.

Passing Fleet Boss to Another
If you are ready to leave fleet and are the current boss, you must pass the boss position to another in fleet first. Ask for volunteers in the Fleet Chat and/or Mumble. Make every reasonable effort to pass boss to someone who is active. Once you have your volunteer, pass fleet boss to them by right clicking their name in chat or the fleet window, followed by a left click on "Make Boss".

Accepting Fleet Boss
If boss is passed to you, either as a result of you volunteering or being "ninja bossed", the Fleet Advert window will pop up on your screen. Verify the Advert settings are correct as specified above and select the "Submit" button. This will update the Fleet finder with the fact that you are the new boss. Save the fleet setup from the Fleet windows setting menu for future use, if you have not done this before.